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*SLAMS FIST ON TABLE* GIVE ME THE MASTERS OF ALL TIME AU WHERE DANNY STAYS BEHIND TO HELP VLAD and like Vlad’s just awful and rude and a little shIT but Danny just rolls his eyes because no matter what age he can take Vlad’s shit and just puts up with it and tells him what’s happening to him and that he’s okay and not dead and –

please gOD someone give me fic.

this has been a shit doodle by mod carrie, a continuation of this shit doodle right here

I really hate the opinion that Vlad is run of the mill ‘stuck up rich guy’ because honestly he has a lot of hobbies and seems pretty liberal minded (if not fiscally conservative). 

For example, he was in a punk band in college with Jack. He was experimenting with the Ghost Zone portals during a time where no one even believed in ghosts except for Jack and Maddie. He’s heavy into football to the point of fanaticism and has thousands of dollars of merch that literally decorates his home. He’s been known to bake/cook and knit. He is shown playing (and winning) video-games with Danny.

Does anyone really think this guy is like a one-note posh rich dude? He may have money but he wasn’t born into it. He is still a criminal that gained all his wealth, y’know, through stealing. 

I’m not saying he doesn’t enjoy his wealthy lifestyle but his defining characteristic even as a villain isn’t anywhere near greed, imo.

One day, Danny is exploring a new section of the Ghost Zone and he comes across Vlad as a ghost.

College Vlad.

This Vlad, appearing to still be afflicted by Ecto-Acne, only recognizes Phantom from rumor, and avoids him. Danny pursues, attempting to figure out what’s gotten into him. Vlad is irritated by this. Danny eventually, with a growing uncertain dread in his stomach, asks Vlad why he was ghost, and Vlad’s response is, “I died, Phantom.”

When Danny asks how, Vlad replies, “It was an accident.”

As Danny slowly begins to put the pieces together, he realizes that perhaps “Vlad” isn’t really Vlad.

And suddenly all the differences make sense. From his parents college stories to the delusional obsession.

Alright so what happened with this ask was that I was about to draw a serious album pic of college Jack and Vlad:

But then I remembered the ask was sent to my OTHER blog, @shitty-dp-aus , the one where nothing should be taken seriously.
So obviously I had to fix it:

There. Now that’s some shit meme content.

Juladies Month: Outfit Swap

Warning: Huge File.

I thought about what characters to switch outfits with, and then I thought “redneck Vlad” and instantly i thought of his college self switching outfits with Danny. Because Danny is so short compared to Vlad, I thought it would be hilarious to have them swap outfits, and for poor Vlad, Danny’s attire is way too tight on him. Thankfully for Danny, Vlad’s college gear is anything but tight.

I hope you enjoy the idea and find it as funny as I do.

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