Took a big step and asked my roommate if there’s a time we can talk today. To back up, I heard from a mutual friend that she’s worried about me. Some of her worries are valid I suppose but I want to clear the air, have an open conversation about it and maybe put some of her fears to rest. This is very scary since I am famous for laughing things off and not actually talking about the bad stuff. Yikes.

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So, just so you know, as I was rereading chapter 1 for the festival, I could just completely picture the race between Puck and Finn, and if that scene or one like isn't in the eventual movie, I will be so sad.

Oh man, tell me about it!!! The whole book unfolds like a movie, really, so I’m trying not to get too attached to the movie in my head. In that scene, especially, you can really imagine the movement of the camera, and the pacing of the editing, and the score soaring in the background as Finn and Puck fly through the island in their own miniature Scorpio races. The book is so cinematic. I honestly think this movie could make itself.

(Also, there better BE a movie. I know these things take time, but it’s been ages since there has been any news at all. FAST TRACK IT FOCUS.)

haikyuu tag game

tagged by @haganenoheichou (why wont the tag show up fukc u tumblr) thank u!!

1. what position would you like to play in volleyball?

heck idk im not good at sports…. id rather be a manager but ig ill be a setter lmao

2. pick any four haikyuu characters to form your friend squad with.

matsuhanaiwaoi. fuckin lit

3. your roommate in college?

akaashi,,, ;;;;;)

4. haikyuu crush?

*looks at blog description & every tag ive ever made on this fucking blog* akaashi keiji

5. which character resembles you, in terms of personality, the most?

bokuto!! i am bokuto

6. which character inspires you the most?

iwa…. i must prove myself 2 the one tru daddy

7. favorite character development?

tsukki!! so proud of my son

8. prettiest character?

9. hottest character?

what the fukc do u think

10. ultimate otp?

who tf do u think i am….. bokuaka

11. ultimate brotp?

idk all mainstream brotps are otps to me

12. favorite stage play actor?

uH???? DAICHI AKA TANAKA KEITA FUkc. the only man i need in my life

13. adopt as your child?

kyoutani…. my lovely genderfluid son

14. favorite team chant?

if u love me let me gO GO LETS GO LETS GO DATEKO

15. favorite team banner?

the karasuno one that my wife kiyoko made?? so thoughtful

16. did haikyuu inspire you to do somethin you would not have done before?

write a shit ton of fanfiction lmao

haikyuu character as your:

17. parent #1?


18. parent #2?

iwaizumi its gonna be fuckin lit

19. elder sister?


20. elder brother?

fukc i dunno tanaka

21. younger sister?


22. younger brother?

hekc um yamaguchi


23. what is your favorite anime (besides haikyuu)?

yuri on ice…….. i hate sports anime

uhh ill tag @asexuallyaroused @thegreatestdecoy-shoyo @saveakaashi @yuiimiya and anyone else who wants to???


secret time

the signs as college roommates
  • aries:jumps into bed and hurts a part of their body, promptly asks "did you see that?"
  • taurus:labels everything in the shared fridge as "mine," shares it anyway
  • gemini:accidentally slams door at 3 in the morning, apologizes loudly
  • cancer:is never home due to how many things they are involved in, is only home to eat ramen and binge watch netflix
  • leo:rearranges everything in the shower according to how much soap is left in the bottle
  • virgo:does homework due in a month, questions your work ethic
  • libra:orders a pizza with everything on it to make sure they didn't miss your favorite topping
  • scorpio:falls out of bed in hysterics and complains about all the cute people on campus
  • sagittarius:spends the time they should be studying watching old youtube memes
  • capricorn:is silent for hours, and suddenly screams "FUCK" about forgetting something that they were supposed to do two hours ago
  • aquarius:looks up from laptop on a sunday night and shakes their head silently before getting back to whatever it was they were doing
  • pisces:mutters under their breath while cleaning, the muttering is actually old taylor swift songs
The Signs as College Roommates

Aries: Constantly leaves the door unlocked by accident

Taurus: Cooks so everyone else doesn’t just try to survive on Chinese takeout

Gemini: Complains about the apartment being messy but doesn’t want to clean it themselves

Cancer: Is constantly threatening to move out

Leo: Keeps trying to insist on a “family” pet for the apartment

Virgo: Buys the groceries so everyone else doesn’t starve

Libra: Ends up doing other people’s laundry so that they don’t wear the same outfit every day for a week

Scorpio: The only one that pays their portion of the rent on time

Sagittarius: Orders useless appliances from infomercials at 3 a.m.

Capricorn: Is constantly buying house plants without saying anything and placing them in inconvenient spaces

Aquarius: Cleans because nobody else is going to do it without being asked

Pisces: Settles arguments so they don’t have to figure out how to get blood out of the carpet

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Hello! I'm starting my freshman year of college this upcoming Spring semester AND I'm moving out and into my own. I'm nervous about forgetting anything at home. What are some key essentials one needs when being on there own for the first time? What school supplies do I need? What kind of important paperwork and stuff should I absolutely bring? Thanks!

