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I’m taking a US history class right now and there are times when my professor looks at me and even though I’ve said maybe three words all quarter, I just KNOW he knows that I’m a Hamilton fan and I was probably reading founding father fanfiction five minutes before class

An AU where Adrien is about 4 years older than Marinette.

They’re both at the same university and he’s the TA for one of her classes.  =^w^=

(For those who may not know, the title of senpai is used to address an older student/upperclassman, or someone who is older than you)

Thanks for the idea, @lydialovebad!

Edit: The hair designs for older Adrien and Marinette are based on an old drawing of mine

Here you can find videos with advice on different categories related to college and studying! Just click on whatever topic you’d like to learn about :)

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Ereri Football AU in which Eren and Levi are teammates in the TITANS team during college. Levi is the shortie badass quarterback in the team and Eren is his cute bestfriend. But bestfriends don’t shower together in the lock room, don’t kiss, don’t make out and don’t touch each other in that way, or they do? 

Listen to this song pls, I think it’s perfect for this AU 

@awesomefabatato TOLD YA I WOULD HAVE DONE IT *evil laughter*

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Fanfic based on this here: ‘Scoring Six’ by SimplyTsundere aka @justapansexualfanficwriter on ao3


This project ‘Can I Just Be?’ is a project I’ve been working hard on for the past few weeks. It’s 2015 and African-American youth are still being stereotyped and grouped together. So I went out, got out different reflections of African-American youth and asked them to describe their experience as a young African-American in an “I am” and “I am not” statement.

Thank You To Everyone Who Participated. 

Photography Done By: youdontnomii

This photo set is also accompanied by a video starring myself and directed by delafro check it out:

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Entering University

These are based on my personal experience (and that of people I know directly). Learn from our mistakes, peeps! Life’s too short to keep on repeating mistakes you could have avoided and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make original ones of your own, I guarantee you.

1. Once you have the necessary basic courses done, take the harder courses within your first two years if possible - if you’re applying to grad school they’ll usually look at only the grades of the last two years. (In Canada, anyways - don’t take my word on that for other countries!)

2. If your university has multiple campuses, don’t assume courses are transferable just because the campus is part of the same university.  I know, it makes no sense, but most of the time they don’t actually transfer. Check with your advisor first.

3. Always get   everything  your advisor tells you in writing. That way if the information they gave you was wrong you have a way of proving the mistake was not on your end.

4. a) If you can, take a course during the Spring and one during the Summer semester. That way you can take one less class during the normal semester and make your life a bit easier. You usually end up with a week or two between semesters anyway, so it’s not like you’ll have no vacation whatsoever.

b) If you can, make it a class you know you’ll need to take at some point but you know you’re likely to struggle in/have more work assigned; that way you only have the one class to focus on and you can actually do well on it instead of barely scraping by.

c) Don’t take more than one class per semester in the spring/summer semesters. One a semester is more than manageable. Two is insanity, because they’re compressed courses.

5. Always save screenshots of any and all payments you make online, regardless of whether you get an email reciept. If it gets sent to the wrong place or there’s some internal error you’ll have a copy to show as proof of payment.

6. Do your best on the little assignments. They’re a great grade cushion for the big tests. If you go to a small university (or attend small classes), it will also show your professor that you’re a responsible student, so if you have a problem with handing in something on time in the future they’ll be more likely to be lenient and understanding.

7. Back up  everything. Always. Without fail. Don’t put it off for even a day.

8. Take opportunity of your resources. If your school has a writing centre,  use it. Even if you just want someone to help you get your essay planning in order, look over your final copy of a paper, or to look over the bibliography to make sure it’s ok.

9. If you have the books or readings before class starts, get ahead on notes and reading as much as possible. ‘Cause once the semester starts, ain’t nobody got time for that.

10. Start on your essays as soon as possible, even if it’s just choosing a topic and doing preliminary research. Later on in the semester when due dates and exams pile up it’ll save you a world of grief.

11. Don’t bother to make perfect citations as you write, but make sure you have a way of knowing where the citation came from. You never know what you’re gonna cut out in the end, so taking the time to make perfect citations as you write your essay is a waste of time; but you need to have some way of knowing where it came from so you’re not having to hunt it down later. I usually just use a keyword I know relates to a certain article (or even make a list of which keyword goes with what) and then go back in the end and make the citations.

12. As much as I hate doing them, essay planning actually helps. It saves on a lot of editing later. Dammit.