March 19th - Then, there was the city in a golden, very golden hour. I met a companion, had a good meal and a natter, and we rode back through a gorgeous evening, out from the city centre on the canal to Smethwick, then back through the Sandwell Valley. A gorgeous ride.

It was smoggy, and the air quality was poor; even the air conditioning at Gas Street was belching steam into the air. But it made for such a soft, golden light that kissed and flattered all it touched in this varied, architecturally eccentric city.

Man, I love this place.

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February 26th - In Birmingham at twilight, I was without any kind of tripod, so practiced a steady hand. I used to pass through Colmore a lot, but in recent years barely at all. When I was here a lot, there was a Somerfield where the Costa is, the Waitrose hadn’t been built and the Sainsbury’s was a Marks and Spencer. It was never this handsome at dusk, either; several of the office blocks here are relatively new.

Like Walsall, Birmingham is not mine anymore; places I was familiar with, things I remember, bars, cafes and shops I haunted long gone. Yet I still feel at home here. 

Unlike Walsall, change has always been Birmingham’s modus operandi. And it’s getting better and better at it.


January 31st - Evening, Birmingham. It’s about a quarter past five, and the city is sliding gracefully into darkness at the end of another working day. I was here to see the lights come on, in and around Colmore Row and the Cathedral, the grounds of which are affectionately known as ‘Pigeon Park’.

People slag Birmingham off continually. It’s beautiful, if you open your eyes. This could almost be Belgravia.

My city, my past, present and future. How I adore it.

The Colmore Food Festival returns on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th July.

The annual Colmore Food Festival is back and will showcase the superb food and drink on offer in Colmore Business District (CBD).

25 venues, the majority of which are independent businesses, will be serving taster dishes priced at just £3 in Victoria Square on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th July.

This year sees three new independent CBD-based venues taking part in the festival, as well as the return of some of the district’s finest eating and drinking establishments, where visitors can sample an array of mouth-watering internationally inspired cuisines as well as traditional British options: 

All Bar One, Ashas, Bar Opus, Chung Ying Central, Costa Coffee, Edmunds Bar, Edwardian Tea Rooms, Hindleys Bakery, Hotel du Vin, JoJolapa, Metro Bar and Grill, Old Joint Stock, Opus at Cornwall Street, Pure Bar and Kitchen, Purnell’s, Purnell’s Bistro and Ginger’s Bar, Refreshments by Centenary Lounge, Starbucks, The Bureau, The Old Contemptibles, The Square Peg, The Wellington Real Ale, Urban Coffee Company, Nosh and Quaff and Yorks Bakery Café.

Alongside the delightful food, there will be artisan coffees, real ales, fine wines, champagne and delicious cocktails available. 

There will also be a programme of live cookery demonstrations from top chefs in the District, as well as live jazz music, outdoor theatre and other entertainment during the festival’s two-day run.


October 10th - In Birmingham late, and the autumn has brought the night back, actually with some shock to me at the time. I emerged from a function to find the city at its very best; light, hard surfaces, wet paving and exaggerated perspective. I only had minutes until my train left, and grabbed quick shots around the Cathedral area. My train turned out to be late, so taking my life in my hands, I took some on the platforms of a darkened New Street Station, where a combination of ongoing construction and desertion make the environment fascinating.

I love playing with photography at night, and there’s no better place than at the city sliding into its own wonderful nocturne.

timcornbill The summer solstice #BrumHenge

Thanks for everyone who made it last night, it was a brilliant turn out. It’s just a shame the weather didn’t play ball! I managed to get this shot of the reflected sun before it dipped below the cloud bank.

You can see the sun at the end of Newhall Street all this week, so if there’s good weather it’s well worth a look. All you need to do is stand at the junction with Colmore Row between 21.00 and 21.30. I’m likely to go at some point so let me know if your planning on a visit.

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#somecities graciekate910 Eating my lunch at Colmore Row Food festival & snapped this. My favourite council house basking in some lovely blue sky! If you haven’t made it to the festival yet, it’s on til 7pm tonight or all day tomorrow. £3 tasting menus from all the local bars, pubs & restaurants. Birmingham is a pretty exciting place to be at the moment. #HappyBrummie 😜 #ilovebrum #brum_shotz #iphone #birminghamuk #Birmingham #councilhouse #building #architecture #summer #sunshine #cbdfoodfest #colmorefoodfestival #fromwhereiatemylunch #yum #nom #nofilter