YES YES AND YES SO STOKED ON THIS. Emily had a couple of pretty legitimate reasons not to get on her bike Sunday; considering the weather was absolute garbage and the fact that her rear shifter had pooped itself the day before. This is more than enough for most people to throw their hands up and crawl back to the warmth of the dry vans where comfort is found in discounted bread and overpriced Nutella. BUT. She raced. with one gear. and placed 4th. this picture was taken after. I think her face says enough. This is what it’s about! 

*also worth mentioning is that this was her first crit


MAY 3, 2014 

USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships

got to really test my chops and put motion panning to good use.

i loved feeling the blast of wind every time they whipped by, it was mesmerizing to watch them climb uphill and breeze by in dashes and pops of bright, blurry colors; and so exhilarating to be right there next to them as they rounded the corner. 

photographing this event in this lovely weather was such a joy, especially considering i hadn’t even planned on this!