a bike made for just me and you

we can tandem bike into the sunset,

heck, why not into the oblivion?

take me with you, i’ll follow your lead-

a red bike for two, 

changing hearts with our speed,

with our love for all things on two wheels.

and if we can’t get our hands

on a tandem bike for our needs -

you can sit on the basket

of my bike and because it’s you,

i promise to not crash.

i’ll be the basket to your bicycle,

the ice to your cream. as long as you

promise to take me somewhere warm,

on the coast, 

where we can cuddle on the beach

until the dawn of a new day,

drinking in our favourite stories and laughing

with no fear of tomorrow.

there’s a nest of pillows in our future.

where we’ll curl up under blankets

and i’ll play with your hair.

you can share your music with me

and i’ll listen to it all, 

but if you want to leave the house

i’ll brave the beach

and wretched sand.

don’t worry, i can carry you on my

back, and we can run into the ocean,

pretending we don’t feel the cold.

once it reaches my knees, i will take 

you back to our blankets,

and we will bask in the sun and 

the notes we hum together.

as the sun fades into the waves, after

the green flash momentarily blinds us,

we can tandem bike back home

and fall asleep side by side

smiles on our faces, hand resting in hand.