Tiesto returns to Los Angeles, bringing his Club Life College Invasion Tour to the Staples Center on October 20th.

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Porter Robinson: The College Invasion Tour Mini-Documentary


Teisto’s closing last night.  It was fucking epic.  Skip to 6:45 for the big moment :)

Tiesto Invades Gainesville

The College Invasion Tour has hit Gainesville and now the raving begins!

Neon clothing- check. 

Obnoxious sunglasses at night- check. 

Dancing shoes- check. 

On September 26, world famous DJ Tiesto hit Gainesville and I wanted to witness this for myself. The hype started off at the location being at the Alachua County Fairgrounds, a sorority contest that promoted the event more than ever imagined, as well as “rumors” that there would be bungee jumping and carnival rides. The hype was well deserved as it was one of the most amazing performance that I have witnessed live.

The obsession with electronic music is prevailing around the world with festivals such as the Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy, Tomorrowland, Identity, and many more. But never has there been a DJ as famous as Tiesto come to Gainesville. History was about to be made. 

I arrived to Alachua Fairground in style- a party bus courtesy of my sorority’s 2nd place achievement in the contest. Upon arrival, I just had to take in the atmosphere of all the neon outfits, absurd accessories, glow-sticks and the even more outrageous loli-pop domination.

But what about the music?

I have seen Tiesto perform three times prior to this event and his “College Invasion Tour” was definitely in my top two. Tiesto was feeling the music, feeling the crowd and loving every bit about being in Gainesville. 

Here is a short clip from the beginning of the performance:

The one thing I notice when I go to live performances is how the artist is interacting with the crowd and how much they are enjoying being there. I love to watch the performers have fun as their fans. It makes me enjoy their performance even more. Tiesto was a prime example of someone who was loving what they were doing. 

The one thing that left me amazed was his light show. All techno concerts have some sort of light show that correlates with the music. Tiesto didn’t hold back on the College Invasion’s light show. He went all out and the crowd loved every bit of it. 

Below is a picture of the end of the performance. Lights, confetti, and the crowd going wild is the perfect ending to any night! 

Gainesville’s electronic fanatics should be well pleased after this night. 

Photo by Priscilla Zuniga.