It Wasn’t Me (Evan Hansen x Reader)

It Wasn’t Me (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Notes: Soooo the idea of Evan being roommates in college with Jared and Connor makes me extremely, happy so I wrote it! I might write more of these? I don’t know. Anyway, this is after Evan’s been getting therapy and meds for his anxiety, so obviously that’s still there, but he’s doing a lot better. Connor is also doing better (although as you will see below, the boy still has some, er, anger issues).

I may or may not have been inspired to write this after listening to Will Roland sing “It Wasn’t Me.” Also, I may more may not have put in a reference to Connor finishing the milk. And I may or may not have started giggling stupidly when I wrote it.

Warnings: Swearing. Also Jared keeps interpreting poor Evan and the reader’s kissing as something more, but it’s not really crude or anything, just him teasing Evan a little. This is all basically pure fluff.

Words: 4645

“Does that help you think better?”

Evan glances up at you. The two of you are sitting on his bed—or, more accurately, you’re sitting. He is lying on his back, his knees propped up and upper body hanging over the edge of the bed upside down, his head only a couple inches above the dingy dorm room carpet. “No,” he says. His awkward position and the quiet Owl City music drifting from his hand-me-down iPhone make his voice come out oddly muffled. “My back was just hurting.”

You smirk at him. “And you think that will help?”

He attempts to shrug and slips farther off the bed.

You return your focus to the biology textbook in your lap. It’s your first semester away at college, and you are lucky enough to share a class with Evan. When you were deciding on colleges, everyone warned you not to choose the school based on where your boyfriend was going. And you hadn’t, exactly. It was just that it was only a couple hours from home, wasn’t too expensive, and had a good psych program. You couldn’t help it that Evan had gotten a scholarship here.

“Okay,” you say. “Describe the characteristics of bryophytes.”

Evan’s face screws up. The tip of his tongue pokes through the side of his mouth as he thinks, and it reminds you of back in high school when you would quiz each other before algebra tests. “They’re smaller than most other plants. Um, some examples would be moss, liverwort, and, ah … oh, hornwort. They use spores instead of seeds. And … oh, and they get their food and nutrients through diffusion.”

“Yep.” You sigh a little as your eyes wander over Evan’s textbook. Large chunks of text are highlighted in crisp, straight yellow lines with certain words circled in blue pen. “They should have a condensed class for psych majors. I’m never going to use any of this stuff.”

“But it’s fun to know.”

“For you.” You shove the book off your lap and lower yourself onto your side, cocking your head so you can look down at his face. “Are we still going to the Finger Lakes National Forest tomorrow?”

“Hopefully.” Evan rubs his temple; his skin is starting to turn red from hanging upside down. “Jared keeps giving me shit about it, though. Apparently there’s some gaming club on campus, and they have a big meeting tomorrow. He thinks I should go or something. I don’t know.” He winces and shifts a little as if to get up, but then droops back down to the awkward position. His face turns sheepish. “I think I’m stuck.”

You laugh. “God, Ev.”

He grabs the side of his head, although a smile darts across his lips. “Help me up, I feel like my brain’s exploding.”

There’s just enough room beneath the top bunkbed to sit upright, so you get up on your knees. Bending over Evan, you grip his hand and help hoist him back onto the bed. His hair flops over his forehead, messy like when he’s woken up from a nap. It’s so cute you lean forward and kiss the tip of his nose.

His mouth curves up at the corners. “What’s that for?”

“Just because.” You scoot closer to him. Jared Kleinman and Connor Murphy, his roommates and best friends from high school, have for once left the two of you alone in the room, and right now with your knees pressed up against Evan’s and the only sound in the room the whimsical voice of Adam Young, this little nook feels wonderfully cozy. You let yourself bend toward him until you’re mouth hovers just an inch or two from his. “Is your brain okay now?”

He gives a tiny nod. Then, after quickly wiping his hands across his jeans, he bends forward and kisses you.

Lovely little shivers climb up your spine as hands find their way into hair and noses nudge. Evan kisses your lips, then your cheek and your nose and then your lips again, each kiss a tiny peck that leaves your skin hot. His kisses are frantic, as if he can’t get enough, but they’re also soft and gentle, like he’s afraid of breaking you. He’s always been like this with you—eager, but cautious.

Your relationship always been like this, soft and careful and loving, and you adore him for it.

The song on Evan’s iPhone switches to another Owl City song, this one driven by a cheerful guitar rather than synthesizers. Between kisses, you catch a glimpse of Evan smiling, and the sight of it pulls you in deeper. You cup his cheek in one hand and kiss him longer, your noses tucked against each other and foreheads pressed together.

“Get a room, you two.”

You and Evan jerk away from each other and whip toward the door. Jared stands in the doorway, a half-eaten cookie in one hand and a lazy smirk hanging on his mouth.

A furious blush spreads from Evan’s neck up to his ears as he glares. “Maybe you should knock next time.”

“Hey, I live here, too.” Jared bites off a chunk of the cookie and, lifting his other hand in a wave, speaks around the mouthful. “Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi,” you say, your voice coming out a little wobbly. The fact that you’ve known Jared Kleinman since elementary school and have seen him wandering around the dorm in smiley-face boxers on numerous occasions doesn’t take away the embarrassment over him walking in on you and Evan kissing. You run your hand over your hair and tuck it behind your ears, then pick at a loose thread on Evan’s comforter. Out of the corner of your eye, you watch Evan shrink back into the shadows, although his eyebrows are still drawn in irritation.

The three of you are silent for a moment before Jared motions at the two of you. “Go ahead, continue,” he says. “I’ll just sit here and be quiet.”

Evan chucks his pillow at Jared, although it misses by several feet. “Don’t be gross,” he says.

Jared lets out a strangled sound around a mouthful of cookie. “Again, I live here too! What else am I supposed to do? I can’t just leave every time you guys need some sexy time—”

Evan sputters. “It wasn’t—we weren’t—”

“We were studying biology,” you say.

Jared lifts his eyebrows at you. “Right,” he says, dragging out the word.

When Evan fiddles with his shirt and you go back to picking at the thread on the comforter, Jared shoves the last bite of cookie in his mouth and shrugs. “Okay, well, guess I’ll just grab my Theory of Computation book and head back out. Hey, when I’m gone, why don’t you guys put a sign on the door or something? That way Connor won’t walk in when—”

“Jared,” Evan mutters. His ears are still bright red. “Shut up.”

“Whatever, bro.” Jared wanders to the desk beneath the loft bed across from Evan and Connor’s bunkbed and picks through the layer of junk. “Guess I’ll go hang out at Starbucks. Hell, at this point I spend so much time there they should start charging me rent.”

Evan gets up to retrieve his pillow from the floor. “Or you could just hang out in the common room instead of whining about not being in here.”

Jared aims a look at him over his shoulder. “Or you could.”

Evan frowns as he climbs back onto the bed but doesn’t say anything. The boys’ dorm is the kind where there are two rooms connected by a small living room/kitchen and a bathroom. You’ve met the boys in the other dorm a couple times, and Evan says they’re nice, but there’s something fundamentally uncomfortable about sharing a living space with people you don’t know. Especially when you’re already prone to feeling uncomfortable around people, no matter the living situation.

The door swings open for the second time in the past two minutes, and Connor storms in. “Kleinman,” he snaps, and Jared’s head jerks up. “Did you eat those cookies Mom sent me?”

Jared blinks wide eyes at him. He slowly dusts his hands off on his shorts. “No. Obviously not.”

Evan snickers beside you.

Connor’s eyes go steely. “How many times have we told you not to mess with our stuff? If you want something from home, ask your own damn parents.” He turns to Evan, as if looking for backup, and Evan jerks his head in a nod.

Jared props a hip against the desk and shrugs. “If you’re so concerned about it, just go buy some more cookies.”

“I can’t, those were my mom’s homemade cookies.”

“That’s a bummer.” Jared goes back to searching the desk for his textbook. “Like I said, bro, it wasn’t me.”


Jared’s mouth falls open. “Who says it had to be me?” he asks, his tone pitching up in indignation. “Why not Evan? Why not Y/N?”

“Because they have boundaries and know not to go through other people’s stuff.” Connor lifts his hand in a half-wave at you. “Hi, Y/N, by the way.”

“Hi,” you reply.

Jared shuffles a collection of pencils around on the desk. “Since when do I eat your crap? I mean, yes, there was that one time I borrowed some of your peanut butter …”

“How does one borrow food?” Evan asks, biting down on a grin, and Jared casts an irritated glance at him.

