First Dates and Sleepy Nights: A Love Letter to Cafe Kubal

First Dates and Sleepy Nights: A Love Letter to Cafe Kubal #eatingout #coffee @cafekubal #syracuse

By Rohan

I’m sitting at the bar, my laptop open as rain patters against the side of the window. The sky is a murky shade of grey, the harbinger of a classic spring shower. A chipper barista, who is way too happy considering the dismal weather, brings me my cappuccino. The foam art is impeccable. I feel at home in the midst of midterms week.

of Kubal’s globally inspired coffee. What sets this…

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In the blistering heat of Davis, I take the time to drink copious amounts of yerba mate (photo 3) from the co-op while my friend Dane hosts me for a week of mate effused writing and tipsy political-philosophical discussions by the pool in the college apartment complex he lives in as his soon to be wife: Lindsey attends UC Davis for a PHD in literature although she’s currently in Portland preparing for the wedding.
When Dane wasn’t at work we did such things as attend the 4th of July bike race which involved the velcra of velcrist including the U.S. national champion zip around the 100 degree streets for an hour as heat drenched locals ate hot dogs and snow cones.
I can tell the weather and the 35000 college students can make Davis overwhelming and/or underwhelming, but Dane’s adapting best he can. Like me he comes from a rainier climate but he dreams of moving to the bay where the climate cools a bit and the political and cultural outlook widens.
Happy wedding to you Dane! See you in Portland on the 20th as my tour comes to a close.
Oh yes and notes on the last two photos: that’s a bridge in Sacramento, I took a midnight train to Klamath Falls to avoid the boiling Siskiyous and bike 80 miles to my aunt’s in Medford stopping at tugboat springs along the way where seemingly Ashlanders fill up their water (three groups showed up as I was there) and where I drank my fill. I plan on leaving towards Bend tomorrow.

Two weeks to go...

Two weeks to go…

Two weeks time I’ll be headed to Amherst, Massachusetts! It’s time to have the East Coast college town experience :) You want artistic photos? You want exciting stories? You want real life opinions? Go ahead and follow my blog to find out what it’s like to be an English exchange student in an American college! <3 x

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Just ran a pretty shitty 5k.

Even though I’ve been running an average of 3-5 miles per run for the past month, I’ve been running on flat land. Now that I’m back in my collegetown, trying to run uphill is killing me. I had to stop and walk a few times.

It’s a huge bummer to do well and suck again, but now that I’ve got a new challenge, my goal is to drop my time from 35 minutes to 30.

And on the bright side, as awful as I feel about my run, at least I’m getting back on track with my workouts.

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UGH yeah I know. I don’t know what it is in other colleges. Freshman year (and sophomore-senior year if you live in Collegetown) you can choose a cheaper meal plan. But because of where I’m living this year (West Campus) I’m forced into an unlimited meal plan which is pretty annoying because like I’m not going to eat unlimited meals???? The food on West Campus is delicious though like actually it makes me look forward to meals more than I did before which I didn’t think was possible. 

Food truck friday! Hung out with random 1Ls from Juris Doctor (JD) pool by the side of the road and witnessed them getting wasted over… crepes. Berkeping keping sia dia makan crepe tu. Pandai diaorg mintak maaf sbb tak senonoh hahahah (at Collegetown Crepes)