This is sexual assault plain and simple. Horrific. Fuck those people.


Here’s this Spring 2015 semester edition of how to save on textbooks! Here’s a list of promo codes and deals going on. Plus, don’t forget to sell your old textbooks as well. Hope this helps all my fellow college students out there :)


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Two female college students said they were forced to endure almost weekly vaginal probes as part of a medical diagnostic sonography class at a Floridacommunity college, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed in federal court.

The lawsuit by the women, identified as Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II, accuses Valencia College in Orlando, Florida, of violating their right to free speech and to protection from unwarranted searches under the first and fourth amendments.

But Carol Traynor, a spokeswoman for Valencia College, said in a statement on Monday that using volunteers, including students, for medical sonography training was a nationally accepted practice.

The women’s lawsuit contends they protested but were bullied into submission.

Denmark’s amazing student financing plan is something Americans can only dream of 

In the U.S., many students pay upwards of $60,000 per year for college. In Denmark, it’s practically the opposite. American students lie at the mercy of a national tuition arms race and agonize over the prospect of lifelong debt, Danish students can choose their courses and career path without financial anxiety.

Let Denmark be an example

If you have an Amazon Student account, you can enter the Amazon Student Scholarship. FIFTY Amazon Student members will receive a $5,000 scholarship and $500 Amazon gift card. If you’re not a member, you can have a FREE 6-month Amazon Student trial with your college email. You’ll also get 6-months of free 2-day shipping on Amazon as well. You have until November 20th to apply for this scholarship. Good luck!

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“My heart races when Hiro says, “I really want to go here.” I’m waiting to hear back from my personal Nerd School(s). I’ve got two more weeks before the admission letters are sent out and I’m really starting to stress (worrying about being accepted to and then being able afford one of my top pick colleges). Big Hero 6 is my go to relaxation.”

Ways Recent Grads Waste Money

Like in college, when it comes to your money, knowledge is power and understanding ways new grads tend to go wrong is key to making sure you come out ahead:

1)  Not saving. If you are offered a 401(k) plan through work use it and contribute at least enough to get your employer’s match.

2)  Mindless buying.  For the things you do need see if you can lower the bill with rewards cards, store apps or coupons.

3)  Paying for things you don’t use. Cut what you don’t use and scale back anything that you can get just as much value out of at a lower price.

4)  Deferring loans. If you are making payments on a loan – deferred or not – and can pay more than you owe — do it.

Read more.

Calling students! Microsoft is giving away a FREE download of Office 365 to qualifying schools (Try this direct link if that does not take you to the student page). You’ll need to enter your school email to see if your school qualifies. If you do, then you’ll be able to install Microsoft Office to up to 5 computers (even Macs!) and mobile devices. You’ll be able to download the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher. More details can be found in their announcement post here. Hurry though, this awesome freebie is valid for a limited time only. My university was eligible :D Be sure to spread the word, so all of us students can take advantage of this free software! 

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For years, students at for-profit colleges have been racking up huge debts only to find that their diploma isn’t as lucrative as they were promised. The Obama administration is hoping to change all that with a new crackdown on the for-profit education sector, which could help keep college students from leaving school with crippling amounts of debt and stem the growth of America’s student debt crisis.

Under the rules announced Thursday, programs will have to show the government that a typical graduate doesn’t have an annual loan payment of more than 20% of his or her discretionary income or more than 8% of total earnings, according to the Associated Press.

The Pentagon’s 1033 program, which allows the Defense Department to unload its excess military equipment onto local police forces, has quietly overflowed onto college campuses. According to documents obtained by the website Muckrock, more than 100 campus police forces have received military materials from the Pentagon. Schools that participate in the program range from liberal arts to community colleges to the entire University of Texas system.

A few weeks ago, activist and journalist Mariame Kaba asked on Twitter: “How can we build a movement to divest from police? Is there a way for us to do this? Can we go after local police budgets?”

One place to start is with those college campuses whose police forces receive 1033 and Homeland Security funding. The time is ripe for student journalists and activists to use the information furnished by Muckrock and to do their own digging to take on police divestment campaigns with the tenacity, political savvy, and exuberance that’s pushed universities nationwide to divest from fossil fuels, private prisons, and Israeli occupation.

Young people in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and the families who have lost sons and daughters at the hands of militant police are poised to illuminate these connections between education, state surveillance, and state violence in a uniquely powerful way.

students on all college campuses need to organize and demand the demilitarization, reduction, and student control of campus police!

The racists have come out in droves to complain that only minorities will benefit from the #FreeCommunityCollege education plan put forth by President Obama. Let me just leave this right here for all of you racists to see who benefits most from community colleges.SOURCE: American Association of Community College via BPS. Choke of some facts.