*knock knock* why do people keep taking AP classes in high school?

*knock knock* to get into college!

*knock knock* but isn’t that totally fucking ridiculous? taking college level classes…to get into college?

*knock knock* everything is total fucking bullshit and we’re all trapped in a black hole made stronger every day by our own ignorance and complacency 

*knock knock* hide all the sharp objects

I have a lot of complaints about the CollegeBoard and I understand that some things cannot be easily changed, but I honestly do not understand why the CollegeBoard cannot provide students with their essay scores and how many multiple choice questions they got wrong as a default with the AP Score Report. Giving students the ability to understand their performances on an AP should be a priority, and their bare minimum score system does not do that justice. Students, for the most part, want to know where on that broad spectrum of a score they fall: were they a 3 that was just barely a 2 or just barely a 4? They want to know of they did worse on the multiple choice or the essays. They want to know how close they were to the score they wanted and how much more they needed to push to get there. Things like this *matter* and the fact that the CollegeBoard opts for the easiest method really speaks to what actually matters to them (hint: it’s not the well-being of students).

Why does it cost me $12 to send my SAT and ACT scores and $15 to send my AP scores to colleges? It’s a digital score report how does it cost money? Where does this money go? Why do I need to pay MORE money for this in addition to the actual application fees which is in addition to my actual college tuition? I get that capitalism is necessary but why does it have to bleed so deeply into my education?



  • get a lot of sleep (netflix can wait)
  • eat breakfast (here’s a link to quick breakfast recipes)
  • read something, as it takes time for your brain to get going
  • don’t forget pens AND pencils AND tissues AND a watch
  • bring a jacket (those testing centers are chilly)
  • also peppermints help wake ur brain up trust me it’s science
  • check out some REVIEW PACKETS


  • cute stress relievers and nice things (X X X X X X X)
  • movie links to celebrate that 5 (X
  • love yourself no matter what you got \(^ ^)/
  • you’ll be fine (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
  • i love you lots (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