colmbus blue jackets

"You make a move at the deadline to make your team better." - studio announcers during the Leafs/Flames intermission

THAT DOESN’T INCLUDE TRADING AWAY YOUR CAPTAIN, THE FACE OF YOUR FRANCHISE, THE BEST PLAYER YOU HAVE, THE GUY THAT EVEN THE MOST FOOTBALL OBSESSED BUCKEYE FAN KNOWS!!!!!! Get rid of Carter. Get him out of there. He hasn’t wanted to be there from the beginning. Trade him to LA for Bernier and Jack Johnson. Trade him somewhere, I don’t freaking care. As long as you get a young goalie and NASH DOESN’T FRAKKING GO ANYWHERE!!!! Seriously, Howson, you trade Nash? I hope you like Quebec City in the winter time. Because that will be the nail in the coffin of the Blue Jackets. You wanna rebuild? Fine. You don’t trade away the only stable thing you got going. It hasn’t worked that way with the teams who have gone through recent rebuilds. Look at the Penguins and Blackhawks. They’ve kept their top talent, their core guys. Cbus, for fucks sake, you have one big star. Nash. Don’t get rid of him.

/rant and I apologize for the anger. I just really don’t want to see the Jackets lose Nash. I love the Jackets.