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Name: Leticia
Age: 18
Country: Spain

Hi! My name is Leticia, although most people call me Leti so you can go with whichever you prefer.
I am currently finishing the first year of medicine at college in Madrid. I would love to have a penpal with whom I could talk about anything, about my day, about the secrets of the universe or just how much it sucked my day. Or maybe about how badly I want to eat pizza.

I’m the kind of person who loves to talk, who writes a lot, gets excited with small things and will keep writing after a long time.

Also something I love about having a pen pal is that you get to know someone a lot, and how is really life in the country they live, and I don’t know, that sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who lives miles away from you than those who are right here.

My interests include reading, like Harry Potter, Shatter me, the classics, the name of the wind… Music: like Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Dodie Clark, Ed Sheeran

I love to cook, art, people who know when to stop arguing, rain, long walks…
I don’t like people who don’t own up to their mistakes, artichokes, things that are done carelessly.

I would love to snail mail with my penpal, but email is good too :)

Preferences: Maybe just that you are around my age, 18 or more. Also someone who is open minded and respectful.


I spent my time terrified of sea.
Its neverstopping motion
endlessly far out.
I wouldn’t tough it, for a while.
When I did I was wary.

I never trusted the waves.

Why would I want to be a part of something crashing

Give me wind over waves.
Give me invisibility, sweeping
Let it push me, direct me, only sometimes unbalance me.
Wind knows when to stop.

Call calm. Waves know nothing but pushing
breathless motion pulls on all it covers.

Stop, please. Stand still.
You have to know
how to hesitate.
You can’t keep lapping always, moving further up, shoreline fading -

Every once in a while someone will tweet me an image of this character Philip Louis, from the Japanese manga (& Anime) Space Brothers, asking if he’s based on me. The answer is, “Yep”. The editor of the series got a kick out of how complicated my background sounded to him: American-Born🇺🇸 to an Argentine Mom🇦🇷 & Jamaican Dad🇯🇲, raised in Buenos Aires, returning to the US for college & later winding up in Japan 🇯🇵 (to create my own manga series Peepo Choo with Kodansha). Space Brothers started serializing through the same publisher around the same time. I watched some of the anime years later. This character, Phillip Louis, is a bit of real jackass…& though I’m told he’s a “lovable” character, I haven’t quite made up my mind myself. L😑L

How hard is it to pursue a career in anything to do with euphonium? My lesson teacher is trying to tell me I shouldn’t try and I should keep doing trombone or tuba instead.
whooooo boy

I really want to. Is it worth trying?

(btw sorry that I have random bursts of negativity)


First of all love your blog. Your posts really brighten my day ☺️ If it’s not too much trouble Could you write protective lams?
I’d be down to do a trade for a Hamilton ship (same rules as you posted) or naw whatever works - @lilachason

Glad you enjoy my blog! I’m hoping to become a better writer so! <3! Also - fair warning - a few of my head cannons will be in this!


Alex really enjoyed fall Saturday’s. The evenings to be more precise. The cool, crisp air, leaves turning all different hues of gold and fluttering around him, He enjoyed being able to steal some of John’s sweaters before he was awake, he loved beanies and apple cider. What he didn’t enjoy though, was when people trickled from the uni to go home. Those that were left were him and a few of his friends.

And some of the campus creeps. By creep he means those kid of guys that cat call anything that moves or breathes, but according to campus rules “Without illegal cause there is no reason to have them expelled.” Right, not because the dean was fucking their moms. 

This particular evening, clouds hung in the air, the smell of rain wafting across the college quickly, wind picking up a bit. Alex, hands in his pockets, snuggled his head further into the sweater of John’s, enjoying the scent. He and John were meeting Laf and Herc for dinner at a local cafe, John and Alex having later classes so they were meeting up soon.

Well, Alex was trying to.

People had passed, some saying hi or just waving and smiling, others ignoring him which he was okay with. He felt his blood run cold when he heard a wolf whistle, hair standing on end. Even if it wasn’t at him, he hated when people got cat called.

“Hey Hamilton! Fancy seeing you out here baby!” He huffed - of course Jacob Eaker and his stupid friends were out at this time.

Ignoring the idiot jocks - he had nothing against jocks, Herc was on the football team, and Alex tutored a few in Spanish, some were quite nice and sweet - these ones, however, weren’t. 

“Don’t ignore me baby girl!” His stomach rolled at the way the pet name left his lips, eyes automatically springing a few tears and he snuffed, pushing them back.

Head still down he stopped short, seeing Jacob’s shoes in front of him and he grunted. “Move, Eaker.”

A finger, curled at the bottom of his chin, forced him to look up, Alex’s mocha eyes meeting those cold, cruel ones. A smirk plastered on Eaker’s face, making Alex want to spit on him. “No need to be like that Rachel.” 

He cringed, face screwing up, stepping back, only to bump into one of the others. “Leave me alone Jacob.”

“You know,” He grabbed a lock of Alex’s hair, fallen from the beanie and twirled it around his finger, “You were so pretty when you first arrived. Long hair, eyes so wide and innocent, excited to even just be in the country I bet.” His goons laughed, “I wanted to strut over there, we’d have talked and you would have known what you wanted. Then you cut off your hair, flattened your chest more than it was, and started calling yourself Alexander Hamilton.” Jacob scoffed.

“I am Alexander Hamilton. And if you don’t mind I have to meet my boyfriend and our friends for dinner so once again, Eaker, move.” Jacob tutted, and he felt arms - CJ he thinks - wrap around his biceps, pulling them back.

