Maybe if I didn’t tilt my head like an asshole when photographin’ my horizons wouldn’t be crooked as a motherfucker all the time!  Yeah but we all know nothing is going to get changed about that now!  I’ve been shooting in this form for about twenty years now, sooooo yeah not gonna do it!  (Also, I took this in Dublin, possibly while drunk, and yes I am wearing a USA t-shirt flying back to America.  That’s how I roll!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!)

This thing was all smiling at me as I was all drunk waiting for my flight.  Look at that creepy face!  Dublin Airport was small, but it wasn’t too bad to spend some time in.  I bought a cross word puzzle book from the local Dublin newspaper, and I literally understood about three clues in the entire book!  Now before you think I’m some serious dumbass, keep in mind that those wacky Irish cross word makers USE DASHES IN THE WORDS!!  So if the answer in the US would be like ‘tricolor’, in that book it’d be 'tri-colour’!!  That shit drove me crazy because I felt all stupid, so I left it in the terminal with a note on it saying 'Please take me.  My dumb American ass doesn’t understand.’

Pharaoh Wexler || 17 || Camper || Creative Writing || FC: Trevor Jackson || Open

Camper Profile:

Birthplace: Mount Airy, NC
Hometown: Collinstown, NC
Allergies/Medical Conditions: Vegetarian

Wait, you’re genuinely concerned that people are going to make fun of you? But, you’re just wearing a neon skirt, it’s not like you’re naked. You need to worry less.

Pharaoh is no stranger to being mocked. He’s adopted by two white men, which meant that he learned very early on in life not to really worry too much about what other people said behind their hands in hushed whispers. His dads have been fantastic supporters of him his entire life, except for choosing one’s last name to be his first. (Though, really, Wexler Pharaoh would have been way worse as a name.) Back in their small town in North Carolina, he’s not nearly as much of a subject for gossip as he used to be.

Part of it has to do with the book he published last summer. It wasn’t a bestseller or anything, but it did sell over 500 copies in various small bookstores all up and down the east coast. Which was awesome, considering he’d saved up all the paper delivery wages he’d made since he turned 12 to get it published. A book about a squirrel with two dads wasn’t exactly his idea of making it to “the big time” but it sure was nice to have under his belt. Pharaoh plans on declaring himself an official author sometime in the next couple of years, once he’s figured out just what kind of genre he wants to fall into. As long as it isn’t another children’s book, he’s pretty sure it’ll work out… If he could just choose one already.