college scam

College is a Scam

College is a damn scam!

Excuse my french but I believe so wholeheartedly.

When our respective elders encourage us to attend college, they are coming from a very caring perspective. They want the best for you and want you to live a good life. I respect their advice but going to college in 2011 is much different than when they attended. I love the fact that they care enough about me to say go to college.

While most of our adult counterparts have graduated, found a job, started a family, and paid off their student loan debt. Students must face that harsh reality that college isn’t what it is cracked up to be.

If you are an older adult, please read this with a open mind and try to not pass judgements.

Tuition has risen 232% in the past five years alone. Yet students are getting less and less services. Now something doesn’t add up…. you would think that we would be world class services but that is not the case. I know the economy is bad so that would warrant tuition increases right? No!

Matter a fact, since I’ve been here… we got a new state of the art gym, tvs around campus (that just show us the date, time, and ads), renovation of the campus, new parking structure, and the president of the university got a $100,000 salary increase per year….

These are simply luxury items that offer no true educational value to the student.

To top that off, they plan to increase tuition again next semester (yes, 3 months from now). Something is seriously wrong yet no one wants to address it!

What’s interesting is that due to the old advice of “get good grades and go to college to have success,” has increased the number of people with college degrees. Everyone and their grandma has a college degree so it doesn’t have the value it had many years ago.

There are people who are working at Starbucks, serving you coffee, who have a degree. Do you really need to get into $xx,xxx debt to serve coffee?

But wait Chanel, kids can get hired by a big company if they have their degree? Yes, this is true but when they are hired they are bottom feed making forty grand per year. How in the hell are they going to pay off the massive amounts of debt they incurred in college?

I’ve seen this happen with so many of my friends who have graduated recently. They are in piles of debt for a piece of paper that is suppose to provide you success in life and most important money.

Jobs are scarce right now, people with PHDs are looking for crappy jobs along side of the masses of MBAs, BAs, and high school graduates.

While the elders have their best intentions for us, it is not the same reality that they faced when attending college. We are creating a generation of indentured servants who will have a lower net worth than their parents. The old system has broken and can no longer work.

Stop and think is college really worth the high price tag?


→ immortal!reader x exo; aeon’s lovers

♔ masterlist

“Say something. You must have a lot on your mind.” You encouraged, moving your empty cup aside. “Maybe disbelief?” 

You groaned as you sat back in the seat. “This makes me want to have a smoke again.”

Detective Do visibly flinched at that. “I didn’t think you smoked.”

“I did sometimes, not too often if that helps. It was really Junmyeon that made me start. I always kept it from him, though, he’d be disappointed in himself if he knew he had done that to me.” You supplied. “Now, where were we?”

He sighed, sitting back on the old sofa, caressing the light velvet texture. “Are these actually from the 30s?” He muttered in wonder before clearing his throat. “Sorry, the year is 1967 and you had just fled from New York. You took the plane to Beijing.”

“Ah, yes. I pretty much settled down in Beijing. I went and grabbed the money that I had left behind when I moved in ‘47 and used the amount to buy myself a place. I lived and worked several different jobs in Beijing for 7 years until I decided I wanted a scenery change. I faked an ID, changed my birth year to 1955 and enrolled in a college in 1974. 

In this college, I met a fellow student named Wen. We quickly became best friends, I was overjoyed. It had been 12 years since I had someone I could call a friend. Soon enough, this Wen revealed to me her series of ongoing schemes. Wen was a woman from a poor family in the rural areas that afforded college by scamming rich men and fellow male students. 

I got involved when her latest victim, Luhan, harbored a crush on me.

Beijing, China, 1975

The ID card was still silky in your hand. The details were so precise as if the ID was absolutely legit; all credit to the almost twenty years you had been practicing the art of ID-faking. You quickly scanned the words.

Y/N L/N. Born 1955.

All set for the second term of college. You could feel the excitement inside your chest, the extra jump in your step and the smile threatening to appear. You felt so young— as if you were 20 years old again, and you couldn’t have been happier at that exact moment.

The sweet sound of a familiar language suddenly met your ears, the sweet, playful shove of a shoulder met yours. Your friend, your best friend, Wen smiled brightly at you. “How are you?” She asked brightly, the dimple on her left cheek so deep you chuckled.

“I’m fine,” You singsonged, tucking the ID back into the pant-pocket before tugging the hem of your sweater back down to cover it. Wen’s sweet smile suddenly turned mischievous as she raised her hand, lazily waving it in direction of her boyfriend standing in a ring of boys. You cocked your eyebrow in question, and Wen morphed her lazy hand gesture to a stiff pointing gesture, and the boy she was pointing at was standing with his side facing us, in full conversation with said girl’s boyfriend.

“That is Luhan.”

