Same shorts just over a year later! Anything is possible so long as you keep your mind focused and make a lifestyle change of eating clean and regular exercise! :)

HW 185ish, size 13
CW 160, size 9-10
Ht 5’7
GW fit and happy!

collegefitnessfight replied to your post: What do you use protein powder in?

I put mine in oat meal all the time! Chocolate powder gives a great sweet taste with out having to add any extra sweeteners! Or in smoothies - you can’t go wrong!

oh yeah! so true! I put mine in smoothies too, I just haven’t done it in so long I’ve forgotten! there you go anon ^_^

I’m also *pretty* sure there are other flavors, definitely chocolate but probably a strawberry one, too so if you like say…strawberry milk? you could make that and voila tasty ^_^

collegefitnessfight asked:

Hi there! Once you get this message you have to share 5 random facts about yourself and then pass it to 10 of your favorite followers :)

  1. I’m undecided on my major (I need to figure out this summer)
  2. I love to read
  3. I lived in Germany from 4th grade till almost the end of 7th
  4. I’m extremely ticklish
  5. I was born on Easter Sunday

collegefitnessfight replied to your post: In the five days since school ended, I havent…

High school friendships die wicked fast but you learn just as quickly which of those few that do stick around and that will be around forever. Congrats on graduating, girlie! A whole new world and social circle lays ahead of you!

Thank you, Jessica! I can’t wait to make new friends in college, I hear that that’s where you find your life-long friends :3 It’s just so amusing to me because I knew that this would happen. Everyone at my school’s an emotional wreck because “they’re going to miss everyone D’:” and I’m just in the back chilling lol.

Just had an amazing deep tissue massage.

I always walk out of there feeling like a new person. I’d highly recommend a massage, at least once a month, to loosen you muscles, work out any back knots, and just rejuvenate yourself by getting the blood flowing! It is so refreshing and my body thanks me for at least a week afterwards.

Guys, I'm so in love.

I’m sorry I’ve been sucking at updating but I’ve been spending so much time with him and every second has been absolutely amazing. After coming out of a two-year horribly sketchy long distance relationship and then not dating for almost 3 years, this has been long overdue. I am so thankful for everything/one that has come into my life the past 6 months.


I hope you’ve all been well and motivated! The past two weeks for me have been beyonddd hectic. So much so that I’ve only been sleeping 5-6 hours a night if I’m lucky. School is beyond crazy and demanding but luckily the semester is just about over! I hope you all don’t think I forgot about you or my fitblr cause I haven’t. I’m still trying to stay motivated through it all so hang in there with me, too!

Guys, I need to get back to the gym.

I’ve been maintaining my weight just fine but my body is starting to slow down and expand again. My thighs are loosing definition and expanding by the day and my jeans are getting tight again. It’s crazy how the scale can stay the same but your body changes so it feels like you’ve gained a few pounds when, in reality, my adipose (fat) cells are just expanding from lack of exercise. I need to find time to hit the gym but life just continues to get busier and busier. There’s always a way, though, and I know I can do it! Keep kicking ass, people!