At First Sight (1): Acid

Sorry about dragging you along, Celty signs, barely turning around enough for Shizuo to see the flicker of pale fingers in the moonlit darkness. I know parties aren’t really your thing.

“I don’t mind,” he says aloud, though she’s turning away already, running a hand through her hair again even though it’s fine, it looks just as good as it did when they left. She spent an hour in the bathroom, too, uncharacteristically fussy with her hair while Shizuo alternately held the curling iron or the hairspray for her. She does look nice, though Shizuo can’t completely point to what is different; he supposes that’s the point, though, to still be yourself just…more so, somehow.

“You don’t need to worry about it,” he says as Celty takes the stairs to the second-floor apartment one at a time, bracing herself with the handrail. She shows no sign of listening to him, but Shizuo’s pretty sure she’s in no state to pay attention to anything but her adrenaline anyway. “I’m pretty sure he’ll just be glad to see you.”

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A week from Tuesday I’m flying to SF to visit my three college roommates. And bffls.

It’s the first time I’ll be traveling alone not for work in awhile. I’m considering clutching my ratty stuffed animal, Beardog, with me at all times. I know that’s weird but who cares.

The day Adam gave Beardog to me, he was coming home from France where he’d been working. I made ratatouille and set a candlelit table on my porch which overlooked a parking lot and dumpster in Union Square. I picked him up wearing a black mini skirt and pink t-shirt. He handed me the stuffed dog and I drove home with it in my lap.

I was so, so happy. I don’t remember the dinner or anything else about the night, but I know it was nice. I just remember how happy we both were to be reunited.

It’s so cliche but Beardog just always reminds me of that and how much Adam loves me. It’s the nicest thing he’s ever given more. Nicer than jewelry or perfume or handbags. Which are great, don’t get me wrong. But Beardog is like a talisman. When I hug that ridiculous stuffed animal I know how much Adam loves me.

So yeah, he’s coming with me to San Francisco.


Skimmons || College Roommates AU, Part 5

“I didn’t want to mess up our friendship, Jemma. I care about you way too much. I know you’ll never feel the same way and I just love hanging out with you and I don’t -”

“You’re wrong, you know.”

“About what?

"About me never feeling the same way.”

“Wait… What?”

“Yes, so can you please just stop talking and kiss me?”

“Can I brush my teeth first? That guy was kind of gross.”

The End of the College Roommate?

When Spencer Kiessling was a freshman at the University of South Carolina, he had a terrible roommate experience. “I really didn’t want to have to share a room again,” he says. So when he transferred to the University of Southern Indiana, a public university outside of Evansville, he requested a room all to himself.

And his new school was more than happy to oblige.

“The biggest advantage of your own room is, obviously, the privacy,” says Kiessling, now a junior majoring in environmental science. “Also, it makes it a lot easier for me to focus when I need to get work done.”

For students like Kiessling, who want to increase privacy, enjoy more personal space, and, most importantly, avoid bad roommate experiences, there’s an answer. In the parlance of university residence life, it’s called a “super single”: a room big enough for two people, but reserved for one. A natural outgrowth of the college amenities arms race—the competition to build facilities with ever-more luxurious spaces—super singles cater to a growing number of students willing to pay for a private room.

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College Roommates: Part 1

Character: Dean x Reader 
Author: Dean-imagine-reblogs
Word Count: 900-ish 
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour
A/N: I think the title explains the imagine a bit ghehe. I’ve got to admit it’s been awhile since I wrote something and I’m nervous if you people like it… I’ve already written part 10 but I’m just not sure if you people would like it

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

You are finally going to college! It was at the last minute and you’re 2months later then the rest of the student but you’ll be able to catch up. Atleast you hope so.

You picked up your roster and arranged a part-time job at a restaurant yesterdayand were now heading towards the room you got in the dormitories. You only had 4 bags of stuff, you’d figure you’d buy the thing you missed later… with money you didn’t have. Cry.

As you opened your door you entered a little room, which was the living area and the kitchen and two doors which you presumed to be the bedrooms. It seemed clean enough, no dirty socks lying around or anything. It seemed like nobody was here, which you had actually planned for, since classes just started. You wanted to quietly get settled into your room before having your new roommate walking around.