“You ate the whole fucking jar!” Connor snaps. “And then a week later you ate all of Evan’s cereal.”

“And you finished the milk,” Jared says. “So either way, he was screwed.”

“That was communal milk, you dick.”

While the two boys continue arguing, you nudge Evan with your elbow and mutter, “Do you think they’ll ever stop?”

“Probably for a few minutes until one of them finds something else to get angry over.” Evan hugs his pillow to his stomach and smirks. “We should get popcorn.”

“To throw at them?”

He laughs into his pillow.

“Okay, so I ate Evan’s last bag of gummy bears the other day!” Jared shouts. “Big deal!”

“Yes, Jared,” Connor says. He says it in a quietly sarcastic voice, and somehow it’s a hundred times more intimidating than Jared’s yelling. “That was Evan’s. And we’ve told you not to do that anymore.”

“I don’t, it was just once—”

“Just once?” Connor begins ticking items off on his fingers. “There was the peanut butter, then the cereal, then the M&Ms, then the brownies—”

“Hey,” Jared says, “those were for all of us.”

“No, they definitely weren’t.” Conner holds up his hand, all five fingers splayed. “And then you ate Evan’s gummy bears.”

“Don’t forget when he stole your nail polish,” Evan says.

Connor’s eyebrows wrinkle as he seethes, “You did what?”

Jared’s face flushes red. “I didn’t steal it,” he says. “I was—I was just—it was going to be a prank—”

“Okay, that’s it.” Connor thrusts his finger toward the door, his arm rigid. “Out.”

“Out?” you whisper.

“Connor likes to try to kick Jared out every time he steals our food,” Evan murmurs back. “Usually it ends with them making up and playing a videogame in the common room.”

“How sweet.” You watch the two boys glaring at each other for a moment. “I have a better idea.”

Evan gives you a funny look as you slide off the bed and step between Connor and Jared. “How about instead of yelling, we all go back to my house tomorrow?” you say. “I’ll bake, like, four dozen cookies. Those should last a while, right?”

“Not with Kleinman around,” Connor mutters.

Jared frowns. “Hey, that’s not—”

“Guys. Focus.” You cross your arms and glance up at Connor; you’re not that much shorter than Jared, but Connor towers over you. “Evan and I were going to go to the Finger Lakes National Forest. We’d probably visit our families before heading back up here anyway. So it’s no big deal. Okay?”

“Y/N,” Jared says, a relieved grin lighting his face, “that may be the best idea you’ve ever had.” He swipes his textbook off the desk, where it has been sitting under a pile of t-shirts, and saunters toward the door. “See you guys for dinner!”

“We still need to talk about you stealing our food!” Connor shouts after him as the door shuts. He blinks at you, then at the biology textbook on the floor and Evan kneeling on the bed. “What are you guys doing?” he asks.

“Studying,” the two of you say at the same time.


The four of you pile into Jared’s minivan on Saturday morning and head toward home. Despite the extra passengers, you still go ahead with your plan to stop at the Finger Lakes National Forest. As soon as the road heads into the woods, Evan’s face melts into a smile that reminds you of when he was younger, and it makes something inside you flutter so hard it tickles.

You spend a good four hours hiking. Evan is almost giddy with it all; he’s taking pictures of everything and keeps pointing out various flowers and trees he hasn’t seen before. You bend down to study every new kind of moss he discovers and even let him put a salamander he finds in your hand.

Connor and Jared at least act somewhat interested at first, but toward the end of the hike they’re both nearly growling every time Evan stops to take a picture of something. Connor keeps griping about their lack of food, and Jared has drugged himself up on allergy meds and is hanging onto Connor’s arm as he tries to stay awake.

“They should be fun to drive with,” you murmur to Evan when Jared trips over a tree root and nearly takes Connor down with him. The taller boy lets out a string of swear words loud enough that it startles several birds up from the underbrush as he helps Jared back to his feet.

“They’ll probably fall asleep,” Evan says, snapping a picture of a mushroom that looks utterly unremarkable to you. “Or Connor will listen to his music and brood until we get food.”


Evan bends toward you and plants a swift kiss on your cheek. “You can sit up front with me and pick the music.”

You kiss him back, this time a tiny peck on his lips that leaves him blushing. “Good.”

The drive to Evan’s house goes remarkably smoothly; as Evan predicted, Connor and Jared fall asleep within twenty minutes of leaving the national forest. You turn on Evan’s Owl City playlist, and the two of you listen to it in peaceful silence all the way back to his house.

When you arrive, you, Connor, and Jared follow Evan to the front door. You don’t even get inside before Heidi bursts out and smothers the four of you in hugs. “I’ve missed you so much,” she murmurs, kissing Evan’s forehead. “All of you.”

Evan’s cheeks go pink as his mom continues hugging him, but his mouth bends in a smile that, just like the one in the forest earlier, reminds you of when he was younger.

The four of you follow Heidi inside and spend a good half hour in the family room telling her about school. A giddy smile that looks remarkably similar to her son’s lights her face as she listens. At one point you follow her to the kitchen to get water for yourself and the boys, and she gives you another hug and says, “I’m so glad to see you again. I’ve missed our chats.”

You let the hug linger for a moment; ever since you became friends with Evan, Heidi has loved you. She’s so much easier to talk to than most adults you interacted with during high school, and she almost feels like a second mom, or maybe an older sister. “I’ve missed you too.”

She lets you go and begins pulling glasses down from the cabinet. “Are things still good with you and Evan?”

You think of last night on his bed and how at home you felt when it was just the two of you, studying and talking and kissing. The memory alone sends a warm little flutter through your stomach. “Things are perfect.”

“Good,” she says. She’s biting down on a smile, almost like she’s trying to downplay how excited she is for you and Evan. It’s a little reminder of how much she cares about the two of you and it makes you love her even more.

You return to the family room, and after another fifteen minutes of chatting with Heidi, she says she has to run a few errands before her shift. Evan kisses his mom goodbye, and it brings up hundreds of memories of spending evenings at his house and watching his mom steal a kiss on the cheek before running out to go to work or school. Somehow those days feel both so long ago and like they happened only yesterday.

You were so young back then and don’t want to go back; you aren’t the type of person to miss high school. But right now standing here in the Hansens’ house, surrounded by the warmth and love with your family only a few minutes, a part of you wishes you could just stay here and spend your evenings with Evan goofy shows and, at the end of the night, returning home to your family.

A gentle tug on your hand pulls you from your thoughts. “Come on,” Evan murmurs, his fingers wrapped around yours. “We should start baking.”

Baking cookies at the Hansens’ has always been a fun activity. It started sometime back in high school; you and Evan were bored one night and didn’t have anything good to eat, so the two of you Googled a bunch of cookie recipes and decided to try them. It quickly became a popular activity for rainy days or times when you or Evan didn’t feel like leaving the house. One evening Heidi came home from work to find every surface in the kitchen covered in various kinds of cookies and you singing showtunes so off-key Evan just sat on the floor laughing.

Despite it being several months since the two of you baked anything, when you get into the kitchen, it’s like you and Evan are magically synced up. You begin cracking eggs into the mixing bowl and beating them with brown sugar while he carefully measures flour into a second bowl. Jared and Connor stand off to the side, watching the flurry of activity with dazed expressions.

“Can we help?” Connor asks, shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie.

You shake your head as you scrape butter into the bowl with eggs and sugar. “Not yet, we’re good.”

Evan carries his bowl over to yours; he’s added all the dry ingredients and quietly stirs them with a wooden spoon. Whenever the two of you bake, he somehow ends up getting flour on him and today is no different—there’s a smudge on the tip of his nose as well as a spattering of it across his navy blue t-shirt.

You brush the tip of his nose with your index finger, wiping away the flour, and then plant a small kiss there. “You’re messy,” you murmur.

A crooked smile jerks at his mouth. “But I make damn good cookie dough.”

“Only ’cause I’m helping you.”

He shakes his head. “I made you cookies after you had your wisdom teeth out, and they were good.”

You laugh. “Evan, those were the most undercooked cookies I’ve ever eaten.”

“They were supposed to be soft so you could eat them.”

“Soft, not raw.”

Evan dips his finger in the bowl of flour and smudges a line of it on your nose. You flick at his finger, giggling. If it were just the two of you, you would both probably end up with flour all over your faces and clothes, but with Connor and Jared watching, you just flick a tiny bit of flour onto Evan’s cheek and then turn back to the mixer.

