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tbh i imagine that hal has no trouble with like… wearing his ring while in public bc im pretty sure many normal people in dc universe wear fake green lantern rings just for the kicks of it and when somebody points at hal’s ring, hal just goes ‘o im a gl fan’ and imagine that other person nodding and going like ‘yeah guy gardner is the best’ and hal just ‘what??? no i like the handsome one!!!!’ and the other person just ‘ ??? john stewart??’ ‘nO’


This week’s video is episode two of my Retail Horror Stories! 

I think everyone who’s ever worked in retail has come across some of these customers, right?

Please have a look and share it if you like it :)
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I sat at my desk listening as a coworker explained to someone else in the department that he had to leave, really, he had to, because the company we all work for is discriminatory against him, because he was an older, white, male.  That he had applied for promotions and department shifts, and been denied.  Because the company was so determined to keep him down.

Because he was an older, white male.

And I sat there and thought, no.

It’s because you call women in the department ‘little lady.’  Unless you think they’re attractive, and then it’s 'honey.’  And yes.  We’ve all noticed who gets what label, and the 'honeys’ wish they were 'little ladies.’

It’s because you talk loudly and publicly about the 'problem with Obama’ and 'all those immigrants,’ despite the fact that a large number of our clients are recent arrivals in the United States.

It’s because you mock people’s accents in the middle of the workspace, despite the fact that they speak English better than you will ever, EVER speak another language.  

It’s because when I say, 'don’t do that,’ you’ve said to me, 'it’s just a joke.’

It’s because you honestly do think that MAKING FUN OF HOW PEOPLE SPEAK is a joke worth telling or laughing at.

It’s because you get too close and ignore body language that makes it clear that you are too close.

It’s because when you say, “I served this country through military service!” the other three veterans in the department visually flinch, as if they do not want you speaking for them, or even associated with them.

It’s because 'douchebag’ isn’t yet a protected class under discrimination proceedings, so yes.  They won’t promote you, and they won’t transfer you, and they did everything possible to retrain you and write you up, and your response was to quit when you were under the threat of being fired.

And to tell yourself that it’s because you’re an older.  White.  Male.

Retire early, and spare another workplace your sterling presence.

For ordinary straight people Bryan Fuller’s hints on Hannibal’s feelings toward Will are/were so subtle and barely or not at all noticeable, but for not so straight people it’s more like Bryan was hitting them over the head with a hummer while singing songs about their epic love from the 1st episode, songs became very bawdy in 3d season.

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Good day, by any chance do you know any bloggers who are or have started university in their late 20s or 30s? Every time I try to talk to someone about it, they say I am too old ( I'm about to be 29) to consider starting classes like an 18 year old would.

Ηello there. First of all who told you that you are too old to start going to college?? Tell them from me that they are as stupid as the day is long. Education has no age and knowledge is a beautiful asset. And the experience you will receive from your days there, eye opening. The fact that you have money and time to do it, that is amazing. Never let anyone stop you from doing whatever makes you happy, healthy, educated. 

I don’t recall any bloggers but i hope the people who follow my page will help you ^^ Wish you the best of luck though :)

I very often feel like a fraud, “look at me posing as an adult being allowed to do all these adulty stuff having responsibilities and shit”.

And then I interact with complete cretins lacking common decency and I realise I am probably quite competent and adulty, fake or not. So at least I’m a somewhat nice fraud getting shit done.