collin byrd


So. Here we are. The title character. The guy you came here to see. The Crimson Fly.

So, some notes on the character:

-Yes, his legs are weird. Think rabbit or quadrupedal legs.

-He’s wearing a mask with goggles overlayed on top. No, He’s not missing his ears, nor are the orange bits his eyes.

-His eyebrows are massive. Better for emoting.

-He does have wings (It'st that’s why he’s called the crimson FLY). When not in use, they’re tucked inside the hole in the back of his hoodie.

The Crimson Fly is not actually the main character of this particular piece. There are a lot of mysteries about him (why are his legs like that? What’s under the mask? etc.) that I don’t want to reveal yet.  And without that background knowledge, it makes meaningful character development hard. Progress only means something if you have a starting point to judge it from.  So, no, the Fly isn’t the main character.  Think of him as more like a guide for the main character’s progress.  His (The Fly’s) story will come later in the main comic.

So what’s next? I’ll show you how to draw him!


So, for better or for worse, I’m going to try and “solo” as much of the illustration and animation as I can. However, realistically speaking, I’m probably going to need help at some point. So that I don’t have to spend too much time teaching people how to draw my characters, I’ve created a series handy-dandy “How-to"s to help people learn how to draw the characters. They aren’t perfect (as I don’t have the time to make them so) but they serve as a good start as to how I draw the characters. First up, the Crimson Fly!

 The Fly’s basically a sphere mounted on top of a cone. It’s not quite that simple, but that’s the easiest way to break him down and start.

As stated earlier, He wears a mask and goggles to hide his identity. I also gave him massive eyebrows because I like being able to see characters emote, and I didn’t want to mess with his goggles too much. So I enlarged his eyebrows.

As for his legs, I kinda hated the idea that someone could be super strong but not really look much different from everyone else.  So I went with something even more implausible, like quadrupedal legs.  They let him jump 3x his current height.  Why are his legs like that? You’ll have to read to find out.

With the arms and torso, they’re less autonomous anatomy, and more just connectors for the arms and waist to the head.  That said, its important to identify how clothing folds for lighting purposes; Its exaggerated in the how-to’s, but your get the general idea.

And that’s how you draw the Crimson Fly! Simple enough, right?