I got asked to do a comparison picture of my Apple & Raven Signatur Dolls - i don’t really have to describe the difference, cause they are most likely obvious! :) as for the re-releases i just added some more eyeliner on both (Apple above and Raven above and beneath her eyes, also i colored Apples lips red) - i know alot of collectors are complaining about the rereleases, especially those who have started collecting #everafterhigh dolls and i feel really bad for them, but for me these rereleases are a perfect opportunity to switch them with their wonky counterparts, cause to be honest, i didn’t really care about the faces of my dolls when i started collecting 3 years ago! 😅💗 @everafterhigh #AppleWhite #Rapple#RavenQueen #doll#dolls#colllection#freshplinfa #princeivy #comparison#rereleasesarentthatbad #mattel

My current college project is 5D. This image is a copy of my concept board from my portfolio.

The main image in this is from the runway of Iris Van Herpen’s Capriole collection in 2011.

The geometric design in the top right corner is a scanned image from my sketchbook. This drawing will heavily feature on my final line-up board for my 5D colllection. 

Found this PURGATORI action figure by Clayburn Moore at Golden Apple Comics. Not sure if it’s still there but it was one of the ‘sexiest’ toys during the action figure boom of the 90’s/00’s. (ruined by rising prices and scalpers.) Oddly while the smaller Purgatori was one of the best figures, the bigger version of her was also one of the worst. (terrible sculpt.) track down this or the alternate metalic red/blue version for your colllection! #goldenapplecomics #goldenapple #purgatori #clayburnmoore #devilgirl #devilgirls #devilhorns #thighhighboots #actionfigures #toycollectors #toycollection

Trapstar X Selfridges Colllection 👌🏼

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In Progress at BookWorks | “Redemption”

One of the main reasons I started writing poetry in 2001 was because I was looking for redemption. I had wasted my youth on not really doing anything and felt the need to change my identity.

‘Writing’ was the first thing I realized I could be good at…or at least have a passion for.

Today, I am working on my third collection of poetry entitled, Redemption. As I was transferring poems from my journal and blog to the manuscript, I decided to read my two previous books.

I was amazed at how much the writing forRedemption has improved compared to what I wrote in the past. It was as much as over ten years ago. Still, I put the previous two books back on the shelf and was convinced this next book is going to be much better.

Why? Because I am in a different place in my life, even compared to two years ago. After reading my previous colllections, I realized that I used them to vent whatever was bottled up in me. Now, many of those feelings are either gone or have less of an impact on me.

Now, I have room to let new ideas in and share them with others. Plus, this next book is definitely about others, even when I’m referring to myself. As I read through what I have so far, I think…finally, my thoughts are more inspirational!

In the past, there were a lot of gloomy days that I wrote about. Loneliness. Fear. Stints of depression. Vices that I wouldn’t let go of. Stuff I had no idea bothered me at all. All of that needed an outlet; it needed to be heard. But that’s not a good place to stay.

Especially near to end of 2015 and coming into 2016, I felt a sense of freedom I never have before. And it’s not because many of my circumstances have gotten better. But it’s because I’m free enough to look back and see how far I’ve come.

I don’t zero in on loneliness. I don’t let fear take over. I don’t wallow in depression. I don’t allow vices to control me. Fifteen years ago…problem. Fifteen years forward…I won’t dare say I’m cured, but… I’m not that man, anymore.

So, even when life agitates me and I get down or when I do feel hints of loneliness…I don’t fall apart these days. Which means that my writing isn’t used so much to talk about what I’m struggling with in a negative way. I see the bright side of things more clearly now. I have…hope.

Okay, I have created a “Works in Progress” page for Redemption on (based in NYC). They sent me a survey recently on how they can improve their services. That’s when I realized I haven’t read up on all the features available. Good stuff added.

If you are a self-publisher, or aspiring to be, I recommend joining BookWorks. The basic Author Profile is free. There are plenty of bonuses for upgrading with two Premium Account options. Simply depends on your annual budget.

