collum mackenzie


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Outlander from last night/text posts: 88/???

Willie, you are in a monastery. Dinna fash.

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Gather the Frasers of Lallybroch together and get them out of here. There’ll be pell-mell on the moor, wi’ troops and horses moving to and fro. Nobody will try and stop you wi’ the British in sight and the battle about to begin. Tell them the order comes from me, and they’ll follow without question. Lead them off the moor and away from the battle. Set them on the road to Lallybroch and home.
This battle is already lost. No matter how righteous, it was doomed from the start. We’ve done all we could, but now it’s over. I’ll not have my kin die for nothing.

Jamie Fraser


Outlander from last night/text posts: 99/???

Yeah, you should never say no to cookies, Jack…

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The announced, and confirmed cast. From top left, Jamie Fraser, Collum MacKenzie, Dougal MacKenzie, Black Jack Randall / Frank Randall, Mrs Fitzgibbons and Angus Mohr.

Will be played by: Sam Heughan, Gary Lewis, Graham McTavish, Tobias Menzies, Annette Badland, Stephen