You opened the first door and it obviously was a guys room, you thought it was rude to snoop around so you closed the door and went to the second room. It was smaller then your roommates and it was one big mess. Obviously the other guy had used it as storage, mostly packed boxes, for his shit. You sighed, dropping your stuff and started to clean out his stuff out of your room. Putting the boxes in the living room so that you could walk in your room.

You nearly finished cleaning the room and settling in your stuff when you heard the door opened. “What’s this?! Who’s there?!” You stepped out of your room. Your H/C hair in a messy bun, no makeup on behind your glasses, skinny jeans, a one size to big t-shirt and sneakers.

As you walked out you saw a tall athletic guy with short dirty blond hair. “Do you live here?” you asked. “Yeah, who the hell are you?” You made your way toward him and extended your hand with a smile. “I’m your new roommate, Y/N L/N.” He sighed in annoyance, ignoring your extended hand. “I thought I had the place to myself, what did you do to my stuff?” You thought he was rude for not bothering to introduce himself and you were already sick of his attitude. This was going to be a long year. “I took your shit storage boxes out of MY room so that I could actually walk into it.”

“Listen to me-” he looked you up and down. “nerd. I didn’t agree to this.” Name calling already? Sure you weren’t very charming at the moment with your messy hair, no make-up and glasses but what the fuck? “Neither did I asshole but there are no other rooms left.” You could see him getting angry at you for calling him an asshole. “Fine then, rules. Number one; keep your filthy hands off my stuff.” You got angry as well. Who does he think he is?! “Fine! Rule number two; keep your shit out of MY room.” He just glared at you and started to move the boxes to his room. You sighed. “Can I help you move your stuff?” “Just go study or something.” “Whatever.” You walked to your room and closed your door.

This was your first encounter with your room mate. You had avoided each other but to be honest he wasn’t such a bad room mate. He wasn’t really there and the few times you were together you had just watched TV together in silence. Though you still didn’t know his name until four weeks later.

After four weeks, at 3 in the morning, you had a pissed off preppy blond banging her fist against your door. Your roommate wasn’t home so when you opened the door, she asked you where he was.

“Where is he?” The girl yelled in your face as soon as you opened the door. “Who?” you asked still sleep-drunk “Dean, my boyfriend.” Who’s tha- ow! Maybe that’s his name. “You mean the tall guy with dirty blond hair?” She looked really annoyed. “YES, WHERE IS HE?!” She yelled.  “Calm down, he’s not here.” You tried to shush her, You could already see a couple of people opening doors. “He’s here, I know he is! Are you his new bitch? God he’s got ugly taste.” You looked at her and you agreed, internally. “He’s not here. Try tomorrow, preferably during the day.”

You were just about to close the door when she rammed it open and started to punch you and pull your hair. Calling you names and screaming, asking where he was. Catching you by surprise, you fell to the ground with her on top of you. You tried to get her off you but she kept punching you and wouldn’t let go of your hair.

Finally somebody pulled her off you. You felt dizzy of the blows and felt that you had a bloody nose. Great.

You heard some more yelling and your door slammed shut. Somebody helped you up. It took you a little while to get a clear look. Green eyes, your roommate.


Part 2 


Skimmons || College Roommates AU, Part 1

Skye had gotten a scholarship to the university. Full ride. Everything paid for. All she had to do was show up and maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average. She arrived at the dormitory and took only a few minutes to set up her side of the room. She didn’t own much. That dorm room would be the first steady bed she’d had in a while.

She finished making the twin bed next to the window and sat on the edge of it. She looked over at the empty bed on the other side of the room. She wondered what her roommate would be like. And would they get along? Would she finally be able to make a friend that wouldn’t leave her? Skye was excited. But even more so, she was scared.

What she didn’t know was that her soon to be roommate, Jemma Simmons, was just as terrified. Jemma had watched as Skye walked into the room half an hour earlier. She had instantly felt something claw at her heart. She sat on the ground out in the hallway, trying to pull herself together. She knew she had to put on a brave face, something she wasn’t very good at. She needed to pretend that whatever she may have momentarily felt when she first saw the other girl was just a fluke. Nerves, maybe. It was a new school and a new environment after all. Or maybe it was something she had eaten earlier.

Jemma picked up her bags and walked into the room. Skye stood up, a grin gracing her face.

anonymous asked:

Ok I have a different kind of question. I'm going to be attending a big university (UT Austin to be exact) and I'm having trouble finding a roommate. Do you have any tips that could with the search? Thanks in advance and I love your blog :)

The roommate hunt can be tough!

