Settled, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Lin and Reader were college roommates/he invites her to the Tony’s.

Words: 1223

Author’s Note: I will hopefully be coming out with another one tonight, so be on the lookout for that! This one came out much longer than I anticipated. Also, we’ve hit 850 followers! This is the dress I pictured!

Warnings: Cursing, drinking.

It didn’t take you very long to see. It really didn’t take long for anyone to see. Lin was special.

Like, an outright genius. He blushed and batted you away whenever you commented on it, and you always assumed he was just being modest.

Everyone called him a genius, but he never blushed at them.

You shared exactly one class with him in high school, always brushing shoulders but never colliding. When college rolled around and you found yourself living in dorm rooms across from each other, you took it as a sign.

In your second year, you both moved off campus and shared the tiniest apartment, one that had working heating and a reasonable rent. You stuck by his side through everything, saw every show he had any part in.

You saw the first iteration of In the Heights.

It seemed like you had only just crammed yourself into the tiny theater with a playbill made in MS Paint to see the first version. Then Lin asked you to accompany him to the Tony Awards, where the Broadway production of In the Heights was nominated thirteen times.

You would be stupid to say no.

No way.” You insisted.

“What? You have to go!”

“No I don’t! There’s going to be cameras and people and…no thank you.” You reiterated, trying your best to brush him off.

“You’re my good luck charm.” He whined, stopping you long enough to use his eyes against you. One look and you knew you had lost.

Fine.” He whooped in celebration, whipping so fast his sock-clad feet nearly caused him to face plant on the hardwood.

Picking out a dress and shoes turned out to be a huge ordeal. Karen dragged you to every boutique in the city as soon as she found out you would be tagging along.

“Don’t you want to look nice for your date?” She taunted, strolling through a particularly expensive rack of gowns, “Who knows, maybe the next dress we go shopping for will be over there.” She nodded to the wedding section, where a bubbly bride and he bridesmaids were fawning over a rather poofy dress.

“Just find me a dress, Olivo.” You sneered, glancing at the bag that held her beautiful gown.

Without a second thought, she pulled a light lavender dress from the rack holding it up to you.

“This one.” She pushed it into your arms and you into the dressing room.

She, as always, was completely correct. You slid your card with a wince. Remembering you hadn’t splurged on anything since your prom dress, you marched out of the store with your head held high.

Lin insisted you didn’t show him the dress until it was the day of the Tony’s, for good luck. You had to remind him that rule only applied to weddings, he still kept his eyes closed whenever you took the dress out.

The night rolled around quickly, with a blur of interviews and still doing shows at night for Lin.

“The limo will be here in five minutes!” He called out from your living room as you adjusted your earrings and tried to stabilize yourself in your shoes.

You twirled the skirt, making sure it sat just right, grabbing your clutch and making sure everything you needed was in it. You took a deep breath before finally emerging from your room.

Lin stood nervously fiddling with the lapels of his jacket, staring into the mirror that hung in your apartment entryway.

“No need to be nervous with your good luck charm right here.” You told him, sneaking behind him and casually brushing off the shoulders of his jacket.

He spun to take you in completely. His hand was in yours, forcing you into a spin for his amusement.

Is that Y/N? Who are you wearing? Where do you get your coffee? How does it feel to be on the arm of the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda tonight?” He blasted you with questions, knowing they would make you giggle.

“A boutique on 24th Street, Dunkin Donuts because Lin is always running too late for us to make it at home, and amazing if he hadn’t put on so much cologne this morning.” He feigned hurt for a moment before glancing at his watch.

“Our ride. Let’s bounce!” He ushered you out the door in a rush. The limo ride was your last moment of calm for the night. As soon as you hit the red carpet, it was all questions and cameras flashing. Calls of Lin’s name and escorts to take you to your seat.

Finally settled for the night, you took the first breath in what felt like hours.

“You look beautiful.” He leaned over to tell you, “I didn’t get to say it before, but you do. Thank you for coming with me.”

“And miss all of this?” You gestured around the room, “No way.”

The show itself was a whole other battle. Lin in and out of his seat to perform or to accept an award or to congratulate someone else. Finally, the one everyone had been holding their breath for came.

Whoopi Goldberg took the stage, the nominees were listed off, with thunderous applause from your section for In the Heights.

“And the winner. The 2008 Tony Award goes to-” She opened the envelope, Lin took your hand, “In the Heights.”

Everyone shot up, cheering wildly. You and Lin stood facing each other for a moment. Before you could stop yourself, you took his face in your hands, rushing forward to place one kiss on his lips. He pulled back just as stunned as he had been a second ago.

