So…okay. Storytime.

He looked at me before we did the op and I told him what we were doing (“Can we hold hands and jump, and just look deliriously happy?”) and he’s like “Okay!” And he slowly laces his fingers through mine (LIKE……okay, he brushed his fingers up my palm and wound them with mine, straight out of sort sort of fanfic) and he looks me in the eye and in a low voice he’s like “on three?” (And I totally died) and I nodded and we counted down and then jumped and all hell broke loose.

My sandal flew somewhere behind me, and my phone (which I’d left in my back pocket for some stupid reason) goes flying as well. Misha looks at me all concerned because I look vaguely panicked and I look at him and go “I lost my shoe.”

(which in hindsight is totally hilarious because of obvious reasons)

So basically we spent like 15 seconds looking for my damn sandal, which had somehow buried itself under the blue backdrop and the volunteer points it out, and I’m apologizing and Misha’s laughing and I thank him and he winks at me and yeah I’m dead now so that’s cool

and?????? the tum????????????

s/o schmelke for managing to get this in one take despite everything lol