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Instead, maybe use 오빠 축하합니다! or 축하해요!! In korean, often times for colloquial usage the subject is implied within the verb so you dont really need to say 저는 ^^ I don't mean to sound elitist or condescending and if I did im really really sorry :( Just tips for korean use for future asks :)

thank u !!!!! i usually use just 축하해/축하해요 irl & when im replying to them on twitter n stuff i think i just think too much on here bc i try rly hard 2 make sure ppl speak to them respectfully !!! i am rly clumsy omg so pls call out my typos n stuff !!! i even made a typo while writing a curse word in korean yesterday -______- ty tho 4 the help !!!!!


A Lords of Gondolin group is in the works for Katsucon 2018 - here’s hoping that we can get everyone! So far, Turgon, Ecthelion, Duilin, Egalmoth, Salgant, and Rog are all spoken for, and we have a Glorfindel that we can probably convince to get in on it :)

If you couldn’t tell by the actual rainbow of colors, I’m Egalmoth! Colloquially known as Eggmoth, Tolkien probably didn’t mean for him to be a literal rainbow but too fucking bad.

quoth @aviva0017: “that’s actually so nuts it’s pretty”

All we have for him is pretty much here -> Book of Lost Tales <- but he did live to Sirion so I guess the rainbow was camouflage or something. Nice.

I spent an hour rooting through my stash tonight, looking for acceptably rainbow fabrics, and recolored my initial design based on what I found. All I’ll need to buy for this are a couple trims and about two yards of purple chiffon!

The fabric that looks white is actually a beautiful patterned mint silk, I finally get to use it! (ofc I have 5 yards and only need 2, so I’ll finish it off on something else….) The red and purple are both taffeta and the rest are random poly satins and upholstery fabrics. The blue starry mantle is a secret ;) (I have three different gold-ish fabrics, the final decision will be made after I pattern the jacket and figure out how much fabric I need.)

As long as your blanket, extend your legs. علي قد لحافك، مِد رجليك
—  Egyptian expression; used to tell someone who overspends, over-promises and overdoes a lot to just tame themselves and try to stick to their league.
“Yeah, I shouldn’t have gone to that festival with just $120 left in my account. I really overspent and now I’m short on money.”
“Dude, stop overdoing things like that. Extend your legs just as long as your blanket!”

there are people right now to this day who still believe food stamps are still a thing and not just a colloquial term for an ebt card ………. people are literally saying they’re “selling off some of their food stamps to get money for drugs” lmao … and it wasn’t even just one person it was multiple people. … people have literally no clue how snap benefits work.

its not fucking stamps…. snap benefits come on a card that look like a credit card type thing, you swipe it just like you would a credit card type thing, and it only pays for food your state allows snap benefits to cover. You cannot possibly sell part of this money back because even when buying and returning food items using snap benefits the money has to go directly back to your card.

There is absolutely no way to get money off of an ebt card to give people for drugs. notwithstanding the fact that drug addicts deserve food, but the point being you can’t fucking get money off of an ebt card for non-food related things, ever, period, and it DEFINITELY ISNT stamps, lmao….


Not a master list, just a few I’ve collected recently. Enjoy~

미치광 crazy person

냉혹하다 cold

망할 놈/썩을 놈 motherfucker

약쟁이 druggie

망나니 screw-up

비열하다 mean

역겨운 자식 nasty 

어처구니없다 absurd, ridiculous

찌질 loser

애송이 baby

얼빠지다 tacky

망상에 빠지다 delusional

천박하다 shallow

덕후스럽다 nerdy

진따 nerd

제멋대로이다 spoiled

개똥 같은 소리 you’re full of shit/that’s bullshit

진짜 재수 없어 you’re such a jerk/ you’re unbelievable

제정신이야? what is wrong with you?

뿅 갔나? have you lost your mind?

쏴 죽여 버릴 거야 I’m gonna murder you

쪼다 되는 거야 you’re a loser

잠 올라 그런다 you’re putting me to sleep

구역질 나 that’s disgusting

바보짓 하지마 don’t be an idiot

귀 먹었어? are you deaf?

집착 쩐다 you’re obsessed

네가 꽝이야 you’re the worst

엉망진창이야 you’re messed up

사돈남말하시네 look whose talking

배부른 소리 하네 boo-fuckin-hoo (sarc)

존재 자체가 실망이다 you’re a disappointment 

How to sound more natural in French

1) For questions, use “est-ce que”, or just the plain affirmative form with a question mark/rising tone.

