jonghyun in college
  • writing/literature major, minor in astronomy 
  • no he will not write your essay for you tf 
  • always handing out fliers for events at the astronomy tower for pizza party and stargazing 
  • fliers are cut out in star shapes and he handwrites the time and location and posts them around campus 
  • just loves the moon and space so much??????? 
  • ot4 bought him a star one year for his birthday as a gag gift but he loved it so much that they just buy him one every year and there’s just a cluster of the sky that’s all his  
  • he gets really excited on his birthday bc he finds the coordinates of his newest star and shows them where it is with the school’s telescope 
  • is hundo p done with people joking that with his major he’s going to work at starbucks after graduation  
  • but actually is a barista in the cafe on campus (*shakes fist* “damn my perpetration of the stereotype” / minho: “could always quit” / jong: “eh free coffee tho”) 
  • looks at onew: “why don’t you ever get barista jokes” / onew: “i’m international business” / jong: “……..u corporate stooge” 
  • also a TA for a milton class gets into theological discussions with taemin a lot about paradise lost and the bible 
  • does he ever wear anything but black????
  • no he is kim jonghyun, tiny harbinger of death 
  • loves his oversized sweaters that swallow him and will wear them until it’s way too hot for sweaters
  • there’s the added perk of putting up his hood when he doesn’t want to talk to people 
  • no one can ever get his attention when he’s walking around campus bc he’s always looking down at his phone and blasting music through his earphones (minho: *panting* i kept calling your name really loudly and people were staring but you didn’t turn so i felt dumb and ran over to you / jong: is this a notice me senpai moment) 
  • literally cannot not have earphones so if he ever forgets them he will go and buy another pair at the bookstore (”taeminnie~ discount please~”)
  • if he doesn’t have his sunglasses he looks super angry bc he frowns but it’s literally bc his eyes are sensitive and this is a necessity for him to see where he is 
  • saw a dog on campus once and he sprinted over to pet him and his owner was like whoa omg bc a streak of black was just hurdling at them 
  • kept calling the (huge) husky a puppy and laughing when he licked his face 
  • always just chilling and reading books that aren’t for class (key: don’t you have like 2 essays due / jong: three but it’s fine) 
  • is NOT fine when they’re all due and he’s in a super caffeinated haze and PANICKING 
  • but he gets them all done in time (even if he doesn’t sleep) so he neVER LEARNS  
  • also if ever asked if he wants to go to the convenience store while he’s writing he’ll look up like his soul has left his body but agrees immediately 
  • buys ice cream for either consolation or reward for later 
  • so he runs like noooooooooooooooooo his books!!!!
  • once almost set the dorm on fire bc he didn’t have a lighter but wanted to light one of his candles so he used a twisted piece of paper and lit it on the stove but it started burning too quickly and so he dropped it and he and key were screaming in the kitchen trying to put it out and it’s people like him why candles are banned in dorms 
  • if it were up to him, he would never be awake before noon
  • will sometimes take shots of whiskey by himself and try to write (”i’m ernest hemingway!!!!” / ot4: omg you are drunk that’s what you are) 
Secret Identity AU

By day, Character A is a regular student, and by night, they’re a superhero that helps protect the citizens of their beloved city. While patrolling the streets one night, Character A happens to save Character B from getting mugged.

Character B has a major crush on the city’s superhero (Character A), so when they save Character B from getting mugged, Character B cannot wait to go tell everybody at school about it…except for some reason, Character B’s best friend, Character A, already seems to know this story.

I’m a good artist. I know I am. Not that best, still learning and growing, but I’m at least comfortable admitting that all my hard work over the years has paid off. But that doesn’t stop me from doubting my talents and coming up with excuse after excuse for not applying for college (:

ID #13044

Name: Maria
Age: 17
Country: France

Hello there ! My name’s Maria. I was born in Amiens, France a lovely town in the north of Paris. I’m currently living in Sofia , Bulgaria as a psychology major. Why ? I’m doing it because you can change people’s lives with it, it can help you understand so much about treating different kinds of behavior . It explains how I feel and how I act and I love applying it. But that is the point of Psychology… to discover why people do things and I want to be part of that! I currently work as barista … good tips.
I like pets a lot , mainly cats. I watch a lot of TV series , anime , YouTube ecc… so from there comes my tendency to fangirl and rant (sorry ,trying to minimize it ). My music taste changes but right now I mostly listen MCR (even though they broke my heart ): ) , Guns and roses and No Resolve. Writing , art and photography are my current passions with swimming close behind. Anything you want to know ? Just contact me !

Preferences: Anyone is free to contact me but preferably between 16 and 20 years old . Don’t be shy ! Hope to hear from you soon <3 !

One annoying thing about being from New Orleans is that everyone assumes that when you say your favorite Disney princess movie is princess and the frog ppl assume that it’s just cuz it’s set in New Orleans. I mean, yeah it’s kinda lit that it’s set in my hometown but bitch, have you SEEN princess and the frog??? The music score??? The characters??? The animation??? It’s fuckin incredible and criminally underrated. Why do ppl not talk about that movie anymore it was a MASTERPIECE.

i told my dad i think i might have adhd like idk, a month or 2 ago, and today we got my report cards nd i got like, decent grades ig (im failing one class but ive been failing it all year so he doesnt care, everything else is a’s and b’s) and basically he was like ‘ok see u got good grades theres no way u have adhd, u just thought u had adhd but u dont” and like, idk, he doesnt understand. he told me that i made it up and that all thetime i spent looking up symptoms and stuff made me trick myself into thinking i have it and just,,,,,ugh. 

4.27.17 // 1:15pm // orgo lecture notes

last day of class was yesterday and we (finally) wrapped up all the topics we needed to cover for the orgo 2 exam. you are currently looking at my second to last page of organic chemistry lecture notes ever. ever. now just to get through the final… -m