Finally! Photos of my room! My momma came to visit yesterday so I actually cleaned up and made my bed for the first time in weeks.  

The desk and dresser I got from a yard sale for super cheap & painted retro avocado, the bed and record player table are from Ikea, the quilt and record player are Urban, and almost everything else I got from yard sales or thrift stores! Click the photos to see more details!

Dorm Room Decor (& DIY)

I’m heading back into another year of college in two weeks (..!!) so I’ve been filling my free time with perusals on Pinterest and other sites to compile the best (and most affordable) ways to make a dorm room cozy and beautiful. 

The Aim:

To make the most out of my tiny living space and to turn it into a bright, cheery and cozy hideaway.

The Process:

We’re currently at the brainstorming level. I’ll be tracking my adventures in dorm-decoration on the blog, so stay tuned for the ideas and affordable (or hopefully free) DIYs I find! These posts are applicable to apartments and homes as well as dorm rooms, so hopefully every nester can find something to nest with here ;) 

Idea #1: Take old paint chips and cut/paste/tape them onto your walls for a bright splash of color! I’m planning on either organizing them into shapes (i.e. using lavender and other pastel paint chips to craft flowers on my walls)

Personal Tip: I don’t know about you (I’m not feeling 22, stahp it), but I still happen to have old origami paper lying around from my short-lived oragami craze (back in…middle school?!). That paper, or any colored paper you have lying around for that matter, could provide the same kind of artwork for your room and walls!

Idea #2: Washi Masking Tape–> Awesome geometric lines or picture frames for your wall decorations. I am especially eyeing these beautiful, sparkly gold & white washi tape prints on Amazon for $13.95 

More Cute Washi Tape ideas 

Idea #3: I am especially in love with these idea…the bed canopy! I plan on hunting down some cute but very cheap curtains for this simple way to amp up a dorm room bed.

Super awesome idea and DIY instructions-Click me!


ROOM TOUR: College Bedroom

I think the evolution that someone’s living space goes through over time can tell a lot about them and how they’ve grown as a person. I just graduated college, so this room still represents a lot of who I am, and I still have most of these pictures and decorations in different places throughout my new apartment. However, this room is really colorful and bright, which I think represents the young college girl that lived in it for two years. This was my last room that was just mine to decorate however I wanted, so of course, it’s girly (essentially to me, girly just means colorful), as well as modern and comfortable, which is basically how I would describe my design aesthetic.

The first pictures shows the gallery wall that I had above my TV and mini-fridge, which can be seen in the images of the full room (these were the first pictures I took of the completed room after I had moved in, so it’s a little unorganized still, and doesn’t have all the decor that I eventually put up).

I seriously LOVED this room. I lived in a house with three other girls, and they all basically thought I got the worst room in the house because it was the smallest and had the smallest closet I guess. But seriously, I feel like I got the best room. It was already painted this beautiful light blue color when I moved in, while the other girls’ rooms were like bright fucking purple and teal and shit. And, my room was the only room with two windows, including the absolutely massive picture window above the bed that looked out over the cobblestone street that we lived on. It was absolutely perfect.

Before I moved in, I had seen the really light blue color of the walls, so I made my first design decisions based around that. The first thing I bought was my bedding for my first FULL-SIZE bed. It was an exciting time for me. And despite many of my friends saying it was strange, I decided to go with lavender sheets and the yellow and white geometric comforter seen in the second and third pictures. Everyone later admitted that they actually looked amazing together, and I thought so too.

The fourth picture is my bookshelf, which initially wasn’t very full, because I hadn’t gotten very far into the English major yet. This picture shows how it looked at the end of my college career, filled with the tens and tens of books that I had purchased for my classes over the years.

The fifth and sixth pictures show the other gallery wall corner of my room on the other side of the bed. I interchanged the pictures on both gallery walls all the time with some of the hundreds of clippings from Vogue and Nylon magazines that I’ve collected over the years to frame.

The last picture shows the three large framed pictures that were above my desk in my college bedroom, and are above my desk right now in my new apartment, although with different Vogue clippings in them. I love having beautiful, inspiring images to look at in my workspace.


A few different views of the three rooms I’ve lived at during my Smith career - click on the photos to see them better.

Some room decorating necessities:
- A good-sized pillow is a must! I use mine to lean against the wall when sitting in bed or in my window seat, plus if you get a cute one it double duties as room decor!
- A few favorite books from home (more for comfort than for actual reading since it gets busy at Smith!)
- Postcards for wall-decorating, they’re cheaper than posters and they remind me of all the places I’ve been able to visit.

I also brought along glow in the dark star constellations, some stuffed animals, and a framed photo of me and my friends at my high school graduation.