Luhan. You’d heard that name before, therefore he was certainly not a new kid. Luhan had dark brown hair, silky-looking, parted in the middle and lightly swept out of his face. He was incredibly handsome, you had to admit, his jaw was defined and his build was lean—seemingly effortlessly too. You frowned up at your best friend in question.

“I know. Why are you pointing at him?”

Wen placed her arm within yours and tugged you quickly along the campus grounds and over to the group of discussing boys. As she dragged you over the wet grass, she excitedly whispered into your ear;

“Because Luhan has a crush on you, and I want you to help me scam him.”

The outskirts of Beijing, 1967

It had been a long time since you had worn a cheongsam, and to say you hadn’t missed it would be a lie.

You hugged your coat closer around yourself as you packed the newly bought groceries into the backseat of your newly bought car; your current residence for some time. Just until you could buy an apartment. 

Slamming the back door shut and eyeing the auto mobile, you sighed out in bliss. It had also been a long time since you had owned a car, especially one this glamorous. “Buick Riviera,” You breathed out, moving forward and sitting down in the drivers’ seat. “you’re a real beauty.” You finished, Mandarin fluid on your tongue despite the number of years that had gone by since you had spoken it. You pulled out of your parking spot, into the road with an anxious sigh. You knew where you were heading. And you were dreading it.

It didn’t take long for you to reach the long road underneath the arch of trees that tainted the road with long shadows. The weather was nice; the sun peeping through the clouds, saying hi, but the fall wind was too chilly to make this a perfect day. With every second that passed, you came closer and closer to the old mansion, and it only took a couple of minutes through the familiar tree-tunnel for you to reach the vast, green front yard that laid before the even larger mansion. A non-perfect day didn’t stop a couple of children playing among the grass.

You parked alongside another car, the brand and model uninteresting to you this time around, and stepped out onto the gravel, forcing a quick smile to the two children that stopped playing to watch you. “Hello,” You started, pausing when the young girl and boy greeted back immediately.

“is your father home?”

The boy nodded, moved forward to grab your hand in his and lead you over the yard and to the front door of the mansion. The two children didn’t say anything as they made you settle onto the old, memorable sofa in the living room, despite your protests. You told them you only needed to quickly ask their father something but the girl only smiled, not listening as she went to make you some tea. Soon, a pair of footsteps echoed over the familiar floor and joined the three of you in the tea room. 

The owner was the one and only Yixing, Zhang Yixing; black hair, fair skin and brown eyes—and 20 years older. He halted when he laid his eye upon you, and you could so clearly hear his breath hitch as he exclaimed your name.

His eyes were wide and he ran over to you, dragging you up from your place on the old sofa and into his warm arms. His warm, strong arms that felt exactly the same as they had 20 years ago. He chanted your name. “You don’t look a day older, Y/N. How?” 

Kissing the top of your head, down over the length of your hair, his still plump lips then reached the skin of your face. You pulled a confused face, lightly pushing the man away and staring up into his face.

“Oh, you must be Zhang Yixing,” You smiled politely. “my mother spoke lots about you.” You lied. Easily.

You watched the blissed out expression on Yixing’s face fade, the humiliation of his mistake sink his features with dullness. He let his arms fall off you before stepping away, slowly. He silently sat down in the sofa chair opposite to your own seat. Yixing’s daughter came back inside with a cup of tea, placing it before you on the low, wooden table as you sat back down.

“My name isn’t Y/N, I’m Y/N’s daughter.” You introduced yourself, watching Yixing’s eyes fall, even more. You ignored the screaming inside of telling you to stop lying, to tell the truth, to stay there with Yixing. But you could never. These children, they were his, which obviously meant—


The exact woman from twenty years ago stepped inside the living room, adorning a bright red cheongsam that reached her ankles. She was still beautiful. Her onyx hair was short, tussled just above the tip of her ears and she stepped inside, with a soft smile on her lips, the two children ran to tackle her legs with gleeful grins. Yixing forced a smile to his wife, gesturing to the chair next to his, before looking back to you. His eyes could not mask his miserableness — and yet, his wife sat down, oblivious and content.

“So,” He spoke with pain, with difficulty, and you almost flinched then and there, the lump in your throat starting to suffocate you. “how’s your mother?”

“Gone. A few years ago.” You answered curtly, shaking your head. Yixing didn’t answer, couldn’t answer, his eyes fell on your face as he himself fell into a paralyze. You didn’t know what he was thinking, what he was feeling for you after twenty whole years; a marriage and two children with another woman. You didn’t know after all that time. You didn’t even know what you were feeling, after all that time. 

You averted your eyes to his wife, the familiar need to flee present within the adrenaline in your veins. “My mother wanted me to grab something from the house, something that belonged to her. May I search for it? I do know where it’s placed.” You pleaded, and the oblivious woman saw no reasons to deny you. 