Evan watches over your shoulder while you slowly add the dry ingredients to the mixer; eventually he lets his hands rest on your hips, timid at first. You lean back against him a little, and he wraps his arms around you and rests his chin on your shoulder, his cheek against your hair. You close your eyes for a moment and focus on the way his arms feel around your stomach, wishing desperately for it to be just the two of you because you would turn around and kiss him until you couldn’t breathe.

When you open your eyes again, Jared is beside you with a spoon in his hand. He shuts off the mixer and reaches to dip the spoon in the bowl.

You swat his hand away. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Jesus, Y/N. I was just going to taste the cookie dough.”

Evan lets his arms fall away from you and takes a step back. He nods at the batter. “It has raw eggs in it.”

“I’ve been eating raw cookie dough my entire life, I don’t think it will kill me.” Jared goes to get a scoop, but you swat his hand away again and receive an exasperated huff in return.

“Come on,” Connor says from the other side of the kitchen. “If you’re not gonna let us help, at least let us have some of the dough.” He tucks his hair behind one ear and clears his throat. “Or, um, let Kleinman have some.”

For some reason, the image of the brooding, tall boy savoring a spoonful of cookie dough makes your lips twitch with a smile. You lean back against the counter. “I didn’t know you liked cookie dough, Connor.”

“What kind of moron doesn’t?” Jared asks, quickly swiping his spoon through the dough before you can tell him not to. “Besides, he’s the one who freaked out over me eating the last cookie.”

“Because it was mine.” Connor crosses his arms over his chest. “I’ll have a bite once you put chocolate chips in it.”

You shoo Jared away before he can double dip and say, “Evan and I were planning on putting in raisins, actually.”

Evan gives you a funny look for a few seconds before he seems to catch on. “Oh yeah,” he says. “Y/N and I, um, specialize in raisin cookies.”

A look of utter revulsion passes over Connor’s face. “Are you fucking kidding me.”

“Raisin cookies are good,” Jared says, licking the last bit of dough off his spoon. He squints at the mixing bowl. “Although I don’t know why there’s no oatmeal in the batter if—”

“Shut up, Kleinman.” Connor stalks closer to you, and you bite back the laugh that threatens rise from your throat. “Are you honestly telling me we drove two hours and spent four hours in a fucking forest just for you to make raisin cookies?”

Evan starts snickering before you can say anything.

Connor glares at the two of you. “You’re hilarious,” he deadpans. “Truly.”

Evan’s laughter grows louder and harder, to the point where he’s clutching his stomach, and you and Jared start laughing, too. “You’re face,” Jared hoots, pointing at Connor. “You looked—god, I think you were more pissed than when I ate the cookie yesterday—oh god—”

“I was just surprised.” Connor maintains his scowl, but you notice the corner of his mouth twitching. He bites down on his lip. “Obviously I don’t care.”

Jared gasps out another laugh and claps Connor on the shoulder. “Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Murphy.”


Sunday night, the four of you have returned to school, and you and Evan are once again sitting on his bed, quizzing each other for tomorrow’s biology test. Or, you were until ten minutes ago when you flopped down on the bed and announced that you were going to go blind from looking at that textbook so much. Since then, the two of you have been curled up together, scrolling through pictures from the national forest on Evan’s phone.

Evan’s lying behind you, his chest to your back and arm draped over you so the two of you can see his phone. He tucks his cheek against yours, peering over your shoulder as he scrolls through the pictures.

“Look at this one,” he murmurs, stopping on one of Connor shimmying up a tree like a monkey.

“Mm, I like the ones of you better.”

His cheek flushes warm against yours, and you turn and kiss him before he can worry about figuring out a response.

Evan lets the kiss linger a long time; he lays his phone down and twists so he can hold your face with both hands. It’s like a strange dance programmed within you; the two of you are thinking only of kissing, but somehow your bodies know to turn and rise up on your knees, hands going to faces and tangling in hair.

A loud bang sends the two of you falling away from each other, so fast Evan smacks his head on the side of the bunk bed. He winces as the two of you look at Jared standing in the doorway, a cookie clutched in one hand. He’s only wearing a t-shirt and Spider-Man boxers.

“Were you in the common room?” Evan asks, rubbing the back of his head. “In that?”

“Yup.” Jared shoves half the cookie in his mouth and motions at the two of you. “Sorry to interrupt again. Like I said before, you should really put a sign on the door.”

A blush rises in your cheeks. Evan’s ears burn red, but he just rolls his eyes.

Jared pulls a chocolate chip from the cookie and pops it in his mouth. “Carry on.”

“Oh god,” you groan, and bury your face in Evan’s pillow. The soft smell of his shampoo overwhelms your senses and fills your stomach with butterflies, and then you’re blushing all over again.

“Did you, uh, do you need something, Jared?” Evan asks. It takes him a moment to find the biology textbook, which has apparently fallen to the floor. He bends to pick it up and holds it up for Jared to see. “We were just … studying.”

“Uh-huh.” Jared waves his cookie at the upper bunk. “I finished my homework early and was going to try to sleep; the last time I got a good night’s sleep was in, like, my junior year of high school. But I mean, if you two need me to go …”

You groan again and smoosh your face into Evan’s pillow.

“We can go study in the common room,” Evan says.

When you glance up, Jared’s eyebrows are raised. “You can study out there?”

Evan steals his pillow from you and throws it at Jared. It bounces pathetically off his stomach.

Jared scoops the pillow off the floor with one hand, his other still holding the remainder of his cookie. He tosses it back to Evan. “You know, James and Devin are out tonight. And last I checked, Chris was going to try to sleep, too. So no one’s gonna bother you if you just go out there and—”

“Kleinman!” Connor’s voice bellows from somewhere out in the common room, and Jared freezes. “Did you fucking eat the last cookie again?”

“No!” Jared shouts back. He shoves the last bite of the cookie in his mouth and points at the two of you, his voice coming out garbled around the mouthful. “I swear to God, if you two say anything …”

But you and Evan are too busy laughing for him to worry about that.

anonymous asked:

Hey how did you come out to your college roommate? I'm going to a really liberal school but I've still met straight liberals who are uncomfortable with gay people actually being gay around them. I'm not really worried about her being obviously homophobic, but I am worried that she'll be uncomfortable living with a lesbian. I hate that I make people uncomfortable just because of my sexuality.

i know :( this gave me so much anxiety and thankfully i lucked out for the most part in this regard. i just followed her on instagram and my last couple posts had been Pride posts so i knew she knew and knew i had a gf. she actually just transferred and we were gonna be roommates this year again so ill be forced to do random so ill be going through this process again :/ but I’m hoping for the best

Living With a Roommate

One of the most nerve wracking parts of going off to college is the fact that you must live with a roommate. Here are some tips and advice about living with a roommate, whether they be a stranger or someone you know already!

1. Decide if you want to choose or go random

Most colleges give you the option to list someone to live with or to have the college decide for you. People like choosing their roommate because they are afraid of exactly who they will get and so they will often talk to other incoming freshman. Most colleges will have a facebook page for your class and people will talk on there, describing their lifestyle (clean or messy, etc) and see if they want to live together. If you decide random, your college will have a list of questions for you to answer and they will match you with someone compatible. 

2. Adjusting to Roommate Life

Understand that a dorm room is small for two people, and so talk to your roommate about your preferences or concerns. If you don’t discuss things you may have a problem with, your roommate will never realize why you get so angry when they’re studying with the light on at 3am. Communication is key and will keep everyone happy. Try to be understanding and don’t give your roommate a hard time about something they can’t change. 

3. Do your part

Just like you expect respect from your roommate, they expect it from you. If they told you it bothers them when you leave your socks on the floor, pick them up. Often we only focus on what’s bothering us and not what might be bothering others. If you want to write an essay but your roommate wants to sleep, go do it in the study lounge. Things that may seem little can make a huge difference.

4. You’re going to fight

You are going to fight with your roommate. You are living with someone for (usually) a full year. It’s expected and it’s healthy. However, don’t be passive aggressive. When you’re both angry, ask to talk about it immediately. Once you talk it through you have a better understanding and you actually feel welcome in your room once again.

5. You don’t have to be best friends

Every buzzfeed article I see about roommates talks about being bffs. You don’t have to best friends to live with someone!!! Most likely you’ll become friends with your roommate, but you do not have to go everywhere with them or hang out with them all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from them a little bit just because you see them all the time. 

