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High School Graduation: With Advanced Honors from Scholars and ARISTA ~age 17~ (2012)
College Graduation: Forensic Psychology BA with Macaulay Honors       ~age 21~ (2016)
College Graduation: Masters Degree -Summa Cum Laude 3.987 GPA   ~age 22~ (2017)

Your hands feel like home

Request: Some college au lance and keith, where maybe keith gets like really badly sick (Up to you my friend how) and lance has to force him to stop going to classes/go to the hospital but keith gets so freaking stressed because he must have perfect grades (Klance if you want!!) Thank!!! C:

Summary: When Keith comes down sick, he assumes its nothing and carries on. But as classes and deadlines start to take their toll, it becomes more and more obvious to both Keith and his boyfriend Lance, that this ‘cold’ is anything but normal. How he made it to lectures with full blown pneumonia, he’ll never know, but something he does know is that no matter what, Lance will always be by his side. 

‘Babe, did you get the coffee?’

Keith raised his head, pausing in his feeble attempt to remove his shoes without experiencing a rapid, unplanned introduction to the floor.

‘Huh?’ he called, a small wince seeping through his teeth at the irritable scrape in his throat. He had been feeling ill for days, sluggish and tired, with a growing wet cough that burned his airways and pounded his head like a hammer on an anvil. He knew he had a fever - that morning while Lance had still been sleeping he had snuck into his bathroom and borrowed his thermometer, only find that his temperature had risen to 38.5 degrees. But college was just too busy to take a day off from, and so he had popped a few fever reducers and paracetamol and gotten on with his day.

‘Coffee,’ Lance repeated, sticking his head out of the kitchen door to raise his eyebrows at Keith. ‘you said you were gonna stop by the store on your way here and pick some up. I’m nearly out,’

Keith groaned, leaning his head against the wall, second shoe all but forgotten. ‘Damnit.. I forgot, sorry. Want me to go back out and get some?’ he asked, but every fibre of his body was praying that Lance would say no. Apparently, whatever Gods were looking down on him chose to be kind, and Lance shook his head, at ease.

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anonymous asked:

hi I was wondering if you know which schools have the best forensic/criminal psychology graduate programs?

  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Holy Names University
  • Marymount University
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Prescott College
  • Roger Williams University
  • Tiffin University                
  • University of Denver
  • University of North Dakota
  • University of Maryland—​College Park
  • University at Albany—​SUNY
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Missouri—​St. Louis
  • Pennsylvania State University—​University Park
  • University of California—​Irvine
  • Florida State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—​Newark
  • CUNY—​John Jay College
  • Temple University
  • Arizona State University
  • Northeastern University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Delaware
  • George Mason University
  • University of Nebraska—​Omaha
  • American University
  • University of Illinois—​Chicago
  • Washington State University
  • Indiana University
  • Sam Houston State University
  • University of South Florida
  • University of South Carolina
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Name: Zoe
Age: 16
Country: United States

Hey! I like music, reading and anything forensic science related. Im pretty introverted and come off as very shy, but I swear I’m kind of interesting.
As far as music goes I play cello and ukulele, I love all instruments. I especially enjoy percussion. For listening to music I like pretty much everything (minus country, I know, I know what a shock) some of my favorites include twenty one pilots
The front bottoms
Real friends
The 1975
Jon bellion
It is mostly a mix of a lot of different artists, I am open to listening to new things all the time!
I read all the timeee. My favorites are things like Harry Potter, the mortal instruments, to kill a mockingbird, lord of the flies, all the bright places and the host. I have read much more then this but it is a pretty good start.
As far as forensic science goes, serial killers just intrigue me. I like learning about them and what they did. While I do not condone it, it certainly is a very interesting topic. I want to major in forensic science in college actually!! I know a lot of random creepy facts, so that’s a plus of talking to me!!
I have Snapchat, instagram, kik and of course tumblr!!

Preferences: I would like people 15+ but other then that, as long as you are a not racist or transphobic or anything of the like everything should be all good!!

coachdanyell  asked:

I'm in my second year at a community college, with a 3.8 GPA and a part of the honors program. I'm looking to transfer to UC Irvine in Fall 2016. My question is that while I am majoring in psychology, I still don't know whether I want to go towards Criminal Psych or Forensic Psych. I am eventually planning on achieving my doctorate. Any insight as to which would be a better field? What are the differences from each other? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Difference Between Criminal Psychology & Forensic Psychology (Profiling, Researching, Evaluating):

Although they both work closely with the legal system, criminal and forensic psychologists have different focuses. While both professionals generally have a doctorate in psychology, a criminal psychologist evaluates criminals exclusively. A forensic psychologist, by contrast, works with all types of court cases, including civil matters not involving criminals. Much of a criminal psychologist’s work is done on a theoretical basis, before a perpetrator has even been identified, while a forensic psychologist tends to evaluate persons already identified by the courts.

Criminal Psychologist vs. Forensic Psychologist (who, what, where):

Criminal psychologists focus primarily on determining a motive and creating a profile of the perpetrator, while forensic psychologists specialize in the aftermath of a crime, including evaluating a suspect’s mental state or counseling victims and their families.

Difference Between Criminal Psychology & Forensic Psychology:

Criminal psychology is primarily used to determine the criminal’s reasons for committing a crime; forensic psychology analyzes the effect of the crime on victims and the mental condition of the offender.