Lucky for you, we recently wrote a blog about it: How to find roommates in college

It includes a free downloadable/editable version of this:

Not everyone is fortunate enough to become best friends with their roommate, but good luck!

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College Roommates: Part 17

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 2400-ish
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour B/S = Body Shape Y/H = Your Height O/H/C = Other Hair Colour Y/A=Your Age
A/N:  Something new; a small part of Dean’s pov. Lol. Again, let me know what you think!

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

“Something specific you want to give a try?” Dean asked as you walked into the carnival. You thought for a minute. “It’s a couple of years since I’ve been in the bumper cars. You feeling up to it?” You asked, he nodded in response and you two made your way to the Bumper cars.

The two of you first got a car of your own and you kept bumping against each other, after a while you two started to team up against strangers. The next round Dean got into your bumper car as a passenger. He said he’d wondered what it was like being a passenger in your car. Teasing Dean, you kept bumping other people, mainly using Dean’s side.

Dean was way to happy to get out of the car. “That’s it, I’m driving you around. You are never allowed to drive.” “Did I traumatize you?” You asked innocently. “Yes.” He responded way to quickly. “Hey, I’m not that bad!” You laughed, he chuckled at your response. “Well you’re not driving my car, that’s for sure.” He smirked. “Fair enough.” You answered chuckling. “You did it on purpose to get free rides, didn’t you?” He asked accusingly, you responded by smiling and raising your shoulders. Dean just shook his head.

“Want to get something to eat?” Dean asked and you agreed. He led the two of you to a food stand. The two of you got some funnel cakes. “It doesn’t beat pecan pie, but it’s still pretty good.” Dean said handing you one as he took a bite out of his. You hummed in agreement. The two of you walked towards a bench to eat.

As you took another bite you realized you were spacing out a bit, thinking back to what happened earlier with Thomas. You didn’t want to think about it, you were having a great time with Dean but at the same time you just couldn’t help but wonder why. What had you ever done to him to be treated like that?

Dean snapped you out of it. “Want to shoot something?” You looked up at Dean, he’d already finished his cake, as he pointed at a shooting booth. “You know, letting out some steam?” He smirked, you chuckled at that. Did he know where your mind had drifted off to? Could he read you like a book? Or did he actually want to shoot Thomas? You chuckled at the thought. “I’ve never shot anything before but I’d like to give it a try.” I laughed, tossing away my napkin.

It was really busy, Dean surprised you by grabbing your hand and as he guided you to the booth. Again his hand was so big and warm compared to yours, it swallowed your hand whole. You returned the grip, enjoying the small gesture, as Dean kept a hold of your hand and was looking for a free air gun to shoot with. He found one pretty quickly. Dean bought you 10 tries to shoot some plastic stars.

“You want to give it a try?” Dean asked you, handing you the air rifle. “Sure, but uhm…” You took the gun awkwardly in your hands, not really knowing how to hold it correctly. You felt Dean covering your hands, leaning over you with his chest pressed against your back, as he guided you into position.

“Make sure the back of the rifle is positioned against your shoulder, then put your hands here and here.” He said, you could feel his breath tickle against your ear, making your blush. Knowing and grateful he was unable to see that, you hummed in understanding. “Okay, now try to look at the pointy thing at the end of the rifle and try to aim at the star.” You did as told but missed.

“Don’t worry, try again, the rifles are  rigged but you can do it.” He said letting go of you but still standing very close. You tried again and got one, making the plastic star shatter in a hundred little pieces. “I got one!” You yelled in excitement and looked at Dean who was smiling back at you.

You tried another two times, missing one of them. You looked at Dean. “You want to give it a try?” “You sure?” “Yeah, I’d like to see you in action.” You said with a smirk. “I’m a bit rustic though.” He said returning with a grin. “Give it your best shot.” “Very funny.” He said sarcastically. He bought another 10 extra tries and absolutely nailed it. He had 16 shot’s total and he hit every single one.

