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wikiHow to Survive College: 20+ Articles

Congratulations on a fresh new start!

First 3 Essentials: Be Confident. Be Yourself. Believe In Yourself.

You do not have to Care What Other People Think.

You deserve to be where you are, now go make the best of it!



  1. One of the most underrated but necessary tips for college: Manage Your Time.
  2. Here’s what you need to pack. And don’t forget to review the tips section!
  3. Be a good roommate. It may be too late to choose one, so talk about your preferences and be prepared to compromise!
  4. Making Friends has never been tougher, or easier.
  5. If you want to avoid the Freshman 15 but don’t want to exercise, there’s only one other alternative: Eat Healthy


  1. If you’ve never taken notes before, you’ll need to. Here are 20+ Ways to Take Lecture Notes efficiently.
  2. You will also have to Study for Exams - unlike high school, chances are they weigh significantly more than your homework.
  3. Being able to write a solid essay will also be a huge factor in your college career. You may also have to write a Research Paper.
  4. What’s an all-nighter? You’ll find out, at least once. Learn how to pull it off.
  5. Be prepared to read a lot more. It might not hurt to learn the basics of Speed Reading.

Home Economics 101

  1. Don’t know how to Do Laundry? It’s about time, learn how!
  2. Never cooked eggs before? Scrambled is a good way to start!
  3. Instant Ramen becomes a part of your life. Might as well Step Up Your Ramen Game. Cooking Pasta is also a good alternative.
  4. No oven? Satisfy your sweet tooth with Mug Cake (4 Recipes).
  5. Depending on where you are, you might need a DIY Air Conditioner.

For Everything Else (from procrastinating, to joining clubs, to personal finances): How to Succeed in College.

Other things to think about:

  • Give yourself an edge and Find an Internship while you are in college! If you are applying for summer, start looking in March/April.
  • If you are attending a state or private school, you can also consider saving money by taking transferrable courses at a community college during the summer.

For more ways to Find Money for College? Go here.

For What to Do After College? Go here.

A Conversation About Colleges
  • Person:You don’t suffer from real racism. Just the manufactured ones you read about.
  • Me:Okay, so what is real racism?
  • Person:When you can’t get into college because of your race.
  • Me:So, you think I’ll have an easier time getting into ANY college?
  • Person:Yes.
  • Me:ANY college?
  • Person:Yes, you’ll have an easier time getting into any college.
  • Me:Okay, so I will have no problems getting into a Historically Black College, right?
  • Person:You can get into ANY college you want. A Historically Black Colleges are EASIER to get into than most!
  • Me:I got rejected by my first college of choice.
  • Person:Okay, I’ll tell you what you did wrong. What’s the name of the college?
  • Me:Oh... um... HOWARD UNIVERSITY!
  • Person:...
  • Me:Come on... tell me... what I did wrong there?
  • Person:... well, obviously you didn’t... what I meant was...
  • Me:Yes, tell me what you meant, Mr. “A Historically Black Colleges are EASIER to get into?”

Sorority in Alabama Told by University NOT to Use Racist Imagery on Shirt. Does So Anyway (Source)

I’m sick of this shit. Every single time I see a story like this, I will post it, and I will contact involved parties. Please join me.

Please email, call, tweet to them, post to their Facebook pages. Insist the Chapter be closed down and those responsible be suspended.

Facebook page    Twitter page

1386 Ponce de Leon Avenue, NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: (404) 378-3164 / Contact Form 
Foundation Email:

Top Majors For Recent Grads: Turning Unprofitable Degrees Into Lucrative Career Paths

Not everyone’s desperately forcing themselves into a finance or computer science degree in the hopes of a steady job post-graduation. Droves of students are still opting for degrees as diverse as performing arts and health professions, according to data recently collected from LinkedIn.

Out of the 650 schools on FORBES’ Top Colleges list this year, social sciences is the second-most popular area studied. Communications and psychology also showed up in the top 10.

i haven’t been able to like and reblog all of everyone’s acceptance posts, but i want all of you to know that i’m super proud of you and i couldn’t be more excited!! those colleges are lucky to have you!

also, if you haven’t gotten into the school of your dreams, or you’re really struggling with waitlists or rejections, i’m here for you - you did your best, and that’s all you can do. if those schools can’t see that, fuck them. they’re missing out on someone great, and you’re gonna do amazing things at whatever awesome school you end up at.