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If you don’t like me tell me,don’t look this way don’t look that way,Look me in my face and tell me you don’t like me
—  Tina Woods (tooturnttina)
Hot Topic : h.g

My first imagine/blurb kinda thing so, sorry if it’s short I did my best ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  but if you want an imagine request one I don’t do personals

You were minding your own business folding clothes, and rearranging bracelets. You worked at Hot Topic and who wouldn’t like that job? it’s pretty cool and you get discounts. You were humming Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy when you were interrupted by someone. “Excuse me?” someone with a deep voice asked. “Hi how can I help you” you turned around and was stunned. There in front of me was the most hottest guy you have ever seen. “um I um I was looking for a Metallica shirt but I uh couldn’t find one” he stutters “uh I’m uh I’m Hayes” he stutters again “I’m y/n” You say with a smile “as for Metallica I think we have some in the back, what’s your size? you ask “Medium” he answers “ok lemme check if we have that” you say as you walk to the back to check if there are any Metallica shirts. And there are, so you bring 6 shirts with you to restock. You walk back to Hayes and give him his shirt “Here you go a medium Metallica shirt” you say “thanks” he says with a gorgeous smile. You then walk to put the rest of the Metallica shirts where they belong and go to the register to check people out. A customer comes up with 3 shirts and 5 pins . “Hi did you find what you were looking for alright?” you ask the costumer while checking out and bagging her items “Yes, thank you” she says “ok that’ll be $18.47” she swipes her card and is ready to go. “thank you have a nice day” she says “You too” You reply. Next you see a familiar face. Hayes. “Hello, find everything alright?” You ask “yes thank you for helping me” he says “it’s my job” You reply you again check out his Metallica shirt “ok that’ll be $10.99” You say he swipes his card and is ready to go but you don’t wanna let this one go so you slip your number on the receipt saying “call me (xxx) xxx xxxx -y/n” “thank you have a nice day and check your receipt” You say as he leaves. Later that night when you were about to go to sleep you receive a text from an unknown number “hey its hayes” the text reads. You didn’t know it but it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.



It’s too Big//J.J.

”It’s too big””Just put it in there its your job this what your paid for!”He says looking down at me.”It won’t fit it’s too big””Just put it in there you’ll be fine”He groans.”Fine but if you make it bust you still gotta pay me”I smirk.”Fine just do it”He says.”OH SHIT ITS TOO BIG I CAN’T DO IT!!”I moan.”Yeah take it out it’s to tight”He groans.”Just get a diffrent size dude!”Says G.”Fine can I have a 10 in the jordans then?”Johnson ask.”I gotchu”I say going to the back


Y’all some nasties if you started thinking sexual!! LOL

Dont Talk in Spanish//S.W.

“Sammy!“ you yell. “Yes?” Sammy yells. “Pick up your stuff.” you say. You can see all of his shoes and clothes on the ground. “Why can’t you pick it up babe? he says. ​"Si no recoger su basura que no me está atornillado’.” you yell. Sammy looks at you with wide eyes. He knows you only speak Spanish when you’re mad. “My mistake, I’ll pick it up baby.” Sammy says and gets up to pick it up while you glare at him. “Mhmmm.” you say as he walks toward you. He gets close to your face. As he bends down you can smell his cologne now and it’s your favorite one. You almost melt every time he gets this close to you. Of course him knowing he has this power over you, starts to try to sweet talk you out of being mad. “Y/N, baby I’m really sorry but I can make it up to you.” he says in a whisper. “I-I- Sammy, please don’t.” you say, getting weak in the knees. You are now staring into each other’s eyes. His hands slip down to your butt and you have to force yourself to move his hands. “Y/NNNN, baby just let me make it up to you. I have been being a jerk lately.” Sammy says. “Sammy if I forgive you, will you stop messing with me?” you say. “Yes baby, I will.” he says. “Fine, I forgive you.” you say. “Thanks baby.” he says then kisses you. “I hate when you talk in Spanish. Please don’t talk in Spanish.” Sammy says.

English Translation: If you don’t pick up your crap you’re not screwing me..Or something along those lines