“Wow, remind me to never piss you off.” You said with a nervous laugh. His face fell with a ‘Oh shit’-look, putting the gun down. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Don’t worry.” You quickly said laughing, taking his hand, walking away from the booth. “That was pretty cool. How come you’re such a good shot? You haven’t really shot people or anything, have you?” You asked jokingly “No, I went hunting a couple of times.” He said chuckling at your question, you let go of his hand putting it on your hip. “You shot bambi?” You asked jokingly. “No, of course not. I got taught never to shoot bambi.” You nodded at his response and took his hand again. “Good.” “You shoot bambi’s mother.” You could hear him mumble and you playfully punched Dean’s arm. “Seriously? That’s just sad!” You said laughing, he just shrugged his shoulders but then he stopped both of you. “Ow I forgot something, stay here. Don’t go wondering off, okay?” He said, letting go of your hand. “I’m Y/A, not 5.” Dean chuckled and walked back to the shooting booth.

As Dean went to the booth, you looked around wondering what you could do next. You then noticed a roller-coaster, if Dean didn’t mind, that could be fun.

“I’m back.” You heard Dean say. “In black?” You asked looking at him, he had one hand behind his back and seemed to have a bit of a shy-ish vibe over him. “No but uhm we earned some points at the shooting booth and-“ He revealed the hand that was behind his back, holding a cute little teddy bear. “- it’s just a little something, if you don’t like it you ca-” He started to ramble a bit but the bear was so cute, you took it out of his hand, feeling a warms smile appear as you stared at it. You looked at him stopping him from rambling on. “I love it.” You smiled warmly and Dean looked relieved. A happy smile appearing on his face as well. Again you couldn’t help it. He was so sweet and caring, you wanted to thank him but didn’t think a hug was enough and a ‘real’ kiss wasn’t appropriate for the ‘first’ time, so you led your hand to the back of his neck, pulling him down and you softly but longer then usual kissed him on the cheek.

You let Dean go, he seemed to be processing what just happened, you chuckled a bit. He stayed quiet for a bit. “Glad you like it.” You nodded, holding the bear. “Are you afraid of roller-coasters?” You changed the subject. “No.” “Good, want to go in that one?” You pointed at the roller-coaster. “Sure.” This time you took a hold of his hand and the two of you walked to the roller-coasters.

Dean wasn’t looking so well. “Are you okay?” “Yeah, it’s that funnel cake that is messing me up.” Everything went fine and the roller-coaster was awesome but when you two got out and you looked at Dean, he didn’t look very well. “So it wasn’t the roller-coaster going around and around and around and aro-” You teased but he interrupted. “Okay, okay, it was okay.” You chuckled, took his hand and sat him down on a bench, rubbing his back. You gave him a couple of minutes, letting the colour return to his face. “Feeling a bit better?” He nodded in response.

It was now completely dark and still to your amazement quite busy. You wanted to go into the Funhouse but when you looked back at Dean he was still not looking very well. You then thought of something. “I’ll be right back.” You said, going to a booth to get Dean some water.

When you turned around you saw a group of guys standing around Dean. You wanted to walk straight up and sit next to Dean again but stopped when you heard the conversation.

“Dean, why didn’t you go to the party?” One guy asked him. “Can ask you the same thing.” Dean answered with a smug smile. “Man that hot O/H/C chick was looking for you. How is it the hot girls flunk all over you, huh? What’s your secret?” Another guy asked him. “It must be his homeless look.” Another one said laughing, making them all laugh. Dean chuckled sarcastically. “Very funny.”

You didn’t know what to say or how to react to that. These were Dean’s football friends, you didn’t know them and they would ignore your presence anyway. You decided to stay a bit afar until those guys left.  

In the meantime you looked at the bear and bottle of water in your hands. So it was true about the O/H/C girl. What have you been doing? He loves and is going after that O/H/C girl. The bear must’ve been just a gesture to cheer you up after what happened today, nothing else. You feel so embarrassed! You sighed seeing that the guys were leaving, you had to get back to Dean and act ‘normal’.

Maybe this had been a pity trip after all?

*Dean’s pov*

Yesterday Y/N returned with a bottle of water and pretty soon after we’d returned to the apartment. Y/N hadn’t said much the whole ride and went to bed quickly. She’d said she enjoyed the carnival though and so did I!

But when Y/N got back from classes today she immediately went into the shower. I noticed that ever since she returned with that bottle of water, she seemed to avoid me again. We had such a great time at the carnival yesterday, at least, I know I did. The bumper cars she started to cheer up again. The shooting booth, seeing her face light up when she hit that star and when I gave her that bear, the lingering kiss on my cheek, her lips were so soft.

I let my hand go over my face out of frustration. What am I doing wrong?! I feel like I just keep screwing up and this time I’ve got no idea why!