Other Tips:


Keeping Your Cool


High School

psa for college freshman

hey, whats up, hello! so you’re gonna be a freshman and you’re probably moving in real soon, and you might be excited but also nervous, not to worry i got you! here are some tips and tricks and general advice based on my own experience. 

okay so step by step:


okay so this is easily the most stressful thing about the first week of school. you gotta get all of your stuff into a tiny dorm if it’s a big room i am literally so jealous my dorm was like a prison so don’t freak out, stay cool and pack efficiently!

  • try not to overpack, it’s really easy to believe you’ll need everything you’re bringing but trust me you won’t even look at half of it
    • a good tip for this is, if you don’t use it at home, don’t bring it to school! (plus it’s really easy to just buy stuff you need on amazon so don’t forget that that’s an option too)
  • if you’re going to a school that deals in snow, DON’T bring that stuff (jackets/hats/boots/etc) with you when you move in. if you know you’re going to go home for a weekend before the snow sets in, definitely leave it at home and bring it with you later!
  • let your parents/guardians/friends/family help you move in. it might not seem like a big deal, but letting them help you will make them feel better. and if you don’t like how they arrange things, let it be! you have all semester to rearrange and settle in, they only have this one day, so just let them have it! also don’t forget to thank them when they leave!


ah yes, the wonderful concepts of roommates. i was lucky my freshman year, but some people aren’t

  • try and connect with them via facebook/school emails/phone, settling things like are you gonna share a mini fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and how you’re gonna decorate (if you’re into that) will help when you finally settle into your room
  • definitely go over ground rules once you’re all unpacked and settled in. my dorm had us go over a list of questions, come to an agreement, and sign it in case there were any future conflicts. cover things like: 
    • is it okay to have my friends sit at your desk or on your bed when you aren’t there?
    • how should we handle overnight guests?
    • do you want me to give you a heads up if i have friends coming over?
    • 100% agree to give each other a heads up on parents coming to your room
    • sharing food?
    • cleaning responsibilities
    • definitely definitely give each other a copy of your class schedule, and if you have classes at the same time maybe you can agree to make sure you’re both awake at the right time!
  • you don’t have to be bff’s with your roommate, sometimes it turns out that way and sometimes it doesn’t. what you do need to be is open and honest with your roommate. your year will be miserable (especially if you can’t switch roommates) if you don’t communicate with each other. don’t be afraid to tell them if something is bothering you. if you’re to nervous to do that or don’t like confrontation, talk to your RA or RD

so now that we got all that out of the way, here are some general tips about social things:

  • that whole keep your door open and people will come talk to you think is a load of bs. me and my roommate did that for weeks and no one came in. everyone is just waiting for someone else to take that chance. so go into peoples rooms and ask them if they wanna grab lunch/dinner! walk around and poke your head in their room! it might be awkward as hell but at least you’re trying :)
  • go to all (or as many) dorm activities as you can! this allows you to meet more people too even if the event is really dumb, at least show up. you always have the option to leave!
  • go to club meetings! even if you aren’t sure you want to stay in the club. it’s much harder or maybe just more awkward to join when you’re an upperclassmen, so try and get those roots down as soon as you can
  • that being said, you can always leave a group without any hard feelings. people do it all the time, so don’t be scared that once you go to one meeting you’re stuck in the group forever
  • don’t let anyone tell you that as a freshman you can’t get involved. if you want to, you can. there is absolutely nothing stopping you. you might have to work a bit harder but i know you can do it!
  • sometimes freshman year can suck, or at least have it’s moments. don’t give up. everything gets infinitely better as time goes one, i promise. if you’re having a tough time or feel isolated or overwhelmed, reach out to someone, a parent, friends from home, an old teacher, anyone really! don’t give up, things might get tough, but you ARE strong and you WILL get through it
The signs as roomates

Aries: very outgoing and friendly, they’re also very energetic and active, super talkative and always includes their roommate in their crazy energetic lifestyle whether its working out or going on late night adventures 

Taurus: always keeps the fridge and pantry stocked, loves to cook and clean, super tidy, you can usually find them on the couch watching Netflix and eating food 

Gemini: talkative, always willing to pull all-nighters, really nice, filled with spontaneity, talks about deep things like the universe and “why we’re here”, loves traveling

Cancer: surprisingly neat, watches Netflix 24/7, never leaves the apartment, tries to make their room or the whole place as cozy as possible, always worries about their roommate so they’re pretty much your mom

Leo: always out and whenever they’re home they usually have friends with them, hard to get used to them but after a while you guys could either have a strong friendship or just hate each other 

Virgo: their room is literally the tidiest place you’ll ever see in your entire life, super friendly but they like to have some alone time 

Libra: super artsy and super cute room filled with plants and whatnot, super nice but don’t get on their bad side (if u do good luck)

Scorpio: very private, if you gain their trust then they’ll be your bestest friend in the whole wide world

Sagittarius: cheery, loves their privacy, never home probably off on an adventure somewhere, can be moody but usually really nice, always invites you to go on their adventures with them 

Capricorn: dependable, may be stubborn sometimes, randomly buys plants and other random completely redundant items, always studying or preoccupied with other things

Aquarius: always wants to do stuff with their roommate but also likes their alone time, might have odd sleeping habits, have an endless abundance of friends, actually cleans the apartment 

Pisces: super artsy, has band posters everywhere, always on their laptop or drawing, probably constantly playing music out loud/in headphones so can’t hear you, loves their privacy but also loves going out so good balance