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(Study Forensic Anthropology w/ me (lecture): Late night apt in the city // 09.30.17. - Link to video:

Much as I love science and the career I want to do, I always think about how if I weren’t dirt poor and had options to choose from, I probably would’ve become an artist for my career. I’m not very good at it, not if you look at how long it takes me, or how very talented other people are, but it’s something I do enjoy doing and wished that it’s something I could pursue professionally. I love forensic pathology, I think it’s fascinating work (even if people look at me weird) and I want to be the first in my family that goes as far as I’m aiming for. I just, I get so down sometimes thinking about the fact that I can’t do something that makes me happy and not have to worry about starving or not having a place to live.

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Last test in Forensics today. In a few minutes actually. I’m going to miss this class! It’s been a welcome relief among my other work… I hope my next class is good because honestly I’m getting a little tired of this research stuff. =_=“ Reading and writing this much academically worded stuff every single week is exhausting… It’s alright once I get in the middle of it, but motivating myself to start is getting harder and harder. I’m looking forward to having a little break (fall break, unless my professor says I can’t)…

Last night I drew a little comic that turned out okay, I might post it later. I’ve been trying to draw more lately. I need to practice everyday so I can get better, I know that’s the only way to really get the skills I want.
I also found a MOOC about making comics. I’m going to do some of the lessons and see what I think. If it’s good I’ll link it. I love MOOC courses. I’ve only ever stuck with one of them to completion (it was a criminal justice course), but that course really changed the way I think and ended up being relevant for classes that I took later on in uni. So I know that if you stick with them (which can be hard since no one is making you, there’s no real incentive other than your own desire to learn), they can pay off. I’m going to try to do this comic one while I’m on break, and in between my real classes once session-a starts up.

Ok, well I’m definitely avoiding right now. I need to go take this test…

ID #80000

Name: Bailey
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hello, I’m Bailey. I haven’t had a pen pal ever, so this should be very interesting. I am currently a freshman in college. Hopefully I will major in biochemistry to become a forensic scientist. I love tv shows such as American Horror Story, Riverdale, 13RW, OITNB, HTGAWM, Law and Order: SVU, and I guess anything crime related lol. I like to read books and I love horror films. I’d prefer someone 17+ and from anywhere!! If you’ve read this far, thank you and hope to soon have a pen pal. :)

Preferences: No preferences besides ages 17+. Also, willing to do either snail mail or online :)

Productive day 23/100꒰ ´ᆺ`꒱۶

Trev and I went to UW to study/work. We found a little coffee shop in the museum that’s going to be permanently closed soon. :( It was really pretty. I took more photos of it but I’ll have to post them later bc I need to get back to work today. I got all my lectures and labs done! Now just need to study for test 2, it’s due on Tuesday!


Productive day 22/100꒰ ´ᆺ`꒱۶

We went to two different coffee shops this day to work! Haha. I’ve been wanting to try some new coffee shops, so we went to a really nice tea house in Queen Anne, but they didn’t really want people to be on their laptops working for more than 1 hour, so after enjoying some pastries and drinks, we went to another one a few blocks off Queen Anne. Both were really good! We’ll have to go back to them…

I got a lot of labs done on this day! Like 9 of them!