6. You might get a bad roommate

People always hear roommate horror stories and are scared to death by the fact that they might be one of those people. As someone who survived a terrible roommate, do not worry!! First, if you can tell you and your roommate will not live well together, the college will give you a month or two to switch rooms. If something happens later than that, you’ll be able to move out at the end of the semester. Make sure to talk to your RA about any concerns you have- that’s what they are there for! If you’re really worried about a bad roommate, just remember that you’ll be in class/working/with friends most of the day and that your room is just for sleeping. (I could never study in my room anyway, it’s too distracting.)

7. It’s not as scary as you think it is

Thanks to technology, you’re going to “know” your roommate before you move in and this will make it way less awkward. Even if you chose a random roommate the college will inform you who they are and you can talk to them on facebook, text, snapchat, etc! Once you move in together you’ll have time to talk as you’re arranging your room and often helps ease the tension. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking but I promise you’ll be fine!

8. You can be friends and not live together

Sometimes living together can put a strain on the friendship that had formed between you and your roommate. It’s ok to not live with them next year! Your friendship may grow stronger without the pressures of trying to adjust to each others lifestyles. Don’t be afraid to talk to your roommate if you don’t want to live with them another year. This isn’t a bad thing or the end of a friendship!!!

That’s all the tips I have! These are just based on me and a few others experiences and may not apply to you! You may get a roommate who becomes your best friend for life, but I’m just discussing the average college experience. Have any more tips you want to give or have questions? Send us an ask!

Bangtan Fic Rec

All of these are on ao3, they’re all shipping fics. I’ll add more as I read, these are just the ones I’ve read so far. My opinion is in italics, I only added the pairing, summary and theme of the fics, not the warnings and ratings so check those out when you’re gonna read them because some of them contain either smut, death or violence. You’ve been warned.

Fics in this list: 43.

I dream in the shape of your mouth by jonghyun | Namjin, College!AU.

Summary: Seokjin spends a lot of time in the library. Now, Namjoon does too. Taemin tries to summon Satan, and Jimin is a fuckboy.

*Jackson voice* Cute

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Kavbj | Taekook, College!AU, Fantasy!AU

Summary: Taehyung has magic in his veins and Jungkook’s determined not to let it kill him.

Dude. This fic is so creative and well-written… I finished it and felt empty.

beat for me (live for me)  by bakkushan | Namjin, Mafia!AU part of the offer me your deathless death series.

Summary: Namjoon’s looking at himself and then at Seokjin and all he can see is Life and Death lying next to each other under a starless sky.

I cried like a bitch with this one, painful as fuck.

All you need is love (and pink) by vppa | NamJin, Angels and Demons!AU.

Summary: Most people only have one miniature angel or devil riding on their shoulders to serve as the physical manifestation of their conscience. Poor Namjoon has five, and they’re all telling him the same thing: “fucking talk to him god dammit what the fuck is wrong with you”

Funny and sweet. I like it.

Can I Get Your Dewey Decimal Number? by melecs| NamJin, Library!AU.

Summary: Seokjin loved working at the library, but some patrons got on his nerves. Take, for example, the grown man who sat in the corner every day and leeched off of the Wi-Fi. And Seokjin worked in the children’s department.

Ah, this is… something else, for sure. Cute as hell. Funny, too.

The less I know the better by mucha | Taegi, Namjin, Fake Relationship!AU

Summary: “Together with their families, Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin… Wow, this is formal… Wait,” Hoseok squints at the paper, before looking back at Yoongi with a quizzical look on his face. “They invited you with a guest? But… You’re single, right?”

“Min Yoongi,” Jimin glares at him over the bar, crossing his arms sternly over his chest. “If you’re seeing someone and you didn’t tell us I will kick your ass, so help me god.”

“I’m not dating anyone,” Yoongi sighs, grabbing the invitation and scanning it quickly. The words “with a guest” are underlined and Yoongi can almost see it: the smugness on his brother’s face as he nods with satisfaction, putting the pencil down.

“So what does it mean?”

Yoongi shifts uncomfortably in his seat, avoiding making eye contact.

“I might’ve… invented a boyfriend,” he finally mumbles to the glass in front of him.

This is so good, amazing, incredible. Brilliant. Entertaining as hell.

Star Light, Star Bright (The Last Star I’ll See Tonight) by DreamsOfAnotherReality | Taekook, Yoonseok, Teen!AU.

Summary: Jung Kook and Taehyung fall in love the summer Hoseok goes missing.  

Hoseok just wanted to see the stars and confess to Yoongi gdi bye I’m gonna fucking kill myself.

Creating a home series by CheekyBrunette | Namjin, Foster Parents!AU

Summary: A BTS Foster Care AU

This AU is so cute and fluffy I love Domestic!Namjin

The Professor’s Family series by EquinoxSolstice | Taekook, NamJin, Family!AU

Summary: Professor Kim Namjoon is married.

He doesn’t have a wife.

They have a sort-of son.

And Jeon Jungkook just crossed paths with them.

Read this. It’s great, I promise.

The Greatest by Little_Dimples | jikook, College!AU, Sports!AU.

Summary: Person A is a hockey player person B a figure skater. Person A is told he needs more grace on the ice so he is forced to get lessons by person B. Problem is they hate each other.

Or Person A is Jungkook and Person B is Jimin.

I had so much fun reading this you don’t get it. As I was reading in class i had to hide my face because I was smiling so much. Really good fic.

400 minutes | yoonmin, School!AU.

Summary: Min Yoongi expected a lot of weird experiences to happen when he went to college, but being the roommate of his high school love who apparently “moved away for good” was not one of them.

Angsty but in a good way.

Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka | Namjin, Yoonmin, College!AU, Frat!AU.

Summary: A collection of events occurring within (and without) the walls of the Beta Tau Sigma fraternity house.
At Beta Tau Sigma, there are only a few rules:

1) have a declared major in the College of Music;
2) keep your GPA above a 3.4;
3) don’t let Taehyung into the liquor cabinet;
4) don’t fuck up with Kim Seokjin. The rest is all fine print.

(Rating changed to M for sexual content in ch17.)

OKAY, THIS FIC IS THE END OF EVERYTHING FOR ME. My Favorite Fic Of All Time. Nothing is ever gonna top this for me, even House of Cards. This fic has it all, humor, angst, fluff, smut. Everything. Incredible fic. Golden fic.

cuz in a sky full of stars (I think I saw you) by wowoashley | Taekook, Namjin, Fake Relationship!AU

Summary: taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best.

This is so cute and cliché but in a good way, I really love this fic.

ce monde est une têmpete by astringxnt | Taekook, Yoonmin, Namjin, College!AU

Summary: they say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

the concept of strings in space time theory is that on a one dimensional plane, one only has the option of going backwards or forwards in their direction of travel. Jungkook chooses to be swept along into the unknown, with Taehyung as his only anchor.

AMAZING! I really like the plot of this one.

Safe and Sound by bazooka | Namjin, Royalty!AU.

Summary: From a tumblr prompt: Jin is a prince, and Namjoon is his bodyguard.

“You’re sort of bad at this.”
“Nah. You’re safe, aren’t you?”

Prince!Jin. That’s all I have to say about this fic. Amazing.

(thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo | Taekook, Yoonseok, Namjin, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Taehyung nearly chokes, but only nearly. Instead he raises an eyebrow and puts on the most suave smile he can manage. Hopes he looks far more collected than his for-some-reason racing heartbeat would let on, more suit-and-wine than elementary-schooler-with-a-new-crush. “You like me?”

Jeongguk blushes, and looks at his feet. He’s smiling. “Of course.”

“Really?” Taehyung says. “Like? Or like like?”

(So much for suit-and-wine.)

Nothing to say apart from it being amazing.

Common Thread by sugafree | Yoonmin, Namjin, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Red String of Fate AU where Yoongi doesn’t believe in soulmates and spends a long time trying to avoid a certain someone on the other end of his red thread.

I’m a sucker for Soulmates, but this fic is good regardless, love the way it’s written.

for you, anything by kadotas | Vmin, Yoonkook, Namjin, Marriage!AU

Summary: “Talk dirty to me,” Taehyung says lowly into Jimin’s ear, breath ghosting Jimin’s earlobe, eliciting a slight shudder from the latter.

“I’m not wearing underwear,” Jimin whispers back, pulling back to look Taehyung in the eye.

Taehyung groans gruffly at this, breaking the eye contact to lean down and nip Jimin’s jawline gently. “God yes baby that’s just-“

“I’m not wearing any underwear because you never fucking put the laundry in the fucking dryer like I’ve asked you to 100 times,” Jimin hisses, voice strained with vehemence, glaring at him and Taehyung sighs defeatedly.