 Où vas-tu ? (correct, but nobody actually speaks like that)

 Où est-ce que tu vas ? (much better) Tu vas où ? (most common) Partez-vous en vacances cet été ? (hello, I’m a robot)

 Est-ce que vous partez en vacances cet été ? (natural)

 Vous partez en vacances cet été ? (what I would probably say) => Note that even though I used the formal “vous” in this last example (could also be that I’m addressing multiple people, but let’s say it’s just one person), it’s still completely ok/common/natural to use these more “informal” question forms. Same goes for all the other tips below. This is how people actually speak, even in slightly more formal situations. 

2) Drop “ne” in “ne pas”

E.x. Je ne sais pas. => Je sais pas.

E.x.  Je n'ai pas faim. => J'ai pas faim.

3) Use “on” (conjugates like the third person) instead of “nous”

E.x. Nous habitons à Paris. => On habite à Paris. 

4) Shorten “tu” to t’ when the verb starts with a vowel of a “silent” H 

E.g. Tu habites où ? => T'habites où ?

5) Drop “il” in “il y a”. It turns into “y'a”

E.x.  Il y a un chat dans le jardin. => Y'a un chat dans le jardin.

E.x. Il n'y a pas de soucis. => Y'a pas de soucis. 

 These are the most important I think. Then there’s obviously vocab, with some words/contractions being more informal to varying degrees (“bouquin” for “livre”, “aprem” for “après-midi”…). 

And then, there’s pronunciation. There are a lot of sounds that can get slurred together, but I couldn’t really tell you the rules. As an example though, “je” followed by “sais” or “suis” will turn into j’, then ch if you’re really slurring.

 "Je sais pas" => “J'sais pas” => “Chaipas” (this last one is not usually written, but you will hear it) 

Some people will tell you that all these things are “incorrect” and “not proper French”, but I think that’s bullshit. You *need* to do all these things if you want to sound like a real person, and not like a textbook. Good luck!

 - with the help of a user from the HiNative App. When you have doubts about anything in particular, using HiNative is a great way to get the answers you’re looking for in a language you’re studying. 

 These were just some helpful tips I got from him/her about sounding more natural and gaining a better understanding of the language.

å loke bort livet sitt - means to waste ones life in norwegian.

du loker bort livet ditt på å være med hun/han - you are wasting your life with her/him

du loker bort livet ditt - you are wasting your life

du loker bort livet ditt med videospill - you are wasting your life with videogames.

han/hun/de loker bort livet sitt - he/she/they are wasting their life.

The world is like a cucumber. One day in your hand, and one day in your ass. الدنيا زي الخيارة، يوم في إيدك و يوم فطيزك
—  Egyptian expression; used to the describe the ups and downs of life.
“I flew too close to the sun, then I lost it all to this.”
“The world is like a cucumber; one day in your hand and one day in your ass.”

El niño que llora y la madre que lo pellizca.

Translation: The boy that cries and the mom who pinches him, meaning there was a bad situation and someone is making it worse.

Example: I was bummed out about breaking up with my partner and now my bff is mad at me. It’s like the boy that cries and the mom who pinches him!

french is the language of love so i’ve learned how to call you a nerd in french parce que je t’aime, ringard

Hey guys, so you know that the French LOVE complaining, so I thought it might be more than useful to teach you how to say “I’m really hungry” in a colloquial/oral way.

Believe me, if you go to France, you’ll hear people say that “they have the slab” a lot!

I also included the more literary and polite version of saying this.

Cuándo no es Pascua en Diciembre?

Translation: When isn’t it Christmas in December? meaning something that was obviously going to happen.

Example: That physics test was rough, but when isn’t it Christmas in December?

Happy holidays! I won't  be posting on Thursday since I’m sure many of you will be busy, but starting next week, I’ll be returning to a regular schedule of two original posts a week, still Mondays and Thursdays. My project will be done tomorrow, hurray! I’m also pondering a theme week to kick off the new year….

Colloquial Polish (19/?)

Colloquial word for ziemniak m - potato

kartofel m

Dzisiaj na obiad mamy kartofle, mizerię i kotlet schabowy
Today we’ve got potatoes, mizeria and kotlet schabowy

Many regions in Poland have their specific names for potatoes. For instance:

  • kartofel m - Upper Silesian language (but it’s known in the whole Poland)
  • pyra f - Poznań subdialect
  • grula f - Podhale subdialect
  • bùlwa f - Kashubian language

mizeria - a Polish salad consisting of thinly sliced or grated cucumbers, often with sour cream though in some cases oil (source)

kotlet schabowy - a Polish variety of pork breaded cutlet coated with breadcrumbs similar to Viennese schnitzel, but made of pork tenderloin (with the bone or without), or with pork chop (source)

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