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The time has come for me to post my very first something that should resemble a masterpost ever. After more than half a year. Go me. Anyways, I am one of those people who like to study with sound, but not always with music. So here’s a little list of my favorite ambient study sounds on YouTube that I listen to while studying. Enjoy!

Most relaxing rain on tent ever (X)

Rain on tent (X)

Rain on tent 2 (X)

Waterfall and birds singing (X)

Busy cafe with lots of inaudible talking (X)

Mildly busy cafe (chatting, coffee machine, music) Really good 360 sound (X)

Thunder and heavy rain (X)

Hogwarts train (X)

Hogwarts train 2 (chatting, quill scratching) (X)

Disclaimer: none of these videos are mine :)

Mr. Townson's Top Thirty

Mr. Townson, the wonderful APUSH god who has a history of 100% pass rates, has given the gospel of APUSH to his people. Here are Townson’s top 30 things that will certainly be on the test (some of these are more than one thing, but they’re related topics), followed by his top picks for what the essays will be.

  1. Spanish, French, English Exploration and Settlement
  2. Bacon’s Rebellion
  3. Half-Way Covenant & First Great Awakening
  4. Proclamation of 1763
  5. Articles of Confederation & Shay’s Rebellion
  6. Compromises in the Constitution
  7. Washington’s Farewell Address
  8. Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Plan
  9. Marbury vs. Madison
  10. Missouri Compromise
  11. Nullification Crisis
  12. William Lloyd Garrison
  13. Manifest Destiny
  14. Compromise of 1850
  15. Kansas-Nebraska Act
  16. Radical Reconstruction
  17. The Gilded Age
  18. Populism
  19. Imperialism
  20. Progressivism
  21. The Lost Generation
  22. The New Deal & Court Packing
  23. The Cold War
  24. McCarthyism
  25. Conformity in the 1950s and Levittown, NJ
  26. Civil Rights Leaders
  27. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  28. Nixon Doctrine/Vietnamization
  29. Camp David Accords
  30. Reganomics

Townson’s Top Essay Picks

  • Early America (pre-American Revolution)
  • Progressivism
  • Imperialism
  • Jacksonian Democracy
  • Reconstruction

Exam tip: every year there is a question about African Americans or women.

There is 1 DBQ. Everyone does the same one of that. 

There are 4 choices for the FRQs. You write 2. You must write an essay from the first category, which is pre-1900, and you must write an essay from the second category, which will be from the 1900s or later.

It is YOUR job to research and know these topics, their related facts, and their implications. I’m not going to do that for you. It won’t help you in the long run. Study well, study strong. I’m probably going to keep posting a bunch of review questions on here. Look them over, but in general, STAY OFF OF TUMBLR! You should be studying.

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I created this studyblr a couple months before school started and really started using it when school actually did start in the hopes that I would have the motivation to persevere through school. So far it’s working!!

Feel free me to ask me questions about anything! And soon I’ll be working on some masterposts which’ll be a combination of stuff I’ve learned from other studyblrs and my own personal tips!
Beyoncé is helping four ‘bold, creative, conscious and confident’ women go to college
The scholarships will go to women “pursuing studies in creative arts, music, literature, or African-American studies,” according to Beyoncé's website.

Beyoncé calls Formation Scholars a scholarship effort that aims to “encourage and support young women who are unafraid to think outside the box and are bold, creative, conscious and confident,” according to post on her website.

The site indicated that the scholarships are part of the “celebration” of the anniversary of “Lemonade,” Beyoncé’s sixth album, released in April 2016. On “Formation,” a track on that album, Beyoncé sings: “I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it.” 

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soooooo i tried doing my chemistry notes by hand 😅😅😅they turned out pretty nice, but i ended up switching to my computer because it was taking me far too long to get through the chapter and my hand started hurting because i always seem to have a death grip on pens and pencils

Sick of jumping between your university’s library and Google Scholar when searching for resources? Good news! You can link those two together with Google Scholar.

Step 1. Go to google scholar.

Step 2. Click on “Settings”.

Step 3. Click on “Library links”.

Step 4. Enter your college/university and press enter.

Step 5. Click the check-box before clicking “Save”

Step 6. Search for an article.

Step 7. Click on the link on the right of the article title (Fulltext@QUT for me), this will take you to your login page for your college/university. Once you login, you will have access to the article.

And there you go :) If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask me, I am always up for a chat.

If you like the way I explain things, check out this link. Maybe I’ve done something else that will help you?

Have you ever heard of google scholar? It’s like nerd google.
—  My actual PhD holding research psych professor
Someone please give me a PR2017 “Bella and the Bulldogs” AU

Jason still cripples himself after the prank, Kimberly ends up as the new quarterback after being ostracized from the cheerleading squad. He and her become friends bonding over football and screwing up in life.

Trini takes Kim’s place in the squad in an effort to actually be remembered by people.

Billy runs the scoreboard and audio/visual spectacle, plus Kimberly’s assistant personal coach.

Zack is the mascot. He’s cool and he has all manner of favours and useful things from overhearing things because people rarely care about him off the field. He and Trini bond because the other cheerleaders are super shallow.

Please give me Kimberly running straight into a goalpost after Trini does a midair somersault and she can see how short her under-skirt short shorts are.

The two awkwardly flirting, and Zack cheering them on in the background while still in costume.

Kimberly being just fine and bonding with her otherwise all male team, who are future college athlete scholars and football fans who treat girls like they do their mothers and sisters–with care, love, and respect

in between passport pages (i found you)

Title : in between passport pages (i found you)

Characters : Taehyung of BTS

Genre : Fluff

Summary : In a foreign city which tongue you can’t quite decipher, you run into a man who proves that with the absence of language, you understand a thousand different things worth running out of word for.

Word count : 5,038 words

A/N : I just want to write something sweet to recover from all the cryptic depressing stuffs bighit has been throwing us. And this is inspired by that episode of Bon Voyage where Taehyung doesn’t know where the heck he is, yet relishes every single second of it.

I hope you love this piece, and if you send me feedbacks, I’d love you with my fat little heart for eternities <3

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Thinking that you can tackle a one-week backpacking trip to Italy, lured by a free ticket you’ve won from a mere stroke of luck, is probably an idea more stupid than exciting now that you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, they say, and you blatantly believed in the promises of rejuvenation and stories in between passport pages. But your roots are of a tedious college scholar, not of an outrageous wanderlust, and if there are two things you are terrible at, they are directions and languages.

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working on chem hw while im waiting for class to start ft my Bose Mini Soundlink II ✨

🎶Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato 🎶

btw, when i make my notes, i use an app on the computer called MindNode. It’s kinda pricey, $30, but it’s totally worth it!! ☺️

Please fire me. A professor just back from sabbatical emailed all the staff members and asked them to come into the main office at 10:00 a.m. He then doled out a souvenir for each person except me, even the receptionist who only started on Monday got a gift. I’ve worked in this department for 16 years. He even gave gifts to some of the grad students from the things he had leftover.