The cast and crew rushed the stage, sweeping him along. You watched from the audience as the award was accepted and Lin was hoisted onto shoulders.

The party and the afterparty was spent by his side, neither of you commenting or even acknowledging what had happened. Your mind raced for excuses. You were caught up in the moment. It was a congratulatory kiss! You had only been in love with him for seven years, that didn’t mean anything, right?

It wasn’t until you had climbed back into the limo did you say anything.

“So-” He started.

“Yeah.” You finished.

“You like…totally kissed me.”

“Uh huh.”

“We haven’t done that before.”


“Do you wanna…” He trailed off. You snapped your head to look at his, but his eyes were glancing out the window, watching the buildings pass, “Do that more often?” His held his hand out to you.

“Sure.” You took his hand. The hand you had shook on your first day of college, reintroducing yourself to this high school stranger. The hand that had written a Tony Award winning show. The hand that had nervously fiddled with his jacket lapels this morning.

“Well, then I think that’s settled.” He finished, eyeing the drinks the limo had provided. They each carried hefty price tags. He reached for the bottle of champagne and two glasses. “What the hell? It’s a celebration.”

You toasted to whatever higher being that was out there that allowed this night to happen, you toasted to the cast and crew of his show, you certainly toasted to your shared high school counselor, who recommended you both to attend college far away from home.

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*curtsies* dear Duke, I first want to say that this question is in no way relevant to your blog or content matter, I just thoroughly enjoy your stories and life-related rambles, so I ask: you've lived a lot of places with a lot of different roommates (or at least I've gotten that impression!) any roommate horror stories? Biggest lessons learned? Crappy housing rants/stories? Tips/advice?

*Curtsies* I think everyone has crappy roommates at some point? In college I had a roommate who turned into kind of a klepto when he was drunk so one night I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water at like 3 A. M. and found like five stolen traffic cones on the counter. (We kept one and wrapped it in lights and turned it into a Christmas tree.) At that same house we had a huge plastic horse head mounted on the wall because he was the ‘mascot’ of our theatre company. Really that was another thing which got drunkenly stolen from the tech shop and we didn’t know how to give it back, so we just kept it and every time we had a party he wore a different costume. I’m not going to get into all the more unpleasant stories, but my biggest piece of advice is just to communicate with each other. Be clear about what’s okay and and not okay. You’d be amazed how many problems could be solved or avoided if people just said, “Hey look, the plastic horse head is okay, but you can’t bring an actual horse home. That’s where I draw the line.”
You're in Safe Hands (though I have none) - Chapter 1 - liternee109 - All For the Game - Nora Sakavic [Archive of Our Own]
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This is the first chapter of my fic for @alrightlupin for the @aftgexchange Halloween Edition. I sorted all the main college aged characters into Hogwarts houses grouped by year and went on a main premise that the teams would end up in the same houses and i hope you all enjoy!! I will be posting a year of sorting each day. The first chapter follows the sorting or Laila and Seth.

Huge huge huge thanks to the following awesome peeps for listening to me ramble about this universe for the past month: @dysfunctional-college-roommates @wesawbears @burningfairytales @beanmoreau  @wymack @wearethefoxholecourt

My little blood sucker

Requested: nope because I never get those.
Rating: mature as will contain dirty material.
A/N: I’ve been reading too much of little 5sos that I decided it was time to write some of my own but with a twist. So without further a do enjoy the story.

“Michael, meal time!” I call. Then I proceed to the kitchen to wait for him join me. With vamp speed it isn’t long before the one and only Michael Clifford is grazing me with his present. I’ve known Michael for about two before we started dating about a year and half ago since we were college roommates or so I thought. Before we started dating Michael share of his deepest secret that definitely changed how I viewed him but definitely not how I felt about him. It out that my once 20-something years old roommate, now boyfriend, is actually 200-something years old vampire. Yeah, you read that right my boyfriend is a vampire.

Up until he finally let me date him, he had been living of the blood of animals but since that was tough lifestyle he every once in awhile treat himself to an unexpecting little slut at bars selling themselves for some extra cash. You know those girls you hear that gone missing every so often on the news? That was Michael feeding off of them. Since then Michael get his blood from me. I’m guessing you are wanting to know why he has killed me yet. Well that easy his love for me is so strong he couldn’t possibly think of killing me. Although his craving can get a little out of control sometimes which is do the lifestyle we started about 6 months ago.

Michael, 6 months ago just wasn’t happy knowing he had to live everyday of existence so I did some research discovering age play was used a stress reliever. So after small trial period as I started to care for Michael I could see how much happier he was plus it’s a joy to care for little vamp Michael although he’s a handful at times.

