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I spent 3 years at the University of Akron as a Biology/Microbiology double major with a minor in animal behavior. I love Marine Biology and I wanted to study red tides and other forms of oceanic disorders. I was actually 2 years away from being finished (because I took a couple light semesters) and AU kept jacking the tuition waaay up.Then I got married and according to FAFSA I was going to get $88 for a subsidized Stafford loan and only $450 for an unsubsidized loan because my husband made too much money.  So…I couldn’t afford to finish. I have always wanted to go back, though.

I now have an Associates in Applied Business in Paralegal, which I never tell anybody about because as soon as I mention it, everybody wants me to solve their legal problems, to wit my advice is:  get a lawyer.  Seriously…even though I take the same classes as the lawyers do, if I tell you what to do it’s called “unauthorized practice of law”. I can go to prison and be fined $150,000 for that. So…I just tell everybody I’m a musician and it saves me the headache.

Web III.0 (Memes Within Memes)

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This week, I noticed a new trend on Facebook - MSU Memes. MSU, because I went to Michigan State University, but the newsfeeds of college students and recent grads everywhere have been inundated with similar pictures detailing inside jokes of their college. 

These memes are refried versions of memes that were once funny a couple of years ago, which is about a million years in internet time. 

In almost no time, a website popped up to aggregate these memes. 

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This is a troubling trend, and truly a sign on the impending Meme Singularity.

The Meme Singularity is the theory that eventually, all internet content barely worth sharing will be diluted into its most sharable parts, until, to a non-internet observer, the joke is nonexistant. 

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The College Memes meme is an example of its latest mutation – memes within memes. The advice animal meme is itself an existing meme, but the fact that this has spread to colleges and that each college has its own set of memes, makes it a meme within a meme. “Yo Dawg … ” indeed.

The spread of college memes mimicked the virality of “Sh*t (insert group) Says" YouTube videos. Both require minimal knowledge of technology, and as such, are easily reproduced with slight changes pondering to a different group of people who can laugh and say "it’s funny because it’s true!”

What the internet needs is the return of high quality memes. We were spoiled with the late 2010 - early 2011 trifecta of Antoine Dodson (bed intruder), Charlie Sheen, and Rebecca Black.  

Memes aren’t made, they come as a collective reaction to a series of events, beginning with a bang, and ending quietly. 

If the current trend doesn’t change, then eventually, once the Meme Singularity occurs, 


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Will be considered “hilarious” by winter 2013

What It's Like To Be In College, As Told By Our Favorite Disney Character

Then you get to college ready to have the best grades, social life, and dating life ever.

But the campus is enormous.

And you think your dorm is going to be like,

But really, it’s the size of a jail cell.

Not to mention, sometimes you walk into your room and your roommate… isn’t alone.

And you’re just like,

Oh, and the dorm showers are freezing.

And you get to the dining hall and the food is like,

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