Micro History

The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean

Red by Jacky Colliss Harvey

The Birth of the Pill by Jonathan Eig

Coal by Barbara Freese

Salt by Mark Kurlansky

Rain by Cynthia Barnett

Cod by Mark Kurlansky

And a Bottle of Rum by Wayne Curtis

Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue: The Untold History of English by John McWhorter

Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergrast

Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson

Spice by Jack Turner

Color by Victoria Finlay

Rabid by Bill Wasik

The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant

At Home by Bill Bryson

Day 2 - Collission (Part II)

I get you Gray but plz baby give them a break, they were having a shit day (almost losing each other), now they are resolving their UST! 

Second part of THIS PROMPT


I am still working on the rest of the prompts, my apologies for the delay but I am determined to finish them all. Connection is taking time cause coloring issues plus amateur-ish anatomy x_D 

Enjoy!! <3


Reverse angle view of MTB vs. Buck footage. Definitely worth checking out.

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Collision: The Extras

donesses  asked:

19 21

19. Your  favourite flavour of ice cream 

(actually strawberry)

21. Which swear word do you use the most? 

i swear in both french and english but i think i use more the quebec french one that is “colliss” which is like fuck like all the different quebec swears