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To the Man Who Saved My Life

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You didn’t knock storming into my life, ready to throw it upside down. You didn’t know what you were going to do to me, had no idea I existed. You still don’t but that never mattered. I was low, lower than I ever thought I would be, so low I didn’t see the light, it felt as if I was already buried.

But you entered the stage. You shined so bright it was blinding at first, overwhelming to me, who’d never seen someone like that. I would later find out you were the only one. A soul so heavy I can’t imagine the strength you have to have to keep carrying it, yet you do it with so much love and passion, God is inspired.

You turned so many of my negative thoughts around, made me rethink a lot about how I saw things. When I was tired of crying and exhausted from panic, you were there holding me. With words, with nothing, with a smile, a joke, a poem. Whenever I needed someone, whenever I needed you, you were there. Yet you had no idea.

You didn’t take any credit for your help, you never had to be there. But you were regardless. You didn’t need anything but us to feel better, and no person could ever be better than that. You saw the worst in life, in people, and you decided to become the opposite.

I want you to know, you have saved me and many others, changed the way we thought and felt. I want you to know you kept us from breaking and became our hopes and dreams and reasons. I want you to know what you mean to me, to us, dear dear Misha. I’m crying as I write this, needing you to get all the love, as much as you gave it to us. You deserve this every single day. I want you to know that without you, the world would not be so bright. I want you to know I give you my love, blessings and thanks. It’s not enough to show how important you are to us and everyone, but it’s all I have.

Never stop loving yourself, never stop being you. You mean to much to me. To everything. I love you.

Happy Birthday, Misha.

Sebastian Stan character asks:
  • Bucky Barnes: What is one of your favourite memories?
  • Will Franklyn: Go five years in the past or five years in the future? Why?
  • Lance Tucker: What is something you’re obsessed with?
  • Chase Collins: Do you believe in magic? Why? Why not?
  • T.J. Hammond: Can you play an instrument?
  • Jack Benjamin: Describe your crown if you were a princess/prince.
  • Dr. Chris Beck: What three things would you take with you to space?
  • Jefferson: If you could travel to any fictional place, where would you go and why?
  • Ben: What are you afraid of?
  • Carter Baizen: If someone gave you $1,000,000 what would you spend it on?

Story time! This was my first jensen/misha op so I decided to bring my first ops with each of them to hold while we took the pic. When it was my turn I handed them the frames and told them it was my first ops with them. I pointed to jensens and told him it was 10 yrs ago and misha was 7. They seemed pretty wowed by that fact lol jensen looked at his again and told misha “I still look better.”

When they faced the pictures toward the camera chris came up to jensen and asked him “do you remember that stool?” For those that don’t know the first few (? I have no idea when they started to loosen up) photo ops were very formal lol I was at the first con in chicago (nov 07) and jensen was just sitting on a stool and I stood next to him for the pic-no touching! I think misha made a comment here but I don’t remember/couldn’t hear :/

after the pic was taken jensen looked at his again for a few secs “wouldn’t it have been crazy if I was wearing that same shirt?” I laughed and commented how I would never wear my shirt again (lime green smh) and that was it! we thanked each other and I left. it was awesome.

Imagine Castiel’s reaction to you having unnaturally colorful hair.

“You’re different than the other humans! Why… Why is your hair different colors?! I don’t understand.”

“It’s dyed.”

“Would you like me to revive it?”

“No, Cas. Hair dye is a product that lets you change your hair color artificially. My hair’s not dead, don’t worry. It’s happy and healthy, actually. Here, feel!”

“…It’s quite soft.”

“…Thank you.”

“Now that I understand your hair… I like the fact that it is different than any other humans. It makes you… unique.”


If there is something that has become clear to me of 1X02 is how easy it has Lizzie to seduce Henry VII.
Her only warm approach to Henry makes him nervous. With the simple words she whispers, the king closes his eyes and begins to want to unbutton her dress.
The language of the body is just awesome. Pure Freud (it must be taken into account that I will speak in purely Freudian terms, everything is a metaphor)
Lizzie is the representation of the forbidden lover, the forbidden fruit of Eden. While for Margaret Beaufort, her mother, is the perfect lover, her advice will always prevail because she is the only woman with whom she can rely, with whom she can “Sleep” quietly.
But Henry is bored with his mother in the same bed. As Eve was bored with Adam, that’s why she bit the apple. For that he desires what he can not have: have the Lizzie´s body by her own will, her own choice. Henry thought that she was gonna to give herself to him, easily. Because actually that is what he wants, he wants be her lover, sharing with her the same bed and be seduced for her. He thinks she´s a witch, like her mother, Elizabeth Woodville, but he´s exactly like was Edward IV in the 1X01 of “The white Queen”, on fire with Lizzie, but the great diference between both kings is that Henry is hypocrital while Edward was not. Henry hides his desire for his wife. But he needs her, he wants her because she´s a witch, the forbiden, what he shouldn´t desire, the fatale beauty,  the sex….the dark side. For that he´s attracted to her. Eve beats the apple, Henry almost kiss to Lizzie, who like her cunning future daughter-in-law Anne Boleyn knows how toy and prolong the king´s desire for her. 
So thanks to this reaction of Henry with the  only idea that Lizzie seduces him, since it was not a real seduction ( she plays with him and his feelings), Margaret has the lost game with Lizzie, is just that she does not know that. Hidden, indeed the motto of Lizzie is working, and much patient, because she will burn Henry until in his dreams. Margaret is just right now like a dispased lover. Henry left her bed already and only is walking “slowly” until his wife´s one. 
There will come a time that his ears only will ear the Lizzie´s words.