26.10.16 I finally finished why nations fail! Okay so towards the end I was ready to ascend, b7t it was very interesting. I finished it sitting in the Wills Mem under the big windows, and as a celebration we went for a look on the Christmas Steps. I love that Street I think it’s a landmark of Bristol. There’s a video shop that has cats and you can stroke them and look at dvds, and there’s also a board game cafe! It’s amazing and so feels so dickensian even though I’m not in London any more. Last night we went to a really cozy pub, and walked around the gardens talking about shooting stars. I’ve never seen one and a guy I know from the flat above me has seen a few and I’m very jealous. We drank hot chocolate and talked until 2am, which we do sometimes. It’s really nice. Anyway, I have to go and do some reading for an assignment! Xxxx emily


{Wednesday 09/11/2016} 

Accommodation Theory for English and some module covers to separate the two novels I am studying. (The Great Gatsby hasn’t been started yet)

Was sick at college today and spent ten minutes in the girls bathroom having a panic attack over the fact I had just been sick in college until my friend came to my rescue and calmed me down. I managed to sign out and get the next bus home and am currently in bed while finishing some work that needs to be done. 

I hope you like green.