college with jazzy

another mix for young college!au scully: dying her hair an unconvincing eye watering shade of red, convincing mulder to smoke his first cigarette after a difficult test, sneaking into a jazz bar where scully is surprisingly enthralled, for all the nights they spend alone in greasy deserted diners and later in her twin bed [listen here]

01. Outerspace- Catey Shaw// 02. High Life- London Grammar// 03. Colors- Genevieve// 04. Dead Air- CHVRCHES// 05. Ribs- Lorde// 06. Blue Eyes Blind- ZZ Top// 07. Deeper- Ella Eyre// 08. Chasing Twisters- Delta Rae// 09. Howl- Florence + the Machine// 10. Coattails- Broods// 11. High For This- Ellie Goulding// 12. Fall Over- Banks// 13. No Strings- Chloe Howl// 14. Lay Me Down- Pixie Lott// 15. Believe- Mumford & Sons