I let out another sight when Y/N’s phone rang. I could hear a frustrated sound from the shower so I offered to get it  and heard some kind of muffled agreeing sound.

“Hello?” I answered. “Hello, sorry, is this Y/N’s number?” “Yeah she is busy right now, can she call you back or do I need to leave a message?” “No, I’ll text her.” “Okay, sure.” “Bye.” “Bye.”

I hung up and looked at the number and was very surprised to read ‘End Call Martinez’. Martinez as in miss Martinez? It can’t be, can it? Does Y/N work there… is Miss actually Y/N? I did have a feeling she might be but it can’t be. She’s to shy for that! She would’ve said something, she would’ve act differently! Right?! Don’t go making weird-disgusting-yet-best-and-super-hot-case-scenario assumptions!

Again I let my hand go over my face when I felt Y/N’s phone vibrate. Y/N received a text from Martinez. ‘Can you work tonight at 8?’

No. That’s not possible. I made an appointment an hour ago for 8 tonight because yesterday was one of the best-shy Y/N-moments I could’ve ever dreamed of and I didn’t want to force my affections on Y/N since we’re ‘just roommates’ and I just thought I’d go blow of some steam at Martinez with that girl who looked like her. Okay that’s sounds very wrong inside my head as well and I know it is not right but it’s better then sitting around here like a love sick and horny puppy. Sue me!

Were they texting her for that appointment?… only one way to find out.

I grabbed my phone and dialed the Miss Martinez number. “Miss Martinez, how may I pleasure you?” “Hey, I called about an hour ago for an appointment tonight at 8 but something came up. So can it be set back to 9?” “Sure I’ll check it with your miss and I’ll call you back.” “Thanks.” You hung up and could feel your heart race in suspense.

A little while later, Y/N received another text. ‘Client rescheduled. Can you work at 9?’

I nearly dropped the phone. It is. I was right all along. It’s her. Her looks, voice, smile, smell, curves. Everything! It was her! I’ve been driving myself crazy for weeks. Debating with myself whether it was her or not. Being held back by the thought and possible disappointment that maybe it was some girl who just looked like her. I’d thought of confronting that miss, only to chicken out later. Not wanting to shatter that awesome dream.

At that moment I heard Y/N getting out of the shower. I panicked, closing her phone and tossing it onto the couch, making a run to my room. As Y/N opened the bathroom door, I ‘casually’ walked out of my room.

“Who was it?” She asked, drying her hair with a towel. “Wrong number, you’re phone is on the couch.” I tried to say as normal as possible. She nodded in response. “Ow, okay.” She then sat on the couch, grabbing her phone and texting something.

I couldn’t stick around. “I’m going for a food run, you want something?” I asked her. “No thank you and I won’t be home tonight, I’ve got to work.” She said still looking at her phone. “Ow, okay.” I quickly grabbed my things and closed the door behind me just in time, my phone rang.

“Hello?” “Mister Winchester, your miss is available tonight.” “Perfect.” I answered and was about to hang up when I thought of something.

Y/N had know from the very start it was me. Why did she never say anything? And why was she so shy with me as her roommate but as her sub at Martinez, a very fierce mistress? She’d seen sides of me that no one ever had! I’ve begged, been tight up at her mercy. Oh my god. I’ve screamed out her name at that first session… I can feel my cheeks really heat up, I don’t like this and she never really worked for a cleaning company, did she?

“Wait, one more thing. I’d like to change something else.” I said to the girl on the phone.

It’s time for the confrontation, answers… and payback.

Part 18?


Skimmons || College Roommates AU, Part 2

It took a while for Jemma to open up. But Skye kept trying. And after the first round of midterms they began to become friends. They stayed up late watching Netflix on Skye’s laptop. They shared secrets and stories of their pasts. Skye showed Jemma how to play her favorite video games. Jemma shared her most beloved books with Skye. They even went out to parties for brief periods of time before realizing they were only hanging out with each other and ultimately deciding they could just as easily do that in their room without the noise and drunk students.

And over time Skye began to realize that the feelings she had for her roommate weren’t just friendly. Jemma was the first girl she had liked in a long time. She cursed herself for having a crush on her roommate. Couldn’t it have been anyone else?

