collin ward

Rooster Teeth Extra Life Stream

As a teenager who goes back and forth between separated parents’ homes and who has no local extended family to speak of, family gatherings just aren’t a thing. So the Extra Life Stream is my Thanksgiving dinner, my Christmas Eve party, etc. And once again you guys didn’t dissappoint. So thank you everyone at RT for putting yourselves through this every year, not just for the kids, but for giving your fans an annual family gathering that gives us memories that will last a life time.

New - Observer Drift - Warm Waves

Being a 33 year-old music blogger/amateur musician can be frustrating hand sometimes. When you stumble across Observer Drift, are taken in by the clever layering of the composition, only to discover it was put together in its entirety by a 20 year-old kid in Bloomington, Minnesota. Nelson Muntz points at me in the back of my head, “Haw haw!”

But we live in a marvelous time, when Collin Ward can spend a little less than a year in his basement and put out a record that sounds this good. Starting by laying out a pretty basic drum beat, creating an atmospheric progression over it, laying a guitar lead or three on top of that, then recording heavily reverb'ed vocal melodies and dirty harmonies as a focal point. Ward has invented a sound that’s very comfortable and familiar, yet certainly all his own. I hope he finds himself maybe a collaborator or two (the recordings wouldn’t suffer from a live drummer), but regardless, something special is brewing in Minnesota. - MO

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