(in which Taehyung and Jimin navigate through married life together, realising belatedly that it’s not always smooth sailing.)

Domestic Vmin is the best Vmin.

Let me know by TheOrgasmicSeke | Yoonmin, Yoonkook, Jikook, Yoonminkook, Namjin, Vhope, I Need U!AU, Poly!AU

Summary: Talking about it, of course, became harder as the days passed by. Yoongi could never find the right time to bring it up. He was still wondering if he was just imaging things. If he was just thinking he was feeling the things he was feeling. But that was quickly disproved every single time Jimin curled up around him and Jungkook kissed him. He was a fucking idiot in love with two bigger idiots and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. Except probably ruin it by talking about it. Hell, maybe it was better to just never mention it and pretend it wasn’t happening.

So good. No other words.

Find the value of an elephant by tired angry egg (Mirabelle) | Namjin, Highschool!AU, Tutor!AU

Summary: When Kim Taehyung’s academic situation takes a turn for the worse, his mother is convinced to hire a highly recommended tutor in the hopes for a miracle that would turn her son into a conscientious student. Her eldest son, Seokjin, has a far more skeptical opinion on this entire thing, expecting it to be-lest he sugarcoat it-a complete failure. And Kim Namjoon is just really bad at making good first impressions (or second ones, or just impressions altogether).

Cute and funny.

A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Epenthesis in Academic Convergence by bazooka | Namjin, College!AU, Professor!AU

Summary: Epenthesis
A phonological phenomenon in which two disparate sounds meet, creating a third sound between them which wasn’t there before.

There were a lot of jobs worse than being partnered with world-renowned Absent-Minded Professor Kim Namjoon, but Professor Kim Seokjin couldn’t think of what any of them were at the moment.

THIS! IS! SO! GOOD! Honestly, I’m in love with this fic.

The Mark of an Educated Mind by bazooka | Namjin, Metafiction.

Summary: At three o'clock in the morning after he’d been working for ten hours straight and everything he touched came out wrong and all his words were stilted and clumsy and all his music was rough and tangled… for some ungodly reason Kim Namjoon opened up a new browser window, typed bangtan sonyeondan fan fiction into the search bar, and then (god) hit enter.

No comment.

A Wonderful Institution by bazooka | Namjin, Yoonmin, Wedding Planner!AU.

Summary: Kim Seokjin is a wedding caterer. Kim Namjoon is a wedding planner.

Both of them think marriage is a societal construct with no place in modern life. Neither of them would know Real Love if it came up to them at a wedding and made a wager.

I love this fic because it’s so cute and funny to me.

Just Skin by syubology | Taegi, College!AU.

Summary: Yoongi is small and angry and 200% done with having feelings; Taehyung is Taehyung; Hoseok harasses Yoongi with petnames and Jimin ships Yoonseok. That’s basically it.

The fic that made me ship Taegi.

Pour up (Drank) by mindheist | Taekook, College!AU, Frat!AU.

Summary: If you can read this, take another shot.

LISTEN. This fic is so good it’s almost Beta Tau Sigma and that’s saying a lot because I love that fic. Anyways, the story in this one is great and it has its funny moments as well as fluffy and frustrating ones. Great fic.

Sidereal by darling | Vmin, Childhood Friends!AU.

Summary: Here we observe the Earth and the Sun in their natural habitat: each other.

This is all cute and fluffy in some parts but deep in others. Beautiful fic, I like the concept.

half a soul divided by jynxu | Minjoon, Taekook, Yoonseok, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Park Jimin has never been on a date. Nor has he had his first kiss, flirted with anyone, or fallen in love. His classmates would ridicule him and base nicknames over his distaste toward anything romantic. (Look, here comes Saint Jiminie!) Even his younger brother would make fun of him while his parents watched with pitying looks on their faces.

Nobody understood.

or: soulmate au where your soulmate’s date of death is tattooed on your wrist.

This made me cry. At school. No joke my friends were worried. Great fic, read if you want to cry.

Out of My System by xxdevilishxx | Yoonmin, Vhope, Namjin, One Night Stand!AU.

Summary: Yoongi likes one night stands and he understands how they work. What he doesn’t understand, however, is how he ended up in bed with a probably-not-legal kid crying in his arms about his broken heart, because he’s pretty sure (and correct him if he’s wrong) that a babysitting job was not what he was looking for when he went to the opening of his friend’s new club.

I read this instead of studying. Really good and interesting, I like the characters.

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks | Taekook, Gangster!AU, Mafia!AU.

Summary: Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. “Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you’re thinking about me too. Love–” he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. “Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?”

Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand.

Or, Taehyung’s been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi’s criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

Cute and a good read, the concept is awesome and I like the way it’s written.

House of Cards by sugamins | Taekook, Vmin, Jikook, Vminkook, Mafia!AU, Gangster!AU.

Summary: Jungkook is the heir to a mob empire, the most notorious in the whole of Seoul. Taehyung is a rookie sent in to infiltrate by his select team and bring the empire crumbling down.

“You knew the game and played it, it kills to know that you have been defeated.”

Trailer. This fic. I have no words. It’s beautifully written and the plot is amazing, really interesting and just plain good. The fic to end all Mafia!AUs. Nothing is ever gonna top this for me. It’s also a long read.

Let Me In Or Let Me Down by noraebangbang | Yoonmin, A/B/O.

Summary: Yoongi hates dealing with heat cycles and suppressants and life in general. Everything is a terrible mess, and then there’s Jimin to make things a tiny bit brighter.

Now, listen, I don’t really like ABO, but this fic is so good that I wanna like it because if there are any other ABO fics like this gem then I’m in for a treat.

Kickstart series by Error401 | Yoonmin, Namjin, Vhope, Gangster!AU, Hitman!AU

Summary: Hitman!Yoongi AU.

The plot of this series is really interesting, I read it all in one sitting because I just needed more. It’s really good.

The Still Point (Of The Turning World) by inkingbrushes | Yoonseok, Reincarnation!AU, Soulmates!AU, Multiple lives!AU.

Summary: Because Yoongi doesn’t know how this started, or how this will end, but he knows this simple fact: he knows that there is a love between them that is much fiercer than the burning sun. There is that love then, and there is that love now, and surely there will be that same love the next time.

(Or: the one where they’re reincarnated over and over again and Yoongi meets a different version of Hoseok every time but Yoongi is the only one that remembers.)

Ok, this fic made me cry really hard and I’m still affected by it. It’s beautiful and sad and you should totally read it.

You’ve just died and find yourself in a room filled with animals. Recognizing a few as your past pets, you soon find out that your afterlife will be based on their testimony. You feel comforted when you see your childhood dog, but then you notice the cat you shared with your college roommate.

Fanfiction Tropes I’ll Never Get Tired of
  • lab partners (bonus if it’s a high school bio or chem assignment)
  • nerd and jock
  • detention
  • body switching
  • best friends since childhood
  • just pretending to hate each other
  • new college roommate
  • academic rivalry
  • sports rivalry
  • reincarnation
  • kissing to keep cover in a spy AU
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • chapped lips
  • high school/college AUs

College Roomies!

Here some simmies i made to try out the college mod with. They all live in a sublet together right across the way from the campus so ain’t no being late bih! Lol

    Age | Ethnicity | Year Of College | Dream Occupation 

  • Hope Twins: 20 | Puerto Rican | Year 3 | Singing & Producer
  • Hendrix.D: 19 | Syrian | Year 3 | Video Game Creator/ Hacker
  • Alex.H: 19 | Welsh | Year 2 | Architect
  • Trey.W: 21 | Jamaican | Year 3 | Doctor
  • Tahani.H: 18 | Sudanese | Year 1 | Dance Instructor 
  • Akiko.M: 19 | Japanese | Year 3 | Painter 
You Look Like You Need a Drink (M)

Originally posted by hidden--demons

Summary: After a bad week with the worst luck imaginable, you happen upon a local dive bar run by an attractive young bartender who livens up your evening.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7,221

Warning: Bartender!Yoongi, tattooed!Yoongi, sexual harassment, sexual themes, power play, manners kink, alcohol use, profanity

A/N: I wrote this last year for my dear friend’s birthday and swore this fic would never see the light of day. I have since “remastered” it, so to speak, so I’m sharing it here. SURPRISE!