Jemma showed up one day after class and introduced Skye to a new friend. Leo Fitz was in most of Jemma’s classes. Skye felt a slight pang of jealousy. She waited, hoping the feeling would go away. She needed to get over this. There was no chance Jemma felt the same way. Skye tried to bear it as best she could. She put a smile on and pretended to be happy to meet this new guy. Her facade faded as soon as he left.

So now you know

You know how there is three million fics written from the idea of “I have a huge crush on you but I’ve never done anything about it because I always thought you were straight”? Well, now there is three million and one of those because I’m trash and not even sorry about it. [Read on ao3]

“Cheer up Dean! She obviously didn’t recognize good when she had it, it’s her loss not yours.” Cas said as he sat down next to his sulking roommate on his bed.

“You always say that but I’m not so sure if it’s true.” Dean smiled weakly and turned to look at Castiel.

“It is, you are a good man Dean Winchester and anyone would be happy to have you.” Cas said and smiled. He wanted to take Dean’s hand or put his own hand on Dean’s shoulder or just something, anything. But he didn’t dare to touch him so he kept his hands on his own lap. Dean sighed and the sadness in his eyes broke Castiel’s heart. He couldn’t understand all the women Dean had been dating in the last two years. Who would leave Dean once they had him? Were the girls completely crazy? Dean was the best anyone could ever have, he was perfect in every way and Cas would give anything to be able to call Dean his.

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College Roommates: Part 20

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1500-ish
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour B/S = Body Shape Y/H = Your Height O/H/C = Other Hair Colour Y/A=Your Age

A/N:  I know it’s late but here it is! Again, let me know what you think!

ALSO a lot of you have given me such lovely messages comments etc. I’m so sorry I haven’t replied yet… I’m a bit tired and thought you gals deserved the next part first, so I’ll respond to all your awesome message tomorrow!
Stay awesome sweethearts and enjoy!

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

Sam walked into the apartment. Dean seemed as surprised as you were.

“I got excepted into Stanford.” Sam said. You could see Dean look confused at the subject. “Great… so why are you here?” Smooth Dean, you thought to yourself.

“Great to see you too, Dean.” Sam said sarcastic as he turned to him. Dean sighed. “I mean, why are you here in the middle of the night?”

Sam was quiet but then you heard him sigh and raise his shoulders. “They were fighting again.” You saw Dean let a hand go over his face.

“They’re still fighting?” Dean asked. “No, dad went on a business trip and mom went to nan and granddads.” “Leaving you alone?” Dean asked again. “Yeah.” Sam answered, with a ‘obviously’ undertone to it.

“Well, dad was so pissed off that he froze my accounts.” Sam continued and he walked to the table, putting his bag there. “Why?” Dean raised his hands. “Because I got into Stanford?” Sam rolled his eyes.

“What, why is that a problem?” You asked, you couldn’t help it. “Ow hello.” Sam said surprised, realizing you were there as well. Dean didn’t answer instead Sam continued. “Sorry didn’t know you had company.” He said to Dean.

You laughed. “I’m not ‘company’ I’m his… roommate.” You said, you didn’t know what Dean wanted to tell his little brother, so you left that open.

You stood up and walked towards Sam. “Y/N.” You said, extending your hand. He took your hand and you could see a smile creep up his face. “I’m Sam.” You nodded and looked at Dean who was clearly still frustrated. You couldn’t blame him, it’s been an long and eventful day.

“C’mon have a seat, want something to drink?” You said to Sam as you gestured to the couch. The guys sat down as you got some drinks and sat down next to Dean again.

“So you got into Stanford? That’s pretty cool but aren’t you a bit young.” You said. “Told you he was a nerd like you.” Dean said mumbling as he took a sip of his drink.

You shook your head as Sam rolled his eyes and he answered to you. “Yeah.” And taking a sip of his drink, smiling.

“Well I’m planning to go.” Sam said, directed to Dean “And he still wants you to go to Yale?” Dean asked. “Yes” Sam answered with a sigh. “Son of a bitch.” Dean put down his cup.

It stayed quiet for a bit. “And what about your accounts?” Dean asked. “Well like I said, he froze my accounts so I don’t have any money and mom said she was going to nan and granddads for at least a week to ‘cool down’.” Sam answered.

“So yeah, I’m cool with staying home alone in that boring big place but no money and I couldn’t reach mom so.” “So you decided to come here? You could’ve just called.” Dean said annoyed.

