T-ara’s Jiyeon to Apply for College, IU Will Not

T-ara’s Jiyeon and IU are both the same age as they were born in the year 1993. The two are very close and currently, most of the people born in 1993 are applying for college in South Korea.

According to representative of T-ara’s agency on August 24th, “Jiyeon will apply for the 2012 admissions. Jiyeon will apply for a college that will be a good fit with her talents.”

In September, T-ara will begin their official debut for Japan. Now on the other hand, IU will not apply for college.

IU’s agency stated, “As we have already stated before, IU will not apply for College this year. We don’t know what will happen after this year, but IU decided that she would like to focus on music as of now.

IU is currently focused on her new official album that will be released in October.

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Teman Pemberi Semangat :D

Aku benar-benar merasakan bagaimana seorang teman yang sangat dekat bisa memberikan semangat dan pengaruh positif terhadapku. Dia tempat berbagi cerita dan canda tawa. Saat aku merasa down, saat aku merasa jatuh cinta, bahkan saat aku merasa jauh dengan-Nya. Begitupun dengannya, yang aku rasakan. Semua kegilaan, kesedihan, kegalauan, pertengkaran, ketidakjelasan, perjuangan, dan segala kisah kehidupan terangkum indah dalam pertemanan kami. Karena tempat kami melanjutkan kuliah berbeda, dia di Surabaya dan aku di Surakarta, terpaksa kami tak pernah bertemu lagi semenjak kelulusan itu. Tapi kami tetap menjaga komunikasi. Hampir setiap hari kami terhubung dengan segala media sosial, seperti BBM, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Instagram, SMS, hingga telepon. Bahkan sesekali videocall.

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Walked through my front door, and threw my backpack onto the couch. I ran to the bathroom, because I had been holding my bladder for an unnecessarily long amount of time. I then went back to my backpack and was about to head up the stairs to my room. On the third step was a large envelope with the words congratulations swirled across the front of it...

today I received my second college acceptance. IIIIIII (2 DOWN, 5 TO GO!)


God is great.


5 weeks into college and so far my grades are:

Intro to Social Work - 120%
Sociology - 92%
English  - 88%

All this time I thought I wasn’t passing anything! I’ve been slacking and procrastinating and turning in assignments almost late, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting me at all.

My math class starts October 1st, and I’m kinda nervous. I hate math D:

Oh well.

Time to clean my room. I’m getting a ferret tomorrow :)

So my Humanities teacher...

were having our first test on Monday and he expects us to memorizes over two months worth of lecture notes and on the “test”, more like a final exam, we have to write 3 essays that hes going to surprise us on and 50 multiple choice/fill in the blank questions AND we have to do this in 1 hour and 15 minutes…yeah i dont see this turning out well…neither does anyone in my class…WHAT THE HELL!! WHY DID I HAVE TO GET THIS PROFESSOR!!?!?!?