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Chapters: 13/?
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, OC - Character
Additional Tags: bisexual!blaine, Football Player!Blaine, au!, somewhat enemies to friends, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Humore, College Football, brief mentions of Blaine with others in passing

Kurt Hummel is having a terrible week. On top of his car breaking down and his laptop dying at the worst time possible, finding his boyfriend cheating on him is the final straw against the camel’s back. A night of drinking is much deserved. But waking up in bed with star quarterback Blaine Anderson is something he doesn’t need. Determined to forget it and move on, he finds that hard when Blaine has other ideas. At first wanting nothing to do with the biggest playboy on campus, somehow Kurt finds himself agreeing to being friends with Blaine. It’s a friendship that opens his eyes to the guy he never really knew. And soon finds him wanting the one person he maybe shouldn’t want.


I got to do a bunch of the quick cuts for Homestuck’s End of Act 6 flash! Here’s a few of my favs.

Phil Gibson did all the initial thumbs for the quick cuts, you can see a couple he’s posted on his tumblr!

Also I’m sad that Jade’s ear wiggle didn’t make it into the final flash :’)

  • Me: Nicholas Hoult is so precious and cute. My sweet little nervous angel.
  • Nicholas Hoult: *is in a movie entirely about drugs, alcohol, and murder*
  • Me: So innocent. So pure.