O-M-G! XD i just went on a midnight slurpee run! and when i went to pay they had these cute little blue boxes of “Creme Collon” (?!?!) in the impulse buy section! I just kind of giggled at it and wasn’t going to buy it~ but then i saw it had an ADORABLE LITTLE CAT STAMP INSIDE!?!?!? there were five different ones to collect, and the one i got says “YATTA!” on it! (>    w <) HEHEHE!!!!! it was an awesome end to my lovely day out! <3

Tito, companion and friend. You have just gone and you can not imagine how much we miss you. We met long ago, and it never took many words to know what we wanted to say to one another. We shared so many things, and now we feel more empty without your presence, but soon your memory will be stronger than this difficult time. From day one, we felt bound feeling that is hard to explain. We joined the club we love so much, with the ball that we both liked… La Masia. We were greedy kids, we ate the sausages, snails, wine, and the sauce without onion. So many times we have laughed together, cried together, shared many hugs…

Tito recalled a few months ago that he had an unwritten code whereby we would not explain what we did with our lives, but today I’m going to explain something when you did the military service as a volunteer in Barcelona. You had get up early and you would complain when you did not sleep when you were leaving because you’ve always been very responsible. You’ve always been very smart, elegant, a perfectionist in everything. If you played football, you always wanted the ball well inflated, and the grass in good condition. If you played tennis, our second favorite sport, the handle of the racket had to be the one that you liked, the balls had to have the pressure you wanted, and the conditions had to be perfect. And if those conditions were, how well Tito played! You were also the man who was laughing with the stories of Charlie, with whom we have shared many meals.

I always admired your courage. Perhaps the only time I saw you were hesitant was when you wanted to ask out Montse, the love of your life, the person who gave you strength. On Wednesday, you did not want to delay anything because you wanted to be with her on your last Day of Sant Jordi. You can rest easy though, because you know Montse, Carlota and Adrià are in good hands. As always you said, you have few but great friends, and you will always be part of their lives as they were yours.

Your children, Carlota and Adrià, were your pride.. The apple of your eye. I remember how you would explain tactics to Adrià, but without getting into his game. Your eyes sparkled when you saw him play, but you never wanted to interfere. Football was always a passion of yours, and even in your last days at the hospital, you saw a football field and were explaining tactics and drills to the doctors. Barca has been your club. You always said that the only ‘ism’ was “Barcelonism”.

You always presumed you were a “normal” guy, but you were not - a “normal” man does not have such an everlasting memory, and touch so many people as you did. This is a lasting legacy that you, in love with Empordà, leave to your people.

You were a grateful man, and you would want to thank all those who have come today, as well as all the people who have gone to the stadium to leave something, and all those who have been with you throughout this process.

Your illness changed all of our lives, too. To me, it made me your substitute overnight, with the obligation to keep everything up. It is an experience I will never forget, but at the same time, one I would have never wanted to have. All that has happened has made us better people, and your example will continue to do so. We will continue to follow your advice: ‘seny, pit i collons’ (wisdom, strength and bravery).

Forevermore, eternal Tito.

—  Jordi Roura

In light of so much stuff happening in fandoms I’ve found a trend I wanna do for next year. This is my terribly made tumblr box. For everyone that likes or reblogs this I’ll put thier url in the box and leave a compliment or positive comment in their ask when it gets pulled out. I just wanna spread some positivity in all of my fandoms.