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RT Extra Life 2017 doodles!

  1. Alfredo and Larry kiss (shifty kiss)
  2. Alfreyco shirt 
  3. Gavin and Michael Pocky kiss
  4. Headgemite (Vegemite on Jeremy’s head. Bread was added)
  5. Interpretive dance during Whose Spot is it Anyway (ft. Miles, Cole and Jeremy)
  6. Also during Whose Spot is it Anyway, Jeremy took Jon’s glasses
  7. My Bob Ross painting! Done in Photoshop  
  8. Chad James of Screw Attack kissed Jack
  9. Chad again but with Ryan this time lmao
  10. Collection of RTExtra Life kisses through the years

If you missed out any parts of the stream you can check it out here


“my smol precious baby whom I will protect with my life” whispers the fifteen year old teenager to the 40 year old middle aged man on TV.


this was easily one of my favorite time slots during RT Extra Life


questions only

It’s been one week since you looked at Fandometrics.

Television: And we’re all, we’re trapped in a box.

13 Reasons Why makes a strong debut at No. 2.
Rick and Morty return at No. 6, bringing up a new Szechuan sauce fandom with it.

Movies: Don’t look back like Dylan in the movies.

Spiderman Homecoming returns at No. 3 after unmasking its latest trailer.
⬇︎ Get Out just may get off the list next week. It’s barely there at No. 20.

Music: Music make you lose control.

Harry Styles moves from our Celebs list to Music thanks to his new single, debuts here at No. 1.
Selena debuts at No. 18 after the 22nd anniversary of her death. Dreaming of her tonight. <3

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Celebrities: Hey now, you’re an all star.

⬆ Mishapocalypse came back for one more precious day, bringing Misha Collins to No. 8.
Cole Sprouse sprouts to No. 1.

Games: Quit playing games with my heart.

Persona 5 returns at No. 13 in anticipation of its worldwide release.
⬇︎ Night in the Woods hit a snag in its trajectory, falls three to No. 7.

Web stuff: Digital, digital get down.

danisnotonfire jumps two spots to No. 1, unseating The Adventure Zone czars.
DanAndPhilCRAFTS debuts at No. 9 after finally releasing a new vid.

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  • Brooke: Mark, you have a lot to offer someone! You’re funny; you’re smart.
  • Cole: You’re creative; you’ve got style!
  • Sereena: ...
  • Sereena: Oh, did you want me to say something?
  • Sereena: You have hair. Your name is Mark.
  • Mark: Thanks, Sereena.