Cayetano Legacy Collection: Get to Know the Founders of This Beautiful Jewelry Line

Looking for the perfect statement piece for your spring/summer wardrobe? We have just the thing! Founded by three sisters — Karen, Gail and Christine–  in 2011, the jewelry line Cayetano Legacy Collection offers gorgeous, handcrafted pieces using natural stones from the Philippine islands such as amethyst, turquoise, citrine, agate, jade, pearl and onyx. 

According to the official Cayetano Legacy Collection website, “As first generation Filipino Americans these sisters wanted to bring worldwide attention to the beauty coming from [the Philippines], while also giving back to the nation that has given them their heritage.” 

Intrigued? You should be. We were lucky enough to get the chance to speak with the beautiful sisters to find out their story. - See more at:

Largs’ Songwriters Circle - Craig Harrison

NAME: Craig Harrison (people who knew me way back when still call me Harry)

MUSICAL EXPERIENCE: I’ve been playing guitar for about 12 years now (and I think I’m starting to improve)

JOB: I’m looking for one at the moment, having finished a stint in catering on ferries.

INSTRUMENTS: Guitar is my main one, on piano/keys I can play nearly recognisable one handed versions of The Flintstones and The Wombles and on bass I can pick out a few simple lines. I’d also like to play sax and maybe even get my other leg to finally do something when I’m behind a drum kit

Why are you doing this project?

I’ve had loads of ideas for melodies bouncing around my head pretty much since I first started playing and thought it would be good to finally try and do something with them. Thanks to the rest of the people in Troubadour Colllective, I’ve been right so far :D
Tell us one fun fact about you!?

I can bench press 1500 pounds and like to make up stories

What are your preferred musical genres? 

Classic rock, blues and punk are probably my go-to genres, but there’s also metal, Motown and a little bit of funk as well. To be honest though, it just depends on my mood. Usually I’ll go for the rocky stuff, but I’ll listen more to softer more soulful songs if I need to relax and chill out for a while, which would be where the Motown and funk come in. In my more laid back moments, there will even be some Big Band/Rat Pack songs in the mix too. 

If you could collaborate with any songwriters (dead or alive) who would it be?
DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!! If I was looking to make a more soulful song then it would be Bill Withers, if it was something a little bit rockier then probably Jimi Hendrix or Malcolm Young from AC/DC. His brother Angus gets more attention because he plays the solos, but Malcolm was the one who turned riffs into songs, and making an idea or feeling into a song, into something that’s maybe a bit more relateable than just talking rubbish, is what makes music awesome in my opinion- I’m actually not great at saying what I’m thinking but once there’s a guitar in my hands, it’s a lot easier to get things out there (fun fact about me number 3- I can occasionally go miles off topic in a single bound!) 

What are you getting out of the project?
I’ve got to see ideas actually turn into full blown songs and meet some great musicians.

What’s your favourite album?
I’m going to be greedy here and pick a few albums that influenced me and made me want to play in the first place, mainly because I just can’t separate them- Powerage by AC/DC, Conspiracy of One by The Offspring and Appetite for Destruction by Guns N Roses got me to pick up a guitar, +‘Justments by Bill Withers helped me see there was more to it than just powerchords and pentatonics (even though powerchords and pentatonics are and will always be a huge amount of fun :D )

i can’t drown my ‘demons’, they know how to swim 💀🏊

and yeah because a lot of instagrammers dmed me what filters did i use most of my pictures here in instagram so i decided to tell you all guys what is it and how is it 🙈 ( bec i love you and i still feel the guilt that i have to those who really wanted to get all the vsco filters but unfortunately they didn’t) 😭 so for this photo, i use the filter called J1. Just J1 😘 But tbh i do love the chromatic collection especially the c8 and the c9 😍 What do you think about this photo guys? Also comment below your fave filter and colllection in vsco 💕

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