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What we know about the dads so far

Not including the info on their little introduction posts. Stuff I got from tweets and the live stream. 
Craig Cahn:
He was your roommate in college 
He has 3 kids. 2 older twins (Briar and Hazel) and the baby (River) 
He has an ex-wife named Ashley who he has joint custody of the kids with. They got divorced last year.
He drinks marinara sauce like it’s a smoothie?
He’s a total fucking bro. He and your dadsona used to go on Bro Brunch. 
He jogs daily and is strong enough that he can jog while holding River on his chest without hurting her. 
Mat Sella:
He owns the local coffee shop, the Coffee Spoon. The name comes from a poem and even Mat admits that it’s kind of stupid.
The names of all the things on the menu in the shop are puns.
Mat’s name is a Front Bottoms reference (Their guitarist’s name is Brian Sella and their drummer’s name is Mathew Uychich)
Mat has one daughter
He’s kind of awkward and really sweet.
Puns! So many band and coffee puns!
Hugo Vega:
Hugo’s son’s name is Ernest 
Hugo has a Netflix account but he can never remember his login details
He also has an old excel spreadsheet that he made years ago of wine and cheese pairings that he will deny exists but updates regularly
He thinks his son only vapes to annoy him. He admits vaping is healthier than other forms of smoking but thinks smoking a pipe is more dignified.
Joseph Christiansen:
Joseph has tattoos that he covers 
He also owns a fidget spinner
He has 4 kids. One of them is a daughter named Christie. 
He’s the first dad you meet in the game! He brings cookies he baked to your house
Brian Harding:
He has one daughter, named Daisy. She’s 10 
He also has a corgi named Maxwell. 
Depending on what you choose he’s either the second or third dad you meet in the game. 
You! The player’s dadsona:
You have one daughter named Amanda and she’s a senior in high school. She’s a photographer. Doesn’t Like authority. Kind of reckless. All around adorable. 
You had a wife but she passed away. Her name started with a C.
You were in a Ska band called the Skauminist Manifesto
You can choose whether Amanda was adopted or whether your late wife gave birth to her
You and Amanda are new in town (Maple Bay). The game starts with you packing and moving.
Amanda is pretty much aware that your into guys and is low key your wing man.
General Game stuff:
After you meet Joseph you have a choice to either go to the coffee shop and meet Mat or go to the park and meet Brian and his daughter Daisy and then meet Craig and one of his daughters, River. 
You meet Robert Small fifth at a sports bar called Jim and Kim’s (though owned by a guy named Neil) after a mom named Mary tries to hit in you
You get the option to bang him almost immediately
You actually see him before hand in the coffee shop but don’t talk to him until the bar. 
Damien Bloodmarch is most likely a vampire from the Victorian Era
There are 13 children in total (including the player’s daughter Amanda) and 3 dogs (at least one of which belongs to Brian)
That leaves Damien and Robert having one child each.
There’s a cameo from the band Pup.
Most of the dialogue in the game is grunting (provided by the Game Grumps and Friends!)
The game will cost $14.99 when it’s released on July 13th at 10 AM Pacific
The acronym for the game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is DDADDS and that was intentional
The creators worked on this game for over a year and a half and really care about and it comes from a heartfelt place
I’m pretty sure they’re already planning a sequel
There will be DLC. Possibly more dads. 
The creators kind of hinted that they might make a mom dating game? 

The Zodiac Signs as a Roommate

Tries their best to make friends with the roommate and offers to share all their stuff: Cancer, Leo, Libra 

Does their half of the chores/cleans their side of the room only and is never there: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

Is always sitting on their laptop/phone/device doing who-knows-what: Aries, Taurus, Virgo

Is really nice but never does any work: Gemini, Pisces

jikook fics recommendations MASTERPOST (PT.1, long fics)
  • finished

* = contains smut

[3/3 chapters, 9k] shallow beds  (college!au)

[3/3 chapters, 8k] chemical reaction (canon!au)

*[2/2 chapters, 5k] digital (???? au)

*[2/2 chapters, 5k] how to seduce your dancer teacher by jeon jungkook (college!au)

*[5/5 chapters, 32k] once upon a timeshare (college!au, vacation!au)

[17/17 chapters, 57k] after hours (starbucks!au one of my favs)

[16/16 chapters, 58k] all the lovely unremarkable things (college au!)

*[12/12 chapters, 73k] dream maker (college!au, living together!au, poor!au one of my favs)

*[8/8 chapters, 30k] listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling you at its own will) (highschool!au, badboy!jk)

[18/18 chapters, 62k] riptide (canon!au)

[2/2 chapters, 13k]  you broke my heart (but i broke it myself) (jimin is marrying the wrong person!au lol)

[2/2 chapters, 19k]  wander (fantasy!au, nature!au, country-hotel!au, one of my favs too i cry everytime)

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dysfunctional-college-roommates  asked:

What if Andrew and Neil had a teammate named Nathan?

Objectively, Neil knew that this was going to happen. Maybe not this, but… Nathan is a common name. He knew he couldn’t avoid it for the rest of his life. It’s just that Neil thought he was better prepared to deal with it when it did, eventually, happen. For months after the Baltimore incident, Neil had been bombarded with his birth name and his father’s name. There had been a trial and endless interviews and more panic attacks and nightmares than Neil could count. He had thought that he would be numb to the name by now.

He was wrong

Andrew is at his head, holding him down by the back of his neck. Neil wants to run, but his legs are lead, they’re being held down - no, they’re not, are they?

Andrew,” he gasps, his fingernails claws curled into the floor of the court, hooked into the fabric of Andrew’s shorts. 

“Shut up,” Andrew says, pulling Neil closer by his jersey but keeping a grip on the back of Nathaniel’s neck. “Just shut up and breathe.”

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How OW Characters Be Like as College Roommates


  • So sweet and easily likeable.
  • Very clean but she has a huge stack of medical books on her desk built like a fortress.
  • Always fretting over her roommate to make sure they are taking care of themselves, exercising, eating healthy, sleeping at a decent hour (honestly when you are in college wtf is sleep)
  • Always a great study buddy during exams or needs general advice


  • The room has to be clean and follow a specific aesthetic on both sides of the room or else it will drive her crazy.
  • Cleans and moves items around every day so the space looks “presentable”
  • Generally very quiet and distant but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be your friend. She just isn’t the best at socialising at times. 
  • Loves having cute small plants in the room to give it some…life, haha.


  • Very energetic roommate who insists on spontaneous outings whether that is going to McDonald’s at midnight or going to one of Lucio’s parties
  • Pretty clean room overall but she often leaves her hoodies scattered all the place. Girl can’t stay committed to one jacket in a single day.
  • Instantly become BFF’s with this gal as she is very open and LOVES to talk about dating or gossiping. 
  • Insists that every Friday you and she go out to have a girls night. It could be anything that the two of you like whether that be shopping, watching a movie, getting a pedicure, a n y t h i n g.


  • So. Many. Bloody. Posters. All colourful of her favourite video games and K-Pop stars.
  • She is very cool as a roommate but beware you will have to stay up late every night when D.Va streams and is playing video games. So noise may be a problem.
  • Has a terrific fashion sense and will always hook you up with a cute outfit depending on the occasion (she will dress you up for a party or a date, no matter what)
  • She isn’t the one to go to for studying as she is the master at procrastinating. Somehow she does everything last minute and gets decent grades.


  • You barely see her that much in residence or on campus since she is either working out or practising with her competitive team.
  • Kinda like a big sister figure who is totally down to crushing some guys who were being dicks.
  • Because she isn’t around much, the room is relatively clean and barely do you have to remind her to do her part of the cleaning. She always takes her vows seriously.
  • The closet space is full of Zarya’s weights, sports balls, and other equipment. 


  • Pretty shy and has the cutest smile. Like you want to engulf her in a hug upon meeting her and omg you were so lucky to have her as your roomie.
  • She is always so positive and an early riser. While you might feel a bit dead inside this girl has brought you a cup of coffee to see if it will give you that wake-up call. 
  • A great study buddy when needed. She knows everything about geography and various sciences. This girl always gets straight A’s in everything she does.
  • Loves buying you cute small gifts when you are stressed. Bless her soul <3


  • Has so much tech in the room that it looks like a hacking centre rather than a bedroom. 
  • While she might look a bit shady she is pretty darn cool and will be brutally honest with you. 
  • Always has some random person in the room. Often times she is helping them get back at another person for their douche behaviour. Sombra is like the avenger for all broken hearts.
  • Does this girl get any sleep? Or leave the room? Whenever you get back from a class, Sombra is always seated at her desk doing god knows what. When you remark on her hermit skills she just laughs and says, “You don’t even know half of what I do sweetheart.”