Now as Michael approached me I could see the hunger in his eyes but they were definitely a darker red than normal, a sign I knew well. I had to do my best to concentrate because I have to control Michael’s feeding or else he feed too much causing me to pass out. If Michael wasn’t in his head space like he is now then he be able to control his feeding on his own but since he’s under I have to not only protect him but myself. Finally Michael is close enough to me that I offer him a sit on my lap before giving him my wrist.

I’m better able to control Michael when he feeds from my wrist versus my neck when he gets like this beside neck feedings are sexual thing in the world of vampires. I brace myself for the sharp pain of his fangs digging into my wrist but it never comes. I guess for once his remembered to counterbalance the pain with his venom. The suck…suck…suck noises is all I can hear making me want to scream in agony but all too soon I start feeling lightheaded. I need to get Michael to stop or I’m going to pass out. “Baby, I need you to stop.” It looks like he didn’t hear me as he isn’t stopping. So I try again.“you need to stop I’m going blackout.” Still no change. I can feel the fatigue start to take over me causing my heartbeat to race. Pushing my fears aside I reach my opposite hand from the one he is feeding from up to his neck finding his sweet spot almost immediately, a pressure point and press down hard causing a squeal to be heard.

Finally Michael retract from my wrist turning to face me showing that he retracted his fangs. “Owwie, that hurted. Me no likey.”
“Sorry baby boy, but you were being bad and not listening to mommy.”
“Me be no bad. Me no likey baddie.”
“I know you hate being a bad boy but you didn’t listen like a good boy so I think you should be punished.”
“Nooooo!” Then he ran the way he always run when trying to dodge something he doesn’t want to do. With being a vampire he was definitely faster but I had done his enough times to know how to my brains. You know what they said brains over bronze.

Knowing that there’s a second exit to the kitchen that Michael never uses I quietly but quickly creep in front of Michael tackling him to the ground. I mange to get my hands around him up between his shoulder blades to another pressure point before he could get back up. “Alright bad boy,” I pull out some vampire proof mental handcuffs. “You’re going to listen well or else I’ll add to punishment. Is that understood?” I click the handcuffs around his wrist.
He starts by nodding his head but he soon realizes his mistake saying, “yes mommy, I understand.”


secret time

the signs as college roommates
  • aries:jumps into bed and hurts a part of their body, promptly asks "did you see that?"
  • taurus:labels everything in the shared fridge as "mine," shares it anyway
  • gemini:accidentally slams door at 3 in the morning, apologizes loudly
  • cancer:is never home due to how many things they are involved in, is only home to eat ramen and binge watch netflix
  • leo:rearranges everything in the shower according to how much soap is left in the bottle
  • virgo:does homework due in a month, questions your work ethic
  • libra:orders a pizza with everything on it to make sure they didn't miss your favorite topping
  • scorpio:falls out of bed in hysterics and complains about all the cute people on campus
  • sagittarius:spends the time they should be studying watching old youtube memes
  • capricorn:is silent for hours, and suddenly screams "FUCK" about forgetting something that they were supposed to do two hours ago
  • aquarius:looks up from laptop on a sunday night and shakes their head silently before getting back to whatever it was they were doing
  • pisces:mutters under their breath while cleaning, the muttering is actually old taylor swift songs
The Signs as College Roommates

Aries: Constantly leaves the door unlocked by accident

Taurus: Cooks so everyone else doesn’t just try to survive on Chinese takeout

Gemini: Complains about the apartment being messy but doesn’t want to clean it themselves

Cancer: Is constantly threatening to move out

Leo: Keeps trying to insist on a “family” pet for the apartment

Virgo: Buys the groceries so everyone else doesn’t starve

Libra: Ends up doing other people’s laundry so that they don’t wear the same outfit every day for a week

Scorpio: The only one that pays their portion of the rent on time

Sagittarius: Orders useless appliances from infomercials at 3 a.m.

Capricorn: Is constantly buying house plants without saying anything and placing them in inconvenient spaces

Aquarius: Cleans because nobody else is going to do it without being asked

Pisces: Settles arguments so they don’t have to figure out how to get blood out of the carpet

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Hello! I'm starting my freshman year of college this upcoming Spring semester AND I'm moving out and into my own. I'm nervous about forgetting anything at home. What are some key essentials one needs when being on there own for the first time? What school supplies do I need? What kind of important paperwork and stuff should I absolutely bring? Thanks!

Other Tips:


Keeping Your Cool


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