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NOW THAT HAD BEEN UNEXPECTED, the movement was sudden as his lips collided with hers. Heart sky rocketing as she clung to his shirt. What exactly had spurred this on? Oh God her stomach was doing back flips and her mind went blank. Her grip tightened on his shirt as she added pressure to the kiss, returning it in kind. His lips were so soft against hers and it was enough to make her melt.

Izuku may have the whole cute and innocent vibe down pat but it was obvious in the way that he held her that he was very strong. Part of her just wanted to stay like this in his embrace forever. Oh my, was this what it felt like to fall? She was falling…falling…oh and she didn’t even mind it.

Heart still fluttering in her throat she slowly (and reluctantly) pulled away, looking up at him from underneath her thick eyelashes. There was this far off daydreaming look on her face as she slowly slid one arm around his shoulder, the other one sliding up to gently tangle in his hair. Happy, blissful, even giddy could be used to describe how she felt in this moment. With a soft musical laugh she lazily ran her thumb over the nape of his neck.

“Midoriya-kun, how bold of you. You know you’re making it pretty effortless to fall for ya right?” She always was one to speak her mind after all. Zero filter one hundred percent of the time. “I could spend a lotta time just right here like this with you…your arms feel like home.”



Thats right me and Alik r doin a thing. We’ve decided to get rid of ALL our band merch and give it to 3 lucky winners.


  • mbf me and ali (we will check)
  • REBLOGS only
  • you can reblog as many times as you want
  • No giveaway blogs pls
  • oh hey want another entry? follow us on twitter (me, ali)
  • ENDS SATURDAY NOV. 1st, 2014 4pm CST
  • will use random generator 
  • if you DONT respond in 3 days we will pick another winner

Items include:


  • Skrillex- Bangarang
  • The Ready Set- Feel Good Now EP
  • Nevershoutnever- Time Travel
  • Nevershoutnever-Harmony
  • Sleeping With Sirens- If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack
  • Somewhere South of Perfect- What Happened to Love? EP


  • Pierce The Veil Collide with the Sky Tour Shirt (m)
  • BMTH Sempiternal Logo Shirt (m)
  • BMTH Owl (s)
  • BMTH Steel City (s)
  • SWS Zombie (m)
  • BTF Polar Bear (m)
  • ATL Everything is A-okay (s)
  • ATl I feel like dancin’ Tank (m)
  • Green Day Face’s shirt (m) fits like small
  • NSN Time Travel Logo shirt (s)
  • TRS Keep Calm and Listen to the Ready Set shirt (M)
  • MCR hang man (S)
  • MMI stay metal kitty tank (m) fits like small 
  • OM&M meet my dedication tank (M)
  • FIR tank (L)
  • TRS Love like Woah Booty Shorts (m)
  • PTV Beanie
  • Supernatural Beanie


Smallish Posters

  • BMTH- Sempiternal Logo
  • Secrets- The Ascent
  • CTE- The Fallout
  • OM&M- The Flood
  • Leathermouth 

Signed Posters

  • ATL Don’t Panic AP Special Signed by all members
  • Anthem Made (Kellin Quinn)
  • HAND DRAWN Feel Good Now Poster signed by Jordan W
  • Time Travel Poster with Christofer Drew’s Handprint
  • Another Anthem Made (Kellin Quinn)

Other Posters

  • 60 Alternative Press Posters
  • Panic! At The Disco oldish poster
  • Too Weird to Live Tour Poster
  • Two Drop Dead fold out posters
  • Two of the same PTV posters- we got them on Collide with the Sky tour


  • Drop Dead X-Mas Ornaments x9 
  • Drop Dead Stickers x3
  • Anthem Made Sticker
  • Buttons- Bazinga, Normal People Scare Me, Doctor Who, Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll
  • Green Day Pick- Necklace- Pick from Uno Dos Tres tour thrown into the crowd by Mike
  • 3 AP Magazines 

First Place!!!!!!

  • First Choice of 11 Shirts
  • 30 AP Posters
  • 2 signed posters 
  • Choice of 3 smaller posters or 2 other posters
  • Choice of 3 “Extras" 
  • Choice of 3 CD’s

Second Place!!!

  • 5 shirts
  • 20 AP Posters
  • 1 signed poster
  • 2 "other” posters or 2 “smaller” posters
  • Choice of 2 “extras" 
  • Other 3 CDs

Third Place!!! 

  • 2 clothes
  • 10 AP Posters
  • Leftover posters
  • Leftover "extras”

Band Merch Giveaway!!! It’s only a couple of items, but I cleaned out my clothes and wanted to give these away! I don’t listen to this music anymore, but other people do! C.Ds: -A Day to Remember, Common Courtesy (also has the Common Courtesy DVD series) -Sleeping With Sirens, If You Were a Movie, This Would be Your Soundtrack -Some Rock Sound Magazine Playlist thing -Pierce The Veil, Collide With The Sky Shirts: -Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal Shirt-Medium (from Warped Tour) -Pierce The Veil Shirt- Small (from Hot Topic) -Never Shout Never Shirt- Small (not sure where this shirt is from, it was given to me. I also can’t seem to find it online anywhere, I’m wondering if it was their first shirt or something??) Must be following me (em0-dad). Likes and Reblogs count as entries. Winner will be picked August 17th! Good Luck!!



I have a shit ton of merch that I don’t want and I have no one to give it to, so I figured that I’d give it to one of my followers!

~ships anywhere~

•Must me following me
•Likes count, but you’re more likely to win by reblogging
•reblog as many times as you want
•Ends August 1st

~all clothing are mediums and larges~

•OM&M heart Shirt
•BMTH monster shirt
•Mayday Parade concert shirt
•I heart JB (Josh Balz) shirt
•A7X skull shirt
•AA shirt
•MIW shirt
•Mitch Lucker shirt
•AA 2013 tour shirt
•Iron Maiden 2012 tour shirt
•WCAR shirt
•OM&M shirt
•Rancid shirt
•OM&M shirt
•H2O shirt
•ATL shirt
•WCAR shirt
•AA jacket

•PTV Collide With The Sky
•ATL Dirty Work
•ATL Nothing Personal
•MIW Infamous
•OM&M Restoring Force
•OM&M The Flood
•ADTR Common Courtesy
•BMTH Sempiternal
•Attila About That Life
•AA From Death To Destiny

•Signed OM&M poster (signed by all members)

give away????

so im moving out this summer and need to get rid of some stuff.

i wanna do a giveaway but i dunno if you guys would be interested?

I would give away:

  • manoverboard crewneck
  • transit t shirt
  • 2 man overboard shirts
  • mayday parade shirt
  • being as an ocean cd and poster (not signed by the whole band only joel and ralph)
  • ptv shirt
  • 7-8 CDs 
  • signed YMAS tour booklet
  • signed ptv booklet thing
  • signed collide with the sky cd
  • and some other shirts and stuff.

Id really like to give this stuff to someone else who wants it. All the stuff is from different genres and stuff so idk if you guys would want it!