When their girlfriend asks them to help her with her homework but it’s a subject the have never studied for!

B.A.P as dogs!

When their girlfriend gets a bleeding nose after play fighting with another member!

When their girlfriend’s ex wants her back!

 When their girlfriend is super excited for their comeback!

When they catch their girlfriend dancing to a kpop song!

When their girlfriend begs for cuddles while they’re busy!

When their idol gilfriend collapsed on stage!

When their girlfriend is afraid to tell them that she’s pregnant!

When they watch their girlfriend doing crazy cheerleading flips!

When they see their girlfriend who usually wears hip-hop clothes.dressed in a cute outfit!

When their girlfriend picks them up from the airport!

When their girlfriend is unable to reach something because she’s too short!

When their crush makes a disstrack about them!

When their girlfriend teases them while they;re shooting a mv!

When they have a colloaboration with their idol girlfriend!

When their girlfriend dances to Crazy by 4minute!

When their girlfriend is unable to walk properly after what ‘happened’ in the bedroom the night before!

When their girlfriend is stressed for exams!

When their girlfriend performs MTBD(by CL) on stage!

When their girlfriend performs ‘I Don’t need a man’ (by Miss A)!

When their girlfriend playfully pinches their cheeks!

When their toddler keeps on asking them why all the time!

When their girlfriend finds out that they re part of a gang!

When their girlfriend falls asleep on their lap!

When their girlfriend kisses them unexpectedly!

When their girlfriend kisses them while they’re angry!

When they are jealous of your best friend(and ex boyfriend)!

When their girlfriend’s cheecks are red from the cold!

When their girlfriend uses their butt as a pillow!

When their girlfriend snuggles to them during a scary movie!

When their crush is already in an relationship!

When their girlfriend strips for them!


AA x Novembre Magazine

Art Direction:
Novembre Magazine (

Nicolas Coulomb + Florence Tétier (

Styling: Georgia Pendlebury (

Model: Sasha Melnychuk (

Hair: Gilles Degivry at Artlist (
assisted by Azumi

Make-up: Satoko Watanabe (

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a bike made for just me and you

we can tandem bike into the sunset,

heck, why not into the oblivion?

take me with you, i’ll follow your lead-

a red bike for two, 

changing hearts with our speed,

with our love for all things on two wheels.

and if we can’t get our hands

on a tandem bike for our needs -

you can sit on the basket

of my bike and because it’s you,

i promise to not crash.

i’ll be the basket to your bicycle,

the ice to your cream. as long as you

promise to take me somewhere warm,

on the coast, 

where we can cuddle on the beach

until the dawn of a new day,

drinking in our favourite stories and laughing

with no fear of tomorrow.

there’s a nest of pillows in our future.

where we’ll curl up under blankets

and i’ll play with your hair.

you can share your music with me

and i’ll listen to it all, 

but if you want to leave the house

i’ll brave the beach

and wretched sand.

don’t worry, i can carry you on my

back, and we can run into the ocean,

pretending we don’t feel the cold.

once it reaches my knees, i will take 

you back to our blankets,

and we will bask in the sun and 

the notes we hum together.

as the sun fades into the waves, after

the green flash momentarily blinds us,

we can tandem bike back home

and fall asleep side by side

smiles on our faces, hand resting in hand.