Tried to work on some training at the dog park but Riley wasn’t really into it so I brought him for a walk near the beach instead. I’m trying out a new vest harness. I really like it so far. It makes it easy to grab him if I need to and people leave us alone when he wears it. I think I am going to get some custom patches for it. Probably a “I Pee When Excited” for obvious reasons and “I’m Friendly” because people are oddly intimidated by him (I’ve had people ask me if he is a Pit Bull or if he is part wolf just because he is stocky and has amber eyes ??? I really don’t get it).

Also, Riley isn’t as fat as he looks. He’s lost roughly 8 pounds in the last 4 months and is in great shape. He does have a lot of excess skin on his belly though. So much that it obscures his boy parts and people mistake him for a female constantly. Lol.

Also some dumb shit teenager let Riley out of the park while I was refilling the water buckets just outside the gate. The dog park I go to is right next to a busy street. Riley could have been killed. Luckily he just ran to me to see what I was doing. I don’t get angry often but I was ready to punch this stupid kid in the face.