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I tell you, I like you~


Woa. That. Was. Fucking. FUNNY TO DRAW!!! :D I wanted to try to draw a bit … simply and faster xD and I liiike it really! Not so deep shadows, light colors etc. ^^ haha. I hope you like it too

coffee wooing

member; can-i-get-you-to-go s.coups
genre; fluff, cafe!au
summary; seungkwan is always raving about that jock who visits the coffee shop. he visits and you’re just kind of like why. 

part ii |

a/n: might actually become a two parter.

“But have you seen him? He’s just so handsome, and wow, I think I’d die if I was ever his barista when he came in,” your coworker Seungkwan rambled. He wasn’t just a coworker though. He was one of your closest friends and you were blessed with a sweet manager to make the schedules match up. It was just another ordinary day at the cafe you worked at. 

It was rare for the cafe to be so empty and quiet, but on those days, you would wipe down the tables while Seungkwan counted the money. And as you continued to wipe down the tables, listening to extra Seungkwan, you had to wonder if this guy was really worth swooning over. To be fair, you two took turns raving about guys you thought were cute. Just a tiny bit boy crazy, the two of you would argue, but your manager would always chime in saying you two were 99% boy crazy. Finishing off the last dark hardwood tables, you spun on your heel and looked at Seungkwan. 

“Have you talked to him?” 

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jb as a college student!
  • pre-dental tract
  • he so knows that his heart says film or music theory 
  • can be spotted on a large blanket outside somewhere with youngjae just jamming out 
  • he is known as campus as “that guy who wears a lot of leather”
  • 98 degrees and sunny? leather jacket it is 
  • legend has it he caused sudden cardiac arrest bc of that smile
    • nah it was just a rumor youngjae made up heh
  • joined an acapella group
  • hated it & very slowly faded out instead of formally quitting
  • didn’t make any friends freshmen year
  • because everyone was super intimidated by him 
  • spends a socially unacceptable amount of time on snapchat practicing his derp faces
  • sits way in the back during lectures, doodling ideas for a new song
  • is that lab partner you hate bc they don’t do anything 
  • ahh things are fine my lab partner’s got it 
  • even violent threats would not be able to get him to go to the pep rally
  • maybe lives in the dining hall
  • defends its honor when people say the d.hall sucks
  • exclusively uses 0.5 mm pens 
  • snuck his cat nora into his box-sized dorm 
  • went the entire year without getting caught. literally how. explain

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anonymous asked:

I'm looking to revamp my wardrobe and I was wondering if you had some staples every 20 year old girl should have?

Here is a list of items similar to ones I wear weekly. These items are super versatile and make great staple pieces in any wardrobe. They are super easy to mix and match, creating a ton of looks, and you can use different accessories to style them. I’ve tried to make this list affordable, with all items under $100:


White sneakers 

Black lace up heels (I have these in two colors, on sale currently)

Simple sandals

Brown booties

Workout sneakers


Ripped skinny jeans

Dark wash skinny jeans

White jeans (I wear white jeans so often)

Denim shorts

Black skirt

Black leggings


White tee (Great staple piece)

Black tee

Navy and white striped tee

Fun graphic tee

Chambray button down

Black sleeveless top (good for going out)


Shirt dress (this one is super fun)

Black dress

White sundress


Structured blazer (good for work and presentations, I’ve needed a blazer countless times in college)

Down jacket (depending on weather where you live)

Jean Jacket

Cardigan (this one is super cute with a bottom ruffle detail, cute for internships)


Canvas tote

Black crossbody

Aviator sunglasses

Simple gold initial necklace