Persona 5 CollegeLGBT!AU. pt. 1: MC and Yusuke

Since @Atlus didn’t put many LGBT+ themes in Persona 5 (and some are better left forgotten) I created my own headcanon. I’m calling it CollegeLGTB!AU. College/university is great moment in life to find yourself.   Without pressure of being Phantom Thieves our heroes finally have to experiment a bit and decide who they are.

MC (aka Akira Kurusu)

Stydy: Law and Politics

Gender: Male

Sexual orientation: Polysexuality

Romantic Orientations: Polyromantic

After the game MC decided to try legal way of changing  the world. He plans to go in politics  but for now is diligent student. When free helps at Lablanc. He is in relationship with Yusuke

Yusuke Kitagawa

Stydy: Art (of course)

Gender: Non-binary

Sexual orientation: Asexual

Romantic Orientations: Panromantic

Male? Woman? Beauty has no gender is the way Yusuke decided to live. He express this in his mannerism  and clothing mixing things that are traditionally seen as masculine or feminine. It confuse a lot of people, especially his professors, but Yusuke doesn’t care. To long he tried be someone else while under Madarame’s care.

MC and Yusuke relationship wasn’t so easy at the beginning . While there was always romantic attraction between them it took time and a lot talking. While they both love cuddling , kissing and just being together Yusuke doesn’t feel comfortable  with sexual acts most of the time. He finds people astatically pleasing just doesn’t want to have sex with them. So it took some time finding their boundaries  but now they are quiet happy together. ­­­­­­