That's My Best Friend//N.M

I’m now sitting in my best friends room in nothing but my underwear and bra. I have no memory of what happened. All I know is that Nate is laying next to me and Nate isn’t Johnson so I’m in a hell of a lot trouble. This is all I remember.
“Aye, turn up!“ I scream. “Aye.” They repeat back. Rupp couldn’t be at the party so I’m on Dj duty. “Aye G.” I yell. “Huh?” He says, walking over to me. “Can you go check on my best friend for me?” I ask while batting my eyelashes.“ Man I don’t know, I’m kind of in the middle of something.” He says, smiling at a pretty blonde standing at the top of the stairs. Waiting for Jack I’m guessing. “Ohh you’re cheating on your precious Madison.” I say while grabbing my chest. “Oh shit I forgot….She’ll never know.” He says while smiling at me. “You have my word if you go check on Nate for me. I can’t leave here.” I beg. “Fine.” He says while walking off. “Take my boyfriend with you, he is more dependable.” I say. G rolls his eyes and tells Jack J as they both walk to the kitchen. They burst out laughing and pointing. I look at them while throwing my hands up. G rushes over to me. “Come look at your best friend.” He smirks. “Ugh.” I groan while being dragged to the kitchen. As soon as we turn the corner I see Nate with some girl. “Oh lord.” I say while running my hands through my hair. “I’m going in.” I say. The Jacks just laugh. “Hey Nate.” I say while putting my arm on his shoulder. “Hey Y/N.” He says. “And who are you?” The random girl asks me. “Who are you?” I ask back. “I’m Jordan….now as you can see, we were in the middle of something so bye.” She says, fanning me off. I look around then at Nate. “I don’t give a fuck. I’m his best friend, I have to make sure he doesn’t fuck up his life and he obviously isn’t sober because he wouldn’t be talking to your ugly ass.” I say while flipping my hair. Nate chuckles. “Whatever. Like I said, walk away hoe.” She says and pushes me. I just laugh. The Jacks rush over to me. I put my drink down on the counter, getting ready to hit her. “Aye, we good over here?” Jack asks while grabbing my hand. “Yeah, except this dumb ass bitch won’t leave me and my baby alone.” She says while grabbing Nate’s arm. Nate kind of sobers up when he hears the word baby. “Walk away Jack.” I say. “No.” He groans. “Jack.” I glare and they both walk away in a hurry. “Nate you better get your girl, she’s about to get her ass beat.” I say. She chuckles and grabs Nate’s arm again but he takes his arm back. “Come on Y/N, let’s leave before we get into some trouble.” He says while grabbing my hand. “You’re not good enough for my best friend to even think about fucking you.” I smirk. “Nate call me.” she winks at him. “He won’t.” I say and she slaps me. I just remember blacking out and then I came back and saw her on the floor and then my vision left again. The last thing I remember is holding on to Nate’s body while crying.
“Morning best friend.” Nate says while turning over. “Hey. What happened last night?” I ask. “What do you mean?” He laughs. “Well…” I say while gesturing to our bodies. “Oh nothing. When you blacked out you kind of went crazy and you had blood on you so I just took your clothes off. Jack was also blackout drunk so I brought you up here. "Whew.” I say while exhaling. We both laugh. “Sorry for not letting you ever get any pussy, like never.” I giggle. “It’s cool, I’m sure one day you’ll be there when I find Mrs. Maloley.” He smiles. “Pinky promise?” I giggle. “Pinky promise.” He says while linking our pinkies. I pull out my phone and start to snapchat. “Morning, just laying in bed with Nate. No I didn’t cheat on Johnson, I just drank too much and I blacked out.” I smile.“ Nahh, she beat the shit out of a girl.” Nate laughs. “Shh.” I say. “How about we go look out your window and see who had to take the walk of shame?” I smirk. “That’s why you’re my best friend.” He says while getting out of bed and looking through the window. “We have one short blonde hair, black skirt and red crop top.” He says. “Oh, Gilinsky fucked her.” I laugh. “Hoe.” He smirks. “Aye, put some respeck on her name.” I yell.

It’s A Prank//N.M.

“Hey guys, wassup? It’s ya boy Fousey and I’m here with one my best friends Y/N.“ He smiles. "HEY GUYSSSSS!” I yell. “So today Y/N And I are getting our revenge.” He smirks. "All summer sixteen.” I sing. “So last time I was here Y/N and her boyfriend Nate pranked me saying that Y/N was pregnant so today I’m here with Y/N and we are about to prank Nate with a cheating prank so let’s go RAHH!” Yousef says then turns off the camera.”Okay so what are we doing?“ Yousef asks. Yousef has been my best friend since we were little. We bonded over our love of the Lion King. It was Halloween and he was Simba and I was Nala.”Uhh so I’ll get dressed up in some lingerie and stuff and I’ll start off like climbing on top of you kissing you and then Nate should be walking in around this time”I say.”Okay what were gonna be in here in Silence?”He ask.”No Nate has this huge speaker system so if I play the music loud enough he’ll be able to hear it”I say.”Ok what song”He says.”My fave song Wet the Bed by Chris Brown”I smirk.”Now you don’t know who your messing don’t let this prank go too far”He laughs.”Whatever” I giggle.