Jack Morrison:

  • Really clean, simple, minimalistic look space.
  • A polite and honest guy overall. He isn’t really into parties but isn’t a hardcore introvert who stays in his room all day.
  • Always willing to help and always knows when something is on your mind. He just sits in his seat and watches you carefully before speaking if you are alright.
  • That guy who will always invite you to go to the dining hall with. He just wants you to feel comfortable and included <3

Gabriel Reyes: 

  • Like Jack, his room is pretty average and simple but carries his go to basketball, small weights, jump rope, 
  • I swear this man have so many pairs of sweatpants. That’s all he really wears so the laundry basket is always full of his dirty sweatpants.
  • Really chill and can be such a tease and a pain. But if you are stressed or pissed about something this guy will insist you two go out to town or exercise that toxic out of your system. 
  • Did I say that he gives great advice and is the perfect wingman? This guy knows how to make chicks soon and he always has a guest over.


  • So much anime posters and one inspirational quote is plastered on the door. Despite his weebness he is really cool and inspirational to others!
  • The room always feels so clean and calm. Genji always makes sure that a nice scent of peppermint is circulating in the air. 
  • Wakes up very early in the morning and is so quiet about it. Like if you had a busy night he will make sure the next morning that he is extra careful to not wake you up.
  • Will unexpectedly bring you a cup of tea every day. The flavours vary and it is always exciting to see what he brings the next day. 


  • Dude’s got cool lights attached around the ceiling and glow a faint light that isn’t too harsh for the eyes.
  • So excited and hyper to be here! Honestly, this sweet guy is asking all kinds of question such as where you from, your name, what program you are in etc.
  • Encourages you to go to parties. He is little too great at persuading you to join him. But the night always ends on a good note so who cares.
  • Always asks for your opinion on his demos. If you don’t like it, he will work on it again until you are satisfied with it. Seems like you got a good music taste. 


  • The room is like military clean on the first week but afterward it is pretty messy, with McCree’s shirts and pants littered all over the floor that didn’t quite make it to the full basket and more dirty clothes.
  • If you need a friend to binge watch a tv show or movie series, this guy is so down with it. He likes to just sit back, share a case of beer and have fun.
  • He snores very loudly at exactly 4 AM and it drives you crazy. The cowboy on rare nights does have bad nightmares and when you wake him up to ask if he is okay he will just smile and shrug it off.
  • Probably spends most of the time in the common lounge room as he likes to sit back and talk to anyone who may be around. Literally brings the floor together with his cheesy jokes and natural charms.


  • The room looks like a bomb went off….oh wait a bomd did just go off!
  • Crazy messy that honestly it is probably best that you burn the room and start all over (don’t give Junkrat any ideas now!)
  • Junkrat is rather wild but when he isn’t doing something dangerous he is just fun to be around. Dude always has the most wicked sense of humour.
  • This guy barely studies but in certain courses he is brilliant. No one on the floor expected this kid to be really smart at something. Don’t be deceived by his wild looks. 


  • Looks like a space station. Kidding. But he does have a poster of Albert Einstein. 
  • Has the biggest stash of peanut butter tucked away under his bed that no one knows bout except his roommate.
  • A gentle fellow who always encourages you to reach your potential. He is amazing at teaching and giving very heartwarming lectures about working hard and doing what you love most. 
  • Is the floor representative and all the RA’s in the residence building loves him for his optimistic attitude (plus he doesn’t break the rules…unlike Junkrat).

~Mod Rose

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Franjercy as college roomies?

FRANK/JASON/PERCY: College Roommate Shenanigans

Percy fell onto his bed dramatically, as a balled up t-shirt slammed into his face. Sticking out his tongue, he laid still pretending to be dead.

“Percy this isn’t a joke!” Jason exclaimed seriously. Percy sat up, running his fingers through his hair while laughing.

“Come on, Jason. Stop being so up tight.” he joked. The blond boy rolled his eyes.

“You purposefully messed up the dorm because you knew Piper was coming over! Frank!” he said towards the Canadian sitting on his bed, reading a book. Without even a glance, Frank spoke up.

“I’m not apart of this, so leave my name out of it.”

“Come on Frank, you’re the only sensible one in this trio.” Jason said.

“Yeah! Wait—What about me?” Jason ignored Percy’s comment and just continued to talk to Frank.

“Yes, Jason is being up tight. Yes, Percy is being annoying, and–” he looked at the clock. “And I’m going to be late for my seminar!” Frank shouted in a hurry, grabbing his backpack off his bed and running out the dorm.

“Do we tell him it’s Saturday? Or…”

“Percy, it’s Monday.” Jason said, raising his eyebrows. 

“Does that mean…”

“You’re late for your class? Yup.” Percy shot up off his bed, and ran out of the room, cursing all the way. Jason stood laughing in the room. Frank came busting through the door.

“I just realized it’s Saturday.” he said dropping his bag. He noticed Percy’s absence. “Where did he go?”

“Oh, no where in particular.”

“What did you do?”

“Got payback.”

My Best Friend

AU!College Roommates. As your best friend, Bucky was determined to look out for you and if that meant offering you a place to stay indefinitely, so be it. 

Pairing: Tol!Bucky Barnes x Smol!Reader
Warnings: Some profanity. Also. We’re all fucked.
Author’s Note: gUYS PREPARE TO GET WRECKED. But not with this chapter.

It was just a routine walk home with Bucky when you admitted you’ve been struggling to pay your rent since your former employer shut down his sandwich shop a few weeks ago. 

He had blanched and immediately prepared a mental list of questions and options to explore, but your enthusiastic grin made the words die in his throat.

How could you look so damned innocent and sweet with just one smile?

“I found a nightclub to work at, and they even offered to hire me right then and there at the bar! I won’t have to worry anymore!” you cheered, happily placing your soft hands over your heart. “Isn’t that exciting?”

Bucky’s eyebrow twitched, and his jaw clicked at the thought of you serving drunken idiots with nothing but a counter to protect you. His languid stride came to a halt and he turned to gaze at you.

What were you thinking?

You were the most troublesome, innocent, caring, attractive woman he knew and you wanted to work at a nightclub bar? Where men would definitely try and do anything to attain your attention?

No. Hell no. Over his dead fucking body.

You slowed to stand beside your best friend.

The dark, rare sardonic look he bestowed on you made you flinch, and your grin slipped as you tilted your chin down and looked away.

“…is t-there something wrong?” you whispered quietly, fiddling with the frayed end of your navy blue shirt. There must be, because you rarely ever inspired the look he was drilling into the side of your face in that very tense moment.

“Yes,” he muttered grumpily. “There is something very wrong with you possibly working at a bar, in a nightclub.”

“I also got a job offer at a pub,” you commented, finally meeting his frustrated expression with your own confused one. Maybe a pub would be a better choice?

“That’s almost the same thing,” he bit out through gritted teeth. “And they’re not places you belong.”

You frowned and your brows knitted together. “But it’s not the same…and what do you mean…?”

Gah! See? No self-preservation whatsoever, you couldn’t even piece together why he was so concerned in the first place.

He groaned, and rubbed the back of his ear in agitation. “Look, can’t you find somewhere else? A department store? A vintage shop, anything but a bar?”

You flushed, and Bucky had to will himself to keep breathing amidst the beauty of it.

You were going to kill him. You were absolutely going to be the death of him and he didn’t even think he’d mind as long as it was caused by that very look.

“I could work at a strip club,” you murmured thoughtfully. 

Bucky sobered, and he almost choked on his spit. You weren’t joking. 

You giggled, and sheepishly scratched the back of your wrist. “I mean…not like that, I could be a janitor or something.” 

The sour way he pursed his lips and scrunched his nose hinted that you shouldn’t elaborate any further or even consider it as an option.

Your embarrassed blush extended to your chest and he patiently waited for you to spill whatever naive thought you were entertaining in your mind.

“…I can’t find any of other place, they’re either not hiring…or I’m not good enough…” you mumbled.

If he wasn’t annoyed before, he certainly was now. The anger burning through his veins was absolutely maddening and he hated that the heavy feeling was directed toward you.

“You’re the best person I know,” he declared, grabbing your hand. Your eyes widened, startled by the sudden movement and the conviction behind his words.

“They’re the ones who aren’t good enough, and they don’t deserve you.”

“I..I…” damn you were stuttering again. Leave it to Bucky to just go and throw out compliments in such a matter of fact manner. “T-thank you…” 

“I’m your best friend, and best friends look out for each other’s best interests, and I don’t think you working at any these places would be good for either of us - don’t look at me like that - it would suck for me too because I’d have to be there glaring at men and chasing them away with sticks.”

