Why I Love Toronto Reason #138

1 Spadina Crescent

I always love the trip up Spadina on the streetcar or even walking up because once you pass College (going north that is) there is a roundabout and big old beautifully vine covered building right in the middle of Spadina. The building is simply known as 1 Spadina Crescent and it is a U of T building. The building was built in 1875 with Gothic Revival architecture by Smith and Gemmell. The building was the original site of Knox College before it became a part of U of T (1887) and moved elsewhere (1914). It even became military hospital for WWI where pilot Amelia Earhart worked as a nurse, but you already knew that from reason #84. Also in the 20’s era Conn Smyth, who owned the maple leafs, supposedly wanted to demolish the building and build an arena for the team. Can you imagine an arena right in the middle of Spadina! I find it kind of awkward. Anyways when that fell through an arena was built and became known as reason #50 which is now reason #100. It later (in 1943) became a place where vaccines and antitoxins were produced and it wasn’t until 1972 when it became a part of U of T. Today, not only is it a U of T building but it also houses the Eye bank of Ontario, which from going to its website is a place where eye donation go and where they are stored. Yes, I have come to assumption that there are human eyeballs at 1 spadina crescent.

The building also has a tragic past as well, which has led to rumours that it is haunted. Now I say rumours because on of Toronto’s most popular ghost sites has never had any knowledge of any hauntings at this building until a tragedy struck in 2009. However, if this building is actually haunted I would not be surprised, I mean it was a military hospital which probably saw a number of deaths and tragedies. However, rumours of the buildings haunting started in 2009 when two peoples ghost hunting adventures went terribly wrong. On their hunting escapade they were jumping from roof to roof when the female fell to her death. Now even though initial reports said they were ghost hunters many media outlets took back the comment. However, if the building were to be haunted it may be by David Buller a fine arts lecturer who in 2001 was stabbed to death in his office. His murder has yet to be solved. So yeah this is a pretty creepy building with an unsolved murder, a bunch of donated eyes chilling around and c’mon anything gothic style looks creepy and haunted, but like I said no paranormal sightings have been confirmed.  

Now I have never been inside the building, but that doesn’t matter because I think the true beauty of the this building is its exterior which is covered in vines. The arched windows are creepy yet beautiful as well as the spikes on the main tower. Even looking at pictures of the building whether it be in Black and White, Coloured, Painted or an aerial view, you still get to see all the amazing details in the building.

Also don’t you just love the fact that it has a cross walk now!! Remember the days you had to run over to the building because there weren’t any cross walks!

Anyways this is one of my favorite U of T buildings and is Why I Love Toronto.


Man with burros in Barrio De Analco on the corner of East De Vargas Street and College Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Old Santa Fe Trail near San Miguel Chapel and the “Oldest House”)

Date: circa 1920?
Negative Number 011122


Why I Love Toronto Reason #130

Dolce Gelato

I was talking about Italy the other day with my friend Ariel and we were talking about how bad we wanted to go. I’ve been to Italy before – Rome, Florence, Pisa – however if there is one thing I remember the most about Italy is my breakfast, lunch and dinner which was basically Gelato. That got me thinking of a place in Little Italy, which is the closest thing to Italy I have now that I’m home. Anyways when I want to have a good Gelato I always go to Dolce Gelato in Little Italy.

Dolce Gelato has a very modern interior and the last time I went they played a lot of Beyonce – which I do not object to. They have some amazing flavors of gelato such as Green Tea, Oreo, Mocca, Tiramisu, Mojito as well as come low-calorie selections for those of you who care, but come on its Gelato who cares! Indulge! Maybe you want a Crepes with Nutella – nah if you go here the only dessert you should have is a gelato not anything else! However if you’re thirsty, then I say try the Espresso, Hot Chocolate or maybe you want a Gelato Cocktail. You can even get sandwiches and cannoli if you want. This place has everything, but like the name suggests it’s a Gelato shop and one of my favorite gelato shops in the city! Check it out! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

That Is Why I Love Toronto.

P.S. If you have any place that you love in Toronto tell me!! I applied an ask section! I want to explore new areas of the city! any place North of Bloor and Yonge and anywhere in the Danforth Area.