Yes, you too can have a spiffy Author Page & join my Friends list:

Feel free to also visit the “Works in Progress” Page featuring Redemption:

As for the book cover, it’s a work in progress, as well. This has been my initial concept for quite some time. I’ll see if it stays… I do want to introduce people to the book as I complete it to raise more awareness. Progress? I believe it’s around the halfway point compared to the previous two collection. Perhaps, I should write more…

If the ideas are there, I will.
Eric Christopher Jackson

In #amsterdam #justforhim #lavenhamjackets introduced the @drakesdiary contemporary show jumping print to the AW16 collection, the print has been re-coloured and printed on to cotton poplin and will be used as a lining for several styles #Lavenham #Drakes #aw16 #colllection #menswear #menstyle #outerwear #mensfashion #heritage #ootd #style (bij Stoer. Casuals)

anonymous asked:

I'm here to notify you that I've copyrighted the name Nagisa and expect you either to pay me a fee for using to name or shut down your blog before my legal team intervenes...just kidding, I'm shutting your blog for copyright infringement. Seriously though, have you heard of the recent controversy about the Fine Bros Youtube channel copyrighting the concept of react videos on youtube?

Hahahaha good one.

Kind of, I haven’t seen much of it but the basic premise as far as I can tell and correct me if I am wrong, basically these guys who make those “People of Varying ages react to Viral Videos” have suddendly decided they invented the whole “Reaction to Things” videos and went on to create a network  on YT called “React World” where they want to “”HELP”” people who make reaction videos as part of their colllective and will help them promote and things and all in exchange for some “Small” amount of the revenue these videos make and anyone who is not affiliated with this network and makes reaction videos WILL get the hammer…right?

Like….what? They do realize reaction videos go back way before they were even a thing right? I guess this is one of those instances when people get famous and they get SO full of themselves, their egos grow SO massive that they distort their judgement, similar to The Fishsticks episode in South Park.

But I am glad to see the Internet said “FUCK YOU” and punished them for this, that should teach them a lesson.

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gots a crush on u cuz u funny as helll n u cute as a button, i should know, i have a rather large button colllection and u cuter than all 803 of em. ( i counted them last week)

i wish i had a button collection 

Money is the fruit of evil.
Evil is the root of money.

More expressly, it is the ever deepening roots of a profit system that thrives on imbalance. It is Greed, to give it a name, and it profits only those individuals who disregard the existence and potential well-being of others. It promises security to the collective by burying them in the dirt, then directing them to produce value and substance to this perverse system. It then liberally picks the fruit of the collective’s work force and finally sells them the crumbs, mere fractions of the collective’s own fruition.

Because Greed has motivated those people to sieze control of the essential life force of water, it sits in a false position of ownership providing this now polluted water as pay to the collective for its service. All of this is executed under the deceptive pretense that these greedy people are the source of the colllective’s nutrition, that it sustains our life.

Honestly, it sickens me. And I believe that if you challenged yourself to meditate on the matter, my condition would contagiously touch you.

One of the reasons I find money intolerable is that it devalues the efforts and energy of people, undermining their service to the collective. In a monetary system we work FOR money to support ourselves, often times investing our time and energy into work that is meaningless to our lives. This meaningless work severs the link between our service and those being serviced and renders it nonexistent. We essentially become individualized, zombified workers who cannot or does not want to see the direct connection of our service to others. In all (sad) actuality, it might merely be a service of fattening a company that could care less for humanity.

In my opinion, money, or more expressly profit, is a wall of partition that divides working people and individualizes their experience; isolating their empathy within the boundaries of their immediate sensations only. In a non profit-system we would work for the collective because we are the collective. Therefore, because we value our Self-interest, we will work because work needs to be done for us.

Additionally, by cutting the middle entity of money (that divisive wall) out of the equation, our service becomes directly connected to those people we are working for. I believe this would reestablish a sense of gratitude and commitment and effeciently develop genuine community.

Let us redefine Self, and so, Self-interest together.