“Well it didn’t go as planned, I was supposed to be here this afternoon but the bus I was traveling with got a flat tire-” “Bus?” Dean cut him off. “Yeah, dad took all the car keys with him and I haven’t figured out how to hack those new cars yet.”

“Unbelievable and you couldn’t call?!” Dean said angry, which got Sam angry. “I tried you jerk but you weren’t picking up!” Dean sighed again.

There was obviously something going on with Dean’s family which you had no clue off.  You didn’t want to bribe or hear Dean out now, you believed Dean would tell you in time. Just not after everything that happened today. The two of you hadn’t even labeled the relationship you were having. Even though you were pretty sure you two now were boyfriend-girlfriend, neither of you had said it out loud.

Also it was getting late so you saw this as your chance to intervene, giving the guys a chance to talk alone. “Well, I’m sorry but I’m off to bed.” You said, supporting your hand on Dean’s knee as you got up. “Try not to stay up all night. Goodnight guys.” “Night.” You heard Sam say.

You nearly reached your bedroom door when you felt a hand on your lower back. You stopped and looked over your shoulder.

Dean stood behind you and gave you a kiss. “Why don’t you go there. I’ll be there in a minute.” He said and you felt his hand on you lower back pushing you towards his room. “Okay if Sam’s sleeps in your room tonight?” He asked.

You couldn’t find a reason not, so you nodded and leaned in for one last kiss before entering and closing his door.

*Dean’s pov*

Y/N went into my room and I sighed. I turned back to Sammy and sat down again.

Of course he had this annoying teasing… face on his face. “C’mon, spill it.” I sighed. Sam just smirked. “No nothing.” He said, I took a sip of my drink. “So that’s Y/N?” He asked teasingly.

Even though I know he was trying to tease me, I couldn’t get angry. Instead I could just feel a smile creep up my face. “Yeah, that’s her.” “So?” “So what?” I asked, raising my eyebrow. 

“Did you confess?” He whispered, not wanting Y/N to hear it. Told you he was a smart kid.

Besides that, I might have talked a bit to much about her when I got home last summer break? Sammy seemed happy for me even though me and Y/N didn’t have anything at the time. I didn’t tell mom but I know she noticed something and and dad just didn’t notice or care.

Anyway, Sammy doesn’t know about Martinez. Which is good because the kid doesn’t need to know everything.

“Yeah, about two seconds before you knocked.” I whispered back. “And?” He whispered back a bit to loud. I couldn’t hide the smile as I stared at my drink and shrugged my shoulders. I could feel Sam push me in the arm.

“Who would of thought she’d actually go for my loser brother.” Sam said teasingly but I didn’t care that he called me a loser.

I haven’t had the chance to let it sink in. Tonight went by so quickly. I couldn’t help the smile that was creeping up again. “She told me, Sam.” Sam looked a bit confused. “Told you what?” “She actually loves me back.” I answered and let my hand glide over my face. “God, I swear. Hearing her say that is just so different compared to anyone else who’s said it to me. I don-” I didn’t know what to say. I never believed in that butterfly crap, I truly believed it to be bullshit but with her. She could just give me that good/weird feeling in the stomach and I just- sigh. I don’t know. It’s just awesome.

“I’ve got to admit you do seem a bit like a different, chick flick, kind of guy now.” Sam chuckled. I shook my head and threw a pillow at him. “Bitch.” Sam just laughed.

I then thought again why Sam was actually here but I’m tired. “Okay, I’m going to bed as well. We’ll talk about everything tomorrow.” Sam nodded.

“C’mon.” I said, as I stood up and walked to Y/N’s room telling Sam to crash here. “You two had a fight?” Sam asked as he walked into the room.

Y/N’s book were still scattered over the floor. I didn’t answer Sam, not feeling like explaining now and just picked up the book and put them on her desk. Telling Sam goodnight.

When I walked into my room, the lamp at the night stand was on. Y/N seemed fast asleep, wearing one of my shirts. Great another clothing thief, I thought sarcastically.

I undressed as well and finally got into bed and turned off the light. I rolled to my side, facing her back and wanted to get closer to Y/N but instead she turned around in her sleep and her arm hugging me closer and her face buried against my chest. I could hear her let out a content sigh.

I wrapped my arms around her as well, kissing her on top of her head.

After all that we’ve been through I can’t believe we still ended up like this. Even after all this, this is definitely one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

Part 21?