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What do you expect to see for the upcoming spring 2016 rtw shows? I didn't really notice any big summer trends but I love those really cute sandals that buckle at the ankle with those thin straps. But buckling them seems like such a pain, I have one pair but have never worn them.

I’d like to see anything but the 70’s style. I’m seriously soooo over the 70s trend that’s been going on. I’d love to see more 60’s and possibly even 90’s style clothes. I’d love to see the designers experiment with the 90’s style. It would definitely be interesting. I’m also expecting to see lots of saturated colors and shorter lengths. The past season have had lots of dull, muted tones and it felt kind of heavy. I think they new colllections will be colorful and short.


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My fault for not updating my stories here bc I am busy with my acads and extra curricular. I hardly find time to open my site and update coz I am in our training for Letramurals: Cheerdance Competiton. Yes I am a cheerleader for almost 9 years. Sooo there it goes, my three signifact events in my life.  I had finally realized and come up with my words to put on my journal “my life goal” it really gives me inspiration when I understand my goals in life. Apparently I wanted to colllect more experiences, adventures and memories than those of materials things I wanted to have. Thus, this formula Experience > Things (money)  will give you true happiness. 

I spent my 17 with my college friends  ( I treat them in Jollibee co’z were so hungry and kinda love Jollibee)  and I went home to Laguna bc I missed my family so bad. I don’t have any bonggacious birthday but I am really thankful for this new year in my life, for all the people surrounds me and gives me strength and inspiration to be bolder everyday. I am grateful from what I am right now because I am enjoying what I am now…

Lastly the drama is oveeeer! Hahah coz my best friend and I finally get this “Together Again” moment. Hahha here’s the story. July 23, 2015 (my birthday) she greeted me on message then she said she missed like that and so I replied. I feel so beyond bliss knowing that she remembers me and she is there for me. We meet at my cousin’s birthday dinner at Aristocrat’s then she also went in our apartment with our family and he left around 12 pm. Helly yeah! Sometimes friendship need space too, its kinda boring when you two don’t give yourself a time to reboot. Its kinda make me more matured and stronger when she left me because I know for a fact that if someone truly loves you she / he will come back. Its worth the wait baby!

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Alhamdulilah makin ramai nak ubah kehidupan!! Inilah bisnes. Buka buat kita je kaya. Dalam bisnes pyhtoscience. Semua org BOLEH berjaya mcm org lain.. Sbb simple . Mudah. Bisnes ni mmg terbaik.. Sbb nk berjaya. Jgn jadi FOLLOWER but FIGHTER.

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Socks for father’s day? #epicfail
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