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Kerry Washington has confirmed rumors that she has tested for the role of Domino in ‘Deadpool 2′ and when asked if she would take the role if offered to her, she said “Of course I would’. Sienna Miller and Gugu Mbatha-Raw have reportedly each already been offered the role and both turned it down!


“Hey, Piot!” you called after your best friend as soon as you saw him walking down the hallway. You guessed he’d woken up late because it was a Saturday and he hadn’t come to wake you up yet. But he smiled when he saw you and waited for you to catch up to him. “Hey, Piotr, you know how you love me more than anything and I’m your best friend on the whole planet?” 

“Yea…” he answered suspiciously. 

“I got this TV, right, and I was wondering if you could possibly carry it to my room for me.” 


“Please, Piot,” you begged. 

“I haven’t even had breakfast yet.” he sighed, already letting you drag him down the stairs. 

“I’ll make you breakfast when we get down there, then will you carry it for me?”
 you asked. He nodded, rolling his eyes and smiling at you as you skipped down the stairs and raced to the kitchen. He was still in a dreamy state, staring at you as you placed his food in front of him. Sometimes he pretended the mansion belonged to the two of you, and you were his wife, making his breakfast and pouncing around the house in your pajamas with him. 

“Alright, you ready, big guy?” you asked when you finished washing his plate. 

“Yep, let’s go.” he laughed, picking you up by the waist with one arm. “Where’s this TV of yours?” 

“The living room.” you huffed in defeat. You would’ve struggled to get free but Piotr picked you up like that time and you were used to it so you just let him carry you off to the living room where he picked up the giant TV in his other arm and carried you and the television up the stairs and down the corridor to your room where he let you down, giggling, on your bed. 

“Where do you want this?” he asked, holding the TV up like it was nothing. Sometimes his strength surprised you. 

“There on the chest.” you pointed, leaning back as he plugged it in.

“Well, if that’s all you need…” he sighed, making his way to the door. 

“Wait!”you yelled, blushing as you realized how desperate you may have sounded. “Do you want to watch a movie with me?” you patted the spot on the bed beside you. 

A/N: I know this is so bad but I was feeling really hard for Piotr and nobody ever shows him any love beCAUSE HE’S A MINOR CHARACTER ALL THE TIME AND WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO FALL FOR THE MINOR CHARACTERS?!?!