His breath stuttered in his chest. “Let go of me.”

“But c’mon baby,” Jacob’s face was inching near his, and try as he might to turn his head, his face was gripped in Eaker’s hands, and he felt the nails digging in, drawing blood up to the surface. His voice dropped, “We could have so much fun tonight…let me show you what you’re missing by pretending to be someone you’re not…”

Alex bit his tongue, holding down a whimper as Jacob pecked right beside his lips, flinching, tears forming as he fought as much as he could. Being only 5′6 was not fun.

“Get the fuck off of him!”

Alex peeked his eyes open, Jacob turning as a few of his friends scattered, John standing at least five feet in front of them, Laf, Herc, Eliza and Maria behind him.

“Ah Johnathan! So good to see you - your girlfriend and I were just having a little chat, weren’t we?”

His face turned back, smirk on, and Alex took the opportunity, and spat all he could on his face. A wad landed right on his nose, dripping quickly down onto his lips. 

“You little shit!” A hard hit, decking him in the cheek and he went down, landing sideways, eyes blurring as he saw John leap forward, grabbing Eaker around the neck. Herc rushed forward - either to help or limit, not sure.

Eliza, Maria and Laf rushed to Alex, Eliza propping his head on her lap, brushing his hair away from the side of his cheek. “Alex, Alex hey hey! You okay?”


She let out a breathy laugh, and turned and watched as Eaker and the two goons left ran for it, Jacob’s nose bloody and eyes bruised.

John dropped heavily by Alex, running his hands softly over Alex’s face, kissing every inch of his skin. “Hey, hey baby boy, hey.”

Alex giggled, though it sounded groggy, “Hey Johnny…”

“God I hate that prick, he didn’t do anything worse did he?”

Alex shook his head. “Just, corned me. Kept saying he wish he’d gotten to me freshman year before I had met you.

John tried to lighten the situation. “Everyone wants you, I tell you, you’re too beautiful.”

“But he didn’t want…me.” John understood, pulling Alex to his chest, kissing the top of his head.

“Ignore that bastard baby.  His head’s so far up his ass the only thing bound to come out is shit. I’m surprised he’s still able to breath at this point.”

~     ~

Alex groaned, feeling John’s arm weigh heavily across his shoulders, his face being buried into Alex’s neck. “John, stop, we’re in class.”

“Hmmm, I know.” He peppered kisses slowly, and Alex, feeling the soft brush, had to hold in his giggly sighed, and John, knowing this, only tried harder. “Jefferson won’t stop looking at you though…”

“He’s looking because you’re being a distraction and he’s bitter his own boyfriend doesn’t love him this much.”

John sat up, and Alex turned to him, and he leaned forward, planting a kiss on Alex’s nose, smiling at the cross eyed, dopy grin he got.

He turned back to his notes quickly, and John sighed, over dramatically, leaning back onto his shoulders and burying his face back.

Alex huffed. “You’re not going to back off are you?”

John smiled. “Course not baby boy.”

College Confession #34

My roommate is an Art History major and she had a huge exam a couple weeks ago. Mid-studying, she began singing the Calliou theme song. She then promptly stood up, put underwear on her head, took my blanket, and ran down the hallway with her blanket cape flowing in the wind. Just college things.

- Ohio university

On Hippies and College Credits

For months, it was about the only thing Stanford did. To Fiddleford’s annoyance, it seemed that Stanford rarely slept.

Stanford Pines just knew that Backupsmore was going to be horrible. The dorms were only mostly bug-free, his parents hadn’t even bothered to help him move into his dorm, Stanley isn’t here– no, no he was just fine without Stanley, it’s not like his twin had been his only friend for years, it’s not like he missed him, god no. He just had to work his way through this, just like he’d worked his way through his last few months of high school, just like he’d worked through his first birthday without Stanley there. All he had to do was go to his dorm, unpack his bags, and meet his roommate. Just meet your roommate, hope they don’t think you’re a freak, get your PhD and get the fuck out of Backupsmore. Stanford took a deep breath, adjusting the grip he had on his suitcase, and opened the door.

“Greetings, I’m Stanford Pines–” Stanford stopped short, taking in the sight before him.

The first thing he noticed was the god awful tie dyed bedspread on one of the twin beds. There were gaudy, multicolored “PEACE” posters on the walls. His apparent roommate was a thin, wiry man with sandy blonde hair down to his shoulders, and– oh god, was that a goddamned banjo?

My roommate is a fucking hippie.

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Who am I?

The question has rattled through
My brain every Sunday since
My 7th grade year

Who am I?

The question has been answered
Again and again
With drunken certainty
Strong pride
Pure confidence

But every Sunday
Yet again
I feel myself asking the same question.

Who am I?

I look up at the trees lightly swaying
The cold creek water below my feet
The stars above my head
And I start to grasp onto something

But it always dissipates into anxiety
Small talk
Pointless daily tasks
A walking shell

Who am I?

Perhaps I am not one single thing.

Maybe, just maybe
I am the wind
I am the rain that falls out of the clouds
I am that waterfall where I first fell in love
I am my mother, my father, my brother
I am love
I am compassion

I am my favorite song
I am a sinner full of self hate
I am saved by the grace of my God
I am happiness that explodes through my body

I am like the moon

Each day I move around
Never settled
Always mysterious
Ever changing

I am lost in the wind.

—  College and question