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A banner I made for the Samwell Student Union, they keep track of all the events in the Check Please Fandom!

(board inspired by Check Please comic 2.1- Moved In)

rising/ascendant + appearance
  • Aries: Average height, lean yet enduring body, sharp and angular features, prominent and arched eyebrows, broad forehead, pointed chin
  • Examples: Rihanna, Cara Delevingne
  • -
  • Taurus: Below average height, dark hair, round face and neck, dark and reflective eyes, delicate bone structure, round-shaped or turned up nose, full lips
  • Examples: Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Tonkin
  • -
  • Gemini: Thin or medium built, often tall, long arms and hands, oval face, high forehead, sparkling and intelligent eyes, separated front teeth, dark and long eyelashes, pointed jawline, well shaped forehead
  • Examples: Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga
  • -
  • Cancer: Medium height, soft features, round face, high cheekbones, thin hair, prominent eyebrows, small nose, plump lips, soft skin, long limbs
  • Examples: Angelina Jolie, Sharon Tate
  • -
  • Leo: Average or above average height, rectangular head, wide forehead, broad shoulders, thick eyebrows, thick and fine hair, keen and almond shaped eyes
  • Examples: Taylor Swift, Beyoncé Knowles
  • -
  • Virgo: Thin body, heart-shaped face, clear eyes, bright cheeks, down-pointing nose, well-shaped and modest lips, dimples
  • Examples: Ariana Grande, Emma Watson
  • -
  • Libra: Heart-shaped or oval face, light and almond shaped eyes, refined nose, rounded chin, soft and smooth skin, swan-like neck
  • Examples: Hayley Williams, Britney Spears
  • -
  • Scorpio: Rectangular head, wide shoulders, magnetic eyes, well defined lips, prominent cheekbones and nose, often brown and thick hair
  • Examples: Katy Perry, Keira Knightley
  • -
  • Sagittarius: Sporty and athletic body, often very tall, broad forehead, sparkling eyes, large teeth, wide smile, full lips
  • Examples: Lily Collins, Cheryl Cole
  • -
  • Capricorn: Small to average height, slender body, sharp features, serious eyes, straight nose, long neck, often short hair
  • Examples: Naomi Campbell, Megan Fox
  • -
  • Aquarius: Slightly curved eyebrows, big and light-colored eyes, nicely-shaped teeth, wavy and glossy hair, height varies from average to tall
  • Examples: Marina Diamandis, Amanda Seyfried
  • -
  • Pisces: Below average height, round face, large and round eyes, small teeth, short limbs, fine hair, slightly curvy
  • Examples: Hannah Murray, Vanessa Hudgens