To my fellow medstudent bookworms:

I decided to compile a list of books that are great for future doctors, doctors, or anyone that is working in the health profession.
These books help give you an insight on what becoming a good doctor is really all about.

1. Every Patient Tells A Story- Lisa Sanders M.D.
2. Informed Consent- Benjamin j. Brown M.D.
3. Medical School Admissions Guide- Suzanne Miller
4. Medical School Interview- Fleenor
5. The Mindful Medical Student- Jeremy Spiegel
6. Med School Confidential- Robert H. Miller
7. Becoming A Physician- Jennifer Danek
8. On Call- Emily R. Transue M.D.
9. Hot Lights, Cold Steel- Michael J. Collons
10. Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs- Michael J. Collins
11. The Night Shift- Brian Goldman
12. The House of God- Samuel Shem
13. Kill As Few Patients As Possible (And 56 other ways on how to be the world’s best doctor)- Oscar London
14. The Secret Language of Doctors- Brian Goldman
15. How Doctors Think- Jerome Groopman
16. First, Do No Harm- Lisa Belkin
17. Better- Atul Gawande
18. Complications- Atul Gawande
19. Being Mortal- Atul Gawande
20. The Checklist Manifesto- Atul Gawande

My personal recommendations are the books by Atul Gawande, Brian Goldman, Oscar London, and Samuel Shem! 📚