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Hi! I was wondering if we pre-order the zine, do we also get other freebies other than the postcard? :')) Lol my mom is mad bc the shipping is sm but gahhh I can't wait for the zine! Ty to you and Victoria for this art zine!! 💓

Yeah! I have a lot of different freebies to give for the pre-orders like, stickers, postcards or prints or bookmarks 
Some of you guys who didn’t receive the transparent card in my previous sales, will be getting that too.
BUT! the transparent card only has like a limited amount left so I can only give it to the first 40 pre-orders!

it will be given in RANDOM so you won’t get all the freebies, just maybe 2-3 from the selection of things below :D
/tbh there are more but I can’t fit everything in here//
(so pre-order the phanzine now to get some of these free gifts!!!)



Collide #4: Accessibility

A zine on physical and mental illness

Possible topics of discussion include:

-How do you wish the world was more accessible to you? What could those who don’t generally require accommodations do better?

-What is your experience in making requests for accessibility at events, in school, at work, in the home, or in your personal relationships?

-How have you had to rely on the others in your life to make up for a lack of accessibility in the world? How has this affected your relationships with those close to you, or with new people?

-How do mental health barriers play a part in your ability to request accommodations?

-If your illness manifests in a way that requires mobility aids, how has this helped you? How has it prevented you from accessing the spaces you want to frequent?  Are there aids that you could benefit from but haven’t taken advantage of, whether due to cost, availability, or social stigma?

-Have you been taken seriously when requesting accommodations for mental health issues? For physical health issues?

-Do you feel “othered” when having to deal with accessibility issues? What could others do to normalize this?

-How do you feel when confronted with a new accessibility concern?

DEADLINE: July 1, 2016

Email JC at jennyandthelibrarians AT gmail .com with questions and submissions

*Essays should generally not exceed 2,000 words. We are not accepting poetry for this issue.

*Note: Although your contribution can focus more heavily on either a physical or mental health condition, you must identify and address in some way that you are living with both.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Collide #3- Family



Collide is a compilation zine on the intersection of physical and mental illness.

Seeking personal essays and relevant artwork for: 

Collide #3: Family

Possible topics include:

  • How your physical or mental health impacts your relationships with family- those you were born into, your spouses, partners, siblings, parents, children, or your chosen families and strongest support systems
  • Genetic inclinations- dealing with hereditary illnesses, family health issues, or concern over passing these things on
  • Family support or lack thereof in times of poor health or wellness
  • Other topics related to the topic of family (chosen or otherwise) as they relate to your illnesses


Collide is a zine on the intersection of physical and mental illness. Contributors will vary in experience and identities, but must have a history dealing with both a chronic physical illness or disability, and a mental health issue in some respect.

  • Essays may focus on one affliction over another, but should involve at least some mention of both, and may be rejected at the editor’s discretion because they do not apply to both categories, or for any perceived sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or classism.
  • Essays should fall generally between 750-2,000 words. I may edit your submission for the purposes of grammar and clarity, but will clear any changes with you before publication.
  • I won’t be accepting any poetry submissions for this zine.
  • For those submitting relevant artwork, it will be half-sized and printed in black and white.

Deadline: November 15, 2014

Please submit your essay with a short bio to:

jennyandthelibrarians @ gmail .com

xo, jc

(ps- if you are not familiar with past issues, check out their overviews on etsy)