It only took five minutes for you to find your old room, next to the room that used to be Mr. Zhang’s—they were both children’s room now. You found the small dent in the wall quickly and opened the little, hidden safe secured in the wall. There, you found your share of Mr. Zhang’s inheritance and hurried out of the mansion once again.

Just like you had 20 years ago.

Beijing, China, 1975

It was another warm day in Beijing; the breeze was soft, comforting and it flew past the hem of the yellow skirt that reached the back of your calves. The sun was bright and just a little too hot as it shone upon your onyx sweater, but you didn’t mind. Sunny days in Beijing only brought back heaps and heaps of good memories.

You were sitting outside by a table on campus, constantly toying with your brand new sunglasses—that almost covered your whole face—and trying to focus on the words in the textbook before you. While it was your own choice to major in biology as you returned to university, it was hard to focus on this particular day. Just then, you felt a careful hand fall onto your shoulder.

“Y/N?” A careful yet confident voice spoke. You hadn’t gotten to turn around in your seat before the owner had gracefully sat down opposite to you. It was Luhan.

“Luhan,” You gasped, smiling. “hi.”

He pointed at your book on the table. “Is it homework?”

“I suppose you could call it that, yes. I just need to revise.” You giggled. “Hey, I never got to hear what you major in?”

“Just business.” He shrugged. “I didn’t really know what I wanted to study so my parents just chose for me. It’s a little embarrassing.”

“As long as you’re not hating it, I don’t see a problem.”

Luhan smiled softly then, and silence fell over the two of you. You looked down again, trying to focus on the same sentence you had been reading for over half an hour, only to find it even harder now as Luhan was there. The characters just didn’t make sense to you as they would usually have done, and in addition to that, what Wen had told you just a few weeks ago still lingered in your mind.

“Because Luhan has a crush on you. And I want you to help me scam him.”

At first thought, you had said no. Straight out. No. You didn’t want to get involved with everything Wen was doing; scamming, stealing and lying to those that were better off — especially older men that just wanted the company of young women. Wen took advantage of them, and that was fine because it didn’t involve you. But she was ruthless and she was not taking no for an answer. 

Ultimately you had said yes.

Besides, Luhan was quite handsome and it would have been a lie if you said it didn’t affect you. But if it was one thing these 41 years had taught you it, it was to not get attached. Especially not when you were about to steal money from one.

You took the advantage the sunglasses gave you and peeked over at his body opposite to you. He was shyly fidgeting, eyes wavering left and right and his cheeks, you noticed through the tinted glass, were bright red. He was trying to play it cool, and from what Wen had told you, Luhan naturally was very cool, but obviously, you did something to him. You faked a smile, closing the book in front of you and moving to put it back into your backpack. “Luhan, please excuse my bluntness, but I heard you had a crush on me.”

He stuttered. “What?”

“Sorry, I know it was blunt but Wen told me you had a crush, and, you know, I thought—”

“Ah, no, it’s true. I do have a crush on you.” He chuckled. “Hope you don’t find me weird now.”  

“I could never.” You chuckled. “In fact, I’m relieved.” You lied.

“You are?”

“I am, I like you too.”

Luhan placed his hand on top of yours, squeezing it just slightly as his smile widened. “That’s great, uh, so would you like to go out sometime?”

A soft sigh, eyes smiling, you nodded. “I do.”

The winds were getting colder by the days, the sun getting weaker and weaker, but that didn’t stop you and Luhan every lunch hour as you hurried out to eat behind the school building. You never really ate, though. The only thing arriving at your lips were lips. His lips.

And you were loving it— too much.

You would always sit, straddling him as he sat on the cold ground, leaning into the wall. Your lips would be interlocked, only parted just long enough to giggle or whisper sweet nothings into the breath of the other. Hearts fluttered and cheeks were flushed. Luhan made you feel so young, he caused this old excitement feeling inside you; as if you hadn’t felt that enough times already.

It was the same, addicting and wonderful feeling all over again, the same feeling that always triggered destruction, heartbreaks, and escapes, but you couldn’t stop. Your developing feelings for Luhan made taking some of his money every time you were together — alright.

The flutters numbed the guilt.

You ran your hands up, over the length of his arms, feeling the soft texture of his blazer before you directed your hands back south, towards the pockets of his trousers where you knew he always kept a few bills. The second your fingertips recognized worn paper, you firmly placed your lips against Luhan’s, dragging the bills out of his pocket and up into your own. You didn’t think too much of what you were actually doing as Luhan let out a surprised moan, his hands coming to rest on your thighs.

He chuckled deeply as you finally parted, and the sound sunk into your abdomen. “This is amazing, really, you’re so gorgeous, but what if someone came back here and saw us?”

“They’d get a show, I suppose.” You giggled. “Don’t worry, baobei, they won’t.

Luhan smiled. “Hopefully.” You added and watched Luhan’s face contort with chuckles, his jaw unhinging off his face and