C: I need black friends but it’s like I can never get past being acquaintances with them. My friend at home is a person of color and hangs out with mostly black people at uni. My uni is basically filled with white people that listen to Queen and The 1975, etc. So she’s always talking about how “lit” her uni is but I keep telling her it’s because she’s around black people. She’s like, “No white people are fun too.” No bitch. No they’re not. They’re the most boring people I’ve ever spent time with. They’re so crusty.


I’m graduating this upcoming week! Ahhh. I’m so excited. College has been rough (thanks, chronic illnesses), but I have loved my time here and will miss it dearly.

Here are a few pictures of my face. :)

[Images: the first photo is an up close of my face. I have blonde hair and green eyes, and am wearing a purple cap and gown and smiling up at the camera. The second photo is of me farther back; I’m wearing a white dress with blue flowers, my purple cap, and I’m leaning against my white cane which also has blue flowers on it. In the background is a bluestone building on my college campus.]

Ok, but PSA tbh.

I am soft-resseting my blog. 

Basically this means I will be dropping ALL threads EXCEPT for a few select three or fourish NEWER ones. I will also be keeping the three asks I have left. Everything else is done. This does not mean anything that occurred between our muses or their relationships didn’t happen. I would just like to point that out. This doesn’t mean our muses relationships start from scratch. Ships will remain, friendships, rivalry, whatever it is, that doesn’t go away with all the threads I drop.

I know this might upset some people, but I am going to go through witn this regardless. I will also take myself off semi hiatus. You can try to convince me not to, or decide you don’t want to rp with me ever again, or anything. I’m not going to stop you if you want to unfollow me or block me or anything. I’m not going to be able to do anything if this makes anyone annoyed or upset or HECK- if this makes someone hate my guts, because, “GOD DAMMIT KAT, I HAVE BEEN WAITING TWO MONTHS FOR THAT REPLY AND NOW IT WILL NEVER BE DONE ????!” 

I am sorry, BUT I have to do this for my own sanity and for the sake of this blog. I’m really sorry, but it is better to do this then have people wait for threads I am never going to reply to at this rate. 


[04.30.2017] happy sunday! been a super busy weekend so my weekly spread will go up at the end of the week but in the meantime here’s a greyscale flat lay with my new mix media sketchbook! 


This is not witchcraft related, but it’s an issue I am very passionate about. We overwork our University/college students to a breaking point, then get angry at them for breaking. So I did my research, crunched the numbers, and wrote this very passionate bit about why our education system is f*cked.

Rage against the machine, my fellow college students. We are human, and THIS is abuse. I have a 4.0, but I’m gonna let it go now, because my mind & body are suffering, and it’s just not worth it.

Health > Homework