colloar bones

The Outsiders Preference: Sleepy Time

Requested by anon


You got home at 1am from a girls night with Evie and Kathy. You entered your shared room to see Dallas asleep. You gazed at him as he slept. His hair fell across his face and you brushed it off to reveal his sharp, beautiful face. He looked kinder in his sleep. Almost like a child, and you had to wonder if he wasn’t all bad, if somewhere inside of him there was a soft place where he could stay, free from reality. You placed a light kiss on the ‘bad boy’s’ cheek. Iyou stripped from my clothes getting into one of Dallas’ t-shirts. you got under the sheets and layed down on my side. “Goodnight baby” you cooed, as you felt arms pull me close.


You walked out of the bathroom where I had been changing into my pajamas, brushing my teeth, hair etc. You walked out with my y/h/c in a messy bun and my favourite pajama shorts and a tank top, that made my boobs look just divine. “You look hot” Sodapop commented. “Thank you sir” You posed sillily. You made your way over to the twin sized bed, and got on top of Sodapop, straddling his waist. You peppered kisses all over his face, before hip flipped you over returning the favor. He started to suck on your colloar bone leaving a mark. “Let’s go to bed” You stopped him. “Alright, alright, I love you” he replied. “I love you too, Sodapop” you answerd laying on his chest letting sleep take over.


“Ugh” you groaned, digging your head into your pillow. Johnny turned his head to face you. “What?” he asked, and you slammed your fist into the bed. “I’m getting frustrated. I can’t fall asleep” you said, and Johnny frowned. “How can I help?” he asked, brushing the hair out of your face. “I don’t know” you whispered, staring up at the ceiling. “Come here” he whispered, pulling you in under his arm. You cuddled in close to Johnny’s chest, and he cocooned you. You felt his chest rise and fall against your back and his warm breaths on your neck. Johnny held you tight, pulling you in really close. Almost instantly you dozed off, feeling a sense of security in his arms.


You gasped loudly as you felt Keith’s hand gently squeeze your hip a little too hard. Your head turned toward your boyfriend who was slightly smirking in his sleep “Mm babe,” You heard him mumble. You raised both your eyebrows in surprise but groaned again in pain as he kept squeezing you tighter and moving you closer to him. You smirked knowing exactly what kind of dream he was having. “You are,” He breathed out into your ear “So funny when you wear that clown suit,” He finished saying. You almost chocked on your spit when you processed his words.’ What the hell was he exactly dreaming of?’ you thought to yourself as a little laugh escaped his mouth. Before anything else can escape his lips you shook Two-Bit roughly “Two! What the hell are you dreaming about you weirdo,” You said laughing slightly. He smiled largely in his sleepy demeanor and stretched lightly. “Mmm, just about you and I running away to the circus together,” He said. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud “Please do tell me the details,” You pleaded as you snuggle closer to him.


(Steve’s pov)

“Give me the cereal! Bastard! Give me the cereal! Help Steve!” she growls, tossing and turning in her sleep. I yawn sleepily and look over at her, biting back a laugh. What in the hell was she dreaming about? “That’s my cereal you bitch!” she snaps, the sheets getting tangled around her legs. I softly shake her shoulder and she jolts awake, breathing fast. “What the hell were you dreaming about? That must’ve been some fucking great cereal,” I chuckle, making her roll her eyes and grin. “Thanks for waking me up. I was walking home from the DX and one soc was trying to steal my cereal…” she says, explaining her crazy dream. I follow her whole retelling of the dream with amusement, watching her bright eyes and hand gestures as she retells the whole thing.


“NO! NO! NO!” You scream in your sleep. Darry hears and opens his eyes to realize that you are having a nightmare. “Y/N, babe, wake up!” He says, gently nudging you. You stop screaming and slowly your eyes open. “What was going on?” Darry asks. “I had a dream that I was losing you.” You say. Darry chuckles. “Babe you are never going to lose me.” He says with a smile. “I know that now, but I don’t think that I will be able to go back to sleep.” You say. “How about we watch a movie?” Darry asks. You nod and Darry walk downstairs to the couch. He puts in your favorite; Breakfast AtTiffany’s. For the rest of the night you and Harry stay up watching love movies and cuddling and not thinking about that terrible terrible dream.


You examined your boyfriend’s sleeping figure as you sat up against the headboard, mindlessly drumming your fingers on your leg. The neon colours of the alarm clock on the bedside table read that it was four in the morning. You groaned, remembering that you had to be up in four hours for classes. “(Y/N)?” you heard a sleepy voice say. Your head quickly turned towards Ponyboy who was now lying on his back, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Why are you up?” You shrugged and scooted closer to him when he sat up against the headboard with you. “I can’t sleep.” “Do I need to sing you a lullaby?” he teased. You rolled your eyes and gave him a smile, “No need Pony. Just go back to sleep I’ll be fine.” He yawned but put his arm around you, pulling you even closer to him, “Not until you do, want me to read?” He asked, and you simply nodded leaning your head on his shoulder. His soft voice putting you to sleep.