You laughed, imagining your grumpy best friend waving around a giant stick and loudly threatening anyone that dared look at you pervertedly. 

“That’s not very nice, Bucky,” you chided, glancing down at your joined hands. 

Then your eyes narrowed and you shrugged daintily, appearing genuinely perplexed. “I don’t think anyone would really stare at me, I’m not that pretty.”

“Are you kidding?” he asked incredulously. “You’re stunning.”

There he goes spewing that nonsense again. You lifted your free hand to harshly jab your index finger on his chin, and wrinkled your nose in displeasure. 

“Stop saying stuff like that.”

Despite the painful poke, he sighed wistfully. You were just too cute sometimes, even when you’re exasperated. “I only speak the truth.”

Your cheeks warmed all over again, and you dug your finger harder into his flesh. He grunted and swatted your hand away. “Please don’t choose any these places, it would break my heart.”

He rubbed your knuckles with his thumbs, and when you didn’t immediately respond he glanced down to see you on the verge of tears, head bowed in shame.

 You didn’t want to hurt him, and nothing upset you more than the idea of doing so.

Shocked, he blinked a few times, before registering that there were indeed tears rolling down your cheeks. “N-no don’t cry!” he floundered for a moment before pulling you toward him. 

Within moments his body became a protective shield hiding you away from curious bystanders as you clutched his cotton shirt and softly cried into his chest.

“I won’t be able to pay my rent if I don’t take any of these offers,” you wailed, feeling conflicted. “Everyone lives with their parents or they don’t have space, I don’t have anywhere to go!” 

Your words were muffled, but he understood them anyway and he scowled as he looked out into the distance.

With tuition, rent, and no other financial support coming in other than what you produced yourself he could see why you were so desperate. A lot of people were in your predicament…but…you were his best friend and you didn’t deserve this, or being limited to working at questionable establishments.

He wished you said something sooner, rather than plastering a serene smile on your face everyday. He would have never known the extent of your struggle had you not been ecstatic enough to tell him about the nightclub.

He sighed, and stroked your hair gently a few times, before tracing soothing patterns on your back. He let you sob until the noise was nothing more than periodic hiccups, and then he gently pried you off and held you at arms length.

“You can stay with me for however long you need to, don’t worry about money, rent, food or whatever else.”

Your eyes watered again and you shook your head firmly. “I can’t just..I can’t accept all that!”

Bucky frowned. Why the hell not? “It’s just me, you can have my room, we’ll make it work.”

You looked uncertain, and downright scandalized. 


He didn’t want to have to pull the friendship card, but you were being so selflessly stubborn. “You’d do the same for me.”

Your eyes widened, mouth parting in shock, because he’s right. You grudgingly realize what he’s getting at and that he was giving you a way out…but still.

You’re going to protest, and he tiredly closed his eyes. 

“Trust me…I’d rather have you staying with me, than knowing you’re struggling to balance school and paying rent by working at a grungy club…pub…whatever, just please…” 

The raw worry on his face and the coiled tension of his body made you feel guilty. You didn’t want to be a bother, but saying no would probably be even more upsetting for you both. 

And maybe…just maybe this was a chance to finally catch up on your studies with financial worries?

It was a chance you sorely needed. You bit your lip and nibbled on it for an agonizing five minutes.

Finally you nodded. “O-okay,” you clasped one hand over your heart and wiped the edges of your eyes with your forearm. “I promise I’ll repay you somehow!”

You won’t.

He’d never let you, but you didn’t need to know that, it was difficult convincing you to accept his help as it was.

He gave you a noncommittal smile, silently basking in the relief your answer brought him. 

“We’ll worry about that some other time.” He glanced at the darkening sky. “Come on, we’ll get something to eat, and figure out the rest of the logistics.”

He held out his elbow for you like he always did, and your bottom lip trembled as you looped your arm through his. Bucky truly was the best.

You were lucky to have him, and as you both strolled across the street, you mumbled out a tiny, barely audible, ‘Thank you.’



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Dan and Phil are roommates in college, Dan's horny and has been begging Phil all day to fuck him and make him cum and Phil finally caves when Dan starts jerking off in the shower while he's trying to do his homework so he puts on a cock ring and fucks dan until he passes out(aftercare too) and they don't go to their first class the next day cuz they're too tired lol overstimulation, cockslut!dan, choking and hairpulling

I also added a weeeeeny bit of daddy!kink and gave Dan a tongue piercing because why not? If you have trouble getting past the cut on mobile open in your browser!

When Phil first meets his university roommate, he knows he’s hit the jackpot. The boy who’s sitting on one of the single beds introduces himself as Dan, and suddenly Phil isn’t quite so regretful over his decision to live in one of the cramped one-room suites on campus, rather than paying extra for the more spacious dorms down the road. Dan is gorgeous, to say the least. He has these pretty brown eyes surrounded by fans of long lashes and lovely, dark locks that feather out against his face. His smile is so bright it might not even be an issue that there’s only one tiny window in the cinderblock room and that the lightbulb screwed into the cracked ceiling is basically useless.  He’s classically beautiful – but that isn’t necessarily what makes Phil decide he needs to have him within the first three seconds of knowing him. It’s more likely that every fibre in this boys’ being screams twink. From the way he’s dressed, in skin tight black jeans and a deep plunging V-neck that’s probably two sizes too small, to the way he spreads his long body across the small bed like he’s there for a centrefold shoot. Phil’s staring at his pouty, full bottom lip wondering what it’d look like wrapped around his cock when Dan – on habit, or perhaps something else – pushes the silver ball of his tongue piercing out and gently grips it between his teeth, before retracting it back into his mouth. It’s then that Phil’s want becomes more of a need.

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Study Break, an Everlark College One Shot

I was given a dialogue prompt by @thesaltywinteradult that was:
“What are you doing in my bed?”

Happy reading!

Katniss kicked off her shoes the second she walked in the door of her apartment and stumbled into her room. She’d worked all night on her final project for her lighting design class and she’d just finished her presentation. All she needed was a few hours of sleep so she could make it to her tests the rest of the week.

But when she slipped under the blanket, she found her bed was already occupied. Her blurry vision noted blonde hair. Peeta, her roommate.

She poked him. “What are you doing in my bed?”

“Nap.” He murmured.

“In my bed?” Katniss asked, too tired to do much more than ask.

Peeta slowly turned his head. “I spilled paint on mine.”

“Then why not sleep on the couch?” She moved closer anyway.

“Springs.” He draped an arm over her waist. “I have an alarm set. I’ll be up in a bit.”

Katniss closed her eyes. Good thing she was too tired to question any further. She was extremely comfortable wrapped up in Peeta’s embrace.

College Boy

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 1311

Prompt: Harry wants a shot at a normal life so he attends Northeastern University, but it’s harder than he thinks. The friends he made just want fame, and the other hardly look at him. But then he meets her, Y/N, and she wants nothing to do with the a-list celebrity.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse did it, Emma Watson, Amy Pohler, they all went to college, and Harry wanted to as well. He wanted the experience of something normal for once, he wanted to be able to say he graduated, he wanted his family to come to a graduation. When the news broke out everyone went crazy trying to figure out where he was going, and Harry got accepted everywhere. But he wanted to succeed he wanted to go to a school he knew was right from him, which was far from Harvard, but it also wasn’t community college. He wanted a roommate, he wanted to live in a dorm, attend the dreadful eight ams, and have RA’s. So he picked Northeastern University, still the top best, but no Harvard.

Harry was thankful for his roommate, Nick. Nick didn’t care at all about who Harry was. Nick spent most of his time in the library or in the room studying, he hardly spoke to Harry. Nick had a plan, two years at Northeastern and then Harvard. Nick made it clear that he didn’t want parties or girls coming in and out every night and Harry promised he would be as normal as possible, but Nick just scoffed.

It wasn’t easy for Harry and he wondered how everyone else did it. Students watched him, took pictures, videos, whispered, they just kept following him around, and Harry hated it. He found it difficult to make friends, the ones he did make wanted fame, and the other kept away. He couldn’t seem to find someone who wanted to actually sit and talk with him.

Nick had been holding a study group in their room so Harry grabbed his bag and made his way to the library. It was quiet and as soon as he walked in he saw a couple phones point his way. He huffed and made his way to the back where there were small cubicles. He pulled a chair back and pulled out his laptop. Texts from Jeff and Nick quickly popped up.

Nick: How’s the college life, join a frat yet?

Jeff: Do you miss the studio yet?

Nick: I love you but this is just insane why are you doing this?

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