*An Hour Later*

“Alright Yousef you ready to see me”I giggle.”Since 6th Grade”He chuckles.”Shut up!!”I say walking out.”Damn you didn’t look like this in the 6th Grade”He smirks.”I guess I look good”I smile looking into the mirrior at my outfit.”My phone goes off.”It’s Nate”I smile.”Hello”I sing answering the phone.”Hey baby”He says.”Hey”I laugh.”What you doing”He says.”Chilling with yousef watvhing some movies”I smirk.”Y/N I told you about being alone with him”He groans.”What you don’t trust me”I frown laughing.”Of course I do I just don’t trust him”He says.”Okay well if you trust me then you’ll be fine I love you and see you when you get home”I smile hanging up.About 15 minutes later I get a text saying Nate’s down the street.”Alright Postions”I yell.Fousey lays down on the couch and I lay down on top of him.”Remember this just a joke”I say as I hear Nate’s keys jiggle.”Of course you really think I would let you kiss me”He chuckles.”I scoff and attached my lips to his as Nate opens the door.Yousef’s hand find their way to my ass and I let out a moan.”Y/N WHAT THE FUCK!”hE YELLS.”Oh,Hey Nate”I smirk flipping my body sitting on Yousef’s lap.”What are you doing”He yells.”I didn’t think you would be home”I laugh.”Usually when you say I’m down the street your not home for like an hour”I say getting up running up to him.”I knew I shouldn’t have let you be alone with him”Nate groans.”Nate…”I smile.”Why THE FUCK IS THIS FUNNY AND YOU,YOU FUCKED MY GIRLFRIEND”He tells.”Not yet I was about to though”He smirks.I see the anger buliding in Nate’s eyes.He just storms out.I look at Yousef and shrug we both take our seats back on the couch and turn on Let’s be Cops.

*15 mins later*(sorry)

I get awakend with a huge bang.The front door swung open.”So who ass we gotta beat”Swazz ask walking in.I watch as Both Jacks walk in,Skate,Swazz,Tyler,Tez,Nash,Derek,Kdl and Cameron.”What the fuck why are ya’ll here?!”I ask.”We heard we gotta beat some guys ass”Derek said.”You two don’t even like each other why are you here”I say.”When I heard about you I had to come”He says.”Nash made me come because your my little sister”Cam shrugs.”Nate if you would’ve let me tell you earlier it was a prank”I laugh.”A Prank all the boys laugh.”Yeah,He is my best friend”I smile .”Plus she is fucking gross I know way to much about her to let her kiss me foreal”He chuckles.”Good”Nate says yanking me into his arms.”You guys can leave”I smile.”Fuck that”I was awoken from a nap for this shit……I’m getting some damn pizza and staying here”He says.”Yeah” everyone else chants.Derek and Kdl alreayd left.”Alright Yousef you’re oreding”I smile.”Everytime with you”He groans pulling out his phone.All the guys rush over toh im to say what they want I go anmd start getting pillow and Blankets for everyone.I stop walking just to make sure.”Sleepover?”I yell as they boys look at me.”Sleepover.’They say turning back to Yousef and continue.I groan and walk upstairs ro go get movies and all that extra shit


Nash buys you plane tix to the wave tour to come with him



You talk about your glo ups


“Hey sexy.“ Sammy says. “Ohh, you’re not skipping today.” you say while smirking. “I skipped every class but this one. It’s the only class I get to see you in.” he says. “Stop trying Sammy, it’s never going to happen.” you say. “What?” he asks innocently. “Trying to make me sleep with you. You are the schools fuckboy. At least, that’s what my friends on the cheer squad say at practice.” you say while giggling. “Ohh yeah, that Britney girl was fun. Wait, you’re a cheerleader?” he says while laughing. “That’s my bff. You screwed her, gross. And yes, I am a cheerleader.” you say while gagging. “Ohh. One day you’ll give in but until then, has it ever occurred to you…. never mind.” he says while shaking his head. “No, what fuckboy?” You ask. “That I may actually want to be your boyfriend and not just your fuck buddy but that is a perk.” he says while laughing. “Wait, I’m sorry. Fuckboy say what?” you say. “I want to be your boyfriend.” he mumbles. “Haha, come again?” you say while giggling. “Fuck this.” he says while standing on top of our desk. “Attention fellow classmates. According to my friend over here, I am the schools fuckboy. Correct?” he says while pointing at you. “Correct.” everyone answers back. “I am ready to be serious and since she doesn’t realize I’m serious…. Y/N will you be my girlfriend?” he asks me. The other girls scoff and gossip while the boys root him on. “Sammy Wilkinson, I will be your girlfriend if you stop your fuckboyness.” you say while standing on top of the desk.(Yasssss a bitch just invented a new word)” “I promise.” He says. “Good.” you say then you kiss him and ride off into the sunset. Or in this case, your asses back in your seats and to detention after school.

People I’ll write Imagines about
  • Nash Grier
  • Nate Maloley
  • Swazz
  • Sammy wilk
  • Jack Johnson
  • Jack Gilinsky 
  • Aaron Carpenter
  • Christian Collins
  • Crawford Collins
  • Colby James 
  • Taylor Caniff
  • Trey Schafer
  • Hayes Grier
  • Matt Espinosa
  • Dillon Rupp
  • G-Eazy
  • Tez
  • Benny Wilk
  • Kalin White
  • Myles Parrish
  • Tyler Grosso
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Vince  Kowalski
  • Derek Couture
  • Andrew Fontenot
  • Ethan Dolan 
  • Grayson Dolan
  • Alec Bailey
  • Daniel Skye
  • Hunter Rowland
  • Jake Paul
  • Twan Kyuper
  • Logan Paul
  • Mario Selman
  • Weston Koury
  • Mark Thomas
  • Jovani Jara
  • Julian Jara 
  • Diegosaurs
  • Chris Miles
Off Limits//N.M.

Sammy!!!“ you yell as you see your big brother sitting on the couch. “Y/NNNN!!!” he yells. “What are you doing here?” you ask while giving him a hug. “I’m back from tour and decided to live here for a while.” Sammy says. “Really? Are you sure you want to stay with me in LA?” you ask as he looks at you. “WOAH, what happened to my baby sister?” he while looking at you. “I chan…” “Hey Sammy, this house is…. Woah.” Another boy says. “Who’s this Sammy.” you ask. “Ohh sorry, this is Nate.” Sammy says. “Why hello there.” you say as you slide past Sammy to be in front of Nate. He is pretty hot you thought. “Hi.” Nate says. “Now that everyone is introduced let’s go sit down.” Sammy says while glaring at Nate. You run and take a seat next to Nate. “Absolutely NOT.” Sammy says. Nate puts his arm around you and you lay your head on his shoulder.
“She is off limits.” Sammy says while glaring at Nate. “Yea, okay.” Nate says sarcastically.
“Okay, I’m going to go get food.” Sammy says. On his way out the door he yells “Don’t fuck my sister!” Are you younger or older than him?“ Nate asks. "Younger by 39 seconds.” you say while giggling. “Sooo, what do you want to do?” Nate asks. “We could make out.” you say. “I thought Sammy said you were a good girl.” Nate says. “I used to be but as you can see I changed.” you said. “Fine.” Nate says as he connects his lips to yours.
*1 hour later *
“You’re pretty good.” Nate says. “You are too.” you say while wiping your face and fixing your lipstick. You hear the doorknob turn and you run to turn on the tv like nothing happened. “Hey.” Sammy says. “Hey.” you both say. “Why are you guys talking in sync? Sammy asks suspiciously. "We’re aren’t.” you both say again. Sammy runs over to Nate and grabs him by his shirt collar. “DID YOU SCREW HER?” Sammy asks while screaming.“No, not yet.” Nate says while winking at you. “Not ever.” Sammy says. “Ok.” Nate says. Sammy sits down next to Nate. “You smell like my sister.” he says then starts laughing. “YOU SMELL LIKE MY SISTER!” He yells. “What did you two really do while I was gone? Sammy asks scarily calmly. "W-wwwe made out"you say. "Okay.” Sammy says. “Nate can you come help me move some stuff out of the car?” Sammy asks. “Okay.” Nate says. You suddenly hear screaming then a bang on the door when you see Sammy and Nate enter. Nate now has a black eye, a bloody nose and is holding his stomach coughing. “*Gasp*, what did you do Sammy?” you ask while running over to help Nate. “I just talked to him.” Sammy says. “Sammy.” you say upset. “Look, you’re not allowed to like him and he isn’t allowed to like you.” Sammy says. “Okay.” you say. “Come on Nate, let’s get you cleaned up.” you say. “And Sammy, I was never off limits.” you say. “I’m so sorry.” You say as you kiss all of Nate bruises. “It’s okay.” He says. He smirks and says “He kicked me really hard somewhere.” “Where?” You asked, completely oblivious. “My nuts.” he says as he smirks wider. “Well I guess I should kiss that too, shouldn’t I?” you say while smiling. Let’s just say you had fun.
*The next day*
“Sammy?” Nate says. “Yeah?” Sammy says. “Now I screwed your sister.” he says while chuckling. “What?” Sammy asks, wide eyed. “Sorry, she said she was no longer off limits.” Nate says. “I’m not!” you yell. Nate looks at Sam hopefully. “She isn’t.” Sammy say then smiles at Nate.“ 

MAGCON with Trey Schafer