Productive day 22/100꒰ ´ᆺ`꒱۶

We went to two different coffee shops this day to work! Haha. I’ve been wanting to try some new coffee shops, so we went to a really nice tea house in Queen Anne, but they didn’t really want people to be on their laptops working for more than 1 hour, so after enjoying some pastries and drinks, we went to another one a few blocks off Queen Anne. Both were really good! We’ll have to go back to them…

I got a lot of labs done on this day! Like 9 of them!


I got actual $4 coffee today and this is the result pls humor me

  • Izuku never meets All Might and never gets his quirk and so goes to college for forensics instead
  • He’s broke af
  • Izuku needs a job that doesn’t rely 100% on quirks
  • He finds it in this brand new tiny cafe beside the Hero Association HQ
  • The owner is this skinny blond guy with too much charisma and not enough actual stomach to deal with the coffee and food he sells
  • Izuku has a good head on his shoulders for numbers and predictive sales and trends and he’s got a smile made of sunshine so BOOM he’s hired
  • Heroes come in literally everyday for the healing power of coffee and shy sunshine smiles but also advice on how to take down villains because wow that barista really knows how to get around their abilities
  • But okay, heroes circulate out their sidekicks all the time for both the experience and the fact that they don’t need to pay them as much (part-time sidekicks if you will)
  • Those part-time sidekicks start applying for positions at the rapidly getting popular cafe and now Izuku is working with actual heroes (who are still side kicks)
  • Ochako’s zero gravity doesn’t really help much but she’s great for heavy lifting (she’s the stocker they call in half the time because she’s STRONG)
  • Bakugou is NOT ALLOWED to talk to customers but he makes literally the best coffee anyone’s ever had which is the only reason he still has a job in the first place (he and Izuku aren’t allowed on the same shifts)
  • Iida can ramble on sometimes but he’s hecka quick on his feet so he takes on waiting duties like a duck to water
  • Shouji can fill literally any position and is the only other full-time employee other than Izuku (because he does night hero work rather than daytime hero work)
  • Yagi-San the owner seems to have some experience in the hero field but he won’t actually confirm what his hero name was (Izuku’s got some ideas but so far he thinks he was an underground hero)
  • Aizawa comes in every weekend after his nightly hero shifts because Mighty Coffee’s espresso is rich and full bodied, unlike his sleep schedule
  • The sidekicks get distracted on a daily basis by hero reports and thus Izuku ends up knowing the ins and outs of the Hero Business more than even his fanboy obsession ever did
  • G O S S I P
  • The cafe is a hub of hero gossip and Izuku has literally never been happier because he knows about what a hero’s new moves are going to look like before anyone else
  • On the other hand it’s a little miserable because he really doesn’t want to know about who’s sleeping with who and wow can we not with all the scandals please
  • Because of his close association with all the heroes and their sidekicks, Izuku gets kidnapped on a weekly basis
  • Izuku knows half the city’s villain population by name now and some of them even give him cards to play with while he waits to be rescued
  • Izuku has actually managed to talk some of them into less violent villain activities and as a result has been “paid” for this (think of it like when a cat brings dead animals to their owners)
  • Izuku may or may not have halved violent crime with his words and actions alone within a year
  • Izuku just wants finals to end already (the villains actually make a pact not to kidnap him during finals week and Izuku gives them all cakes in return because thanks for letting him study)
  • the heroes are always confused

coffee and college, peas in a pod and the rulers of my life


  • The villains start making orders from the cafe so that when they kidnap Izuku they can get sandwiches and coffee at the same time (Bakugou may or may not have spit in their coffee once or twice)
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Name: Abby
Age: 16
Country: USA

I love writing. In any form, texting, letters, messages. I write poems and stories and I love reading books. I love to talk about life and the universe and everything and nothing and all that is in between. I have severe panic disorder and depression, so if anyone needs someone that relates to that I’m here. I want to go to college and study forensic psychology. I love Netflix, I am watching the Vampire Diaries right now. I can speak some French, and English. I’d be willing to learn any other language.

Preferences: No preference

anonymous asked:

Could you tell me what I can do with degrees in criminology (or criminalistics, for that matter) and psychology? I would really like to do something along the lines of a behavioral analysis, but on top of not knowing what school I could do both of these at I'm not sure how realistic this is. I'd love to know what I could realistically do with these degrees. Thank you for your time :)

Behavior analysis is totally do-able with either major. Here are some more career options for you…

Criminology/ Criminalistics:

Clinical Psychologists

Correctional Officers

Government Lawyers

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers

Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists

Research Psychologists

Clinical Laboratory Technologists


Forensic Scientists

Check out this PDF as well as the criminal justice section on this PDF.


Clinical Psychologists

Industrial Psychologists

Marriage and Family Therapists

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers

Research Psychologists

School Psychologists

Check out this PDF

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Name: Maeve
Age: 18
Country: USA

Im Maeve, i was home schooled for most of my life but recently graduated and am planning on moving to Oregon in the future to establish residency before studying Forensic Science in college. I like movies, books, video games and graphic novels. Favorite movies are: Practical Magic, Velvet Goldmine, The Lost Boys, Interview with the Vampire, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, and Silence of the Lambs. Favorite books are Dracula, Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry, Stardust, The Great Gatsby, and Cloud Atlas. Favorite Video Games, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Until Dawn and The Witcher. Fave graphic novels: American Vampire, Sandman, Saga. I have a couple other naturalist hobbies/collections and i work at our local nature center. I just think it would be fun to converse with other people who could introduce me to new things or share some interests.

Preferences: No preference for age/gender/country , would like to do snail mail but open to other forms as well, I don’t care for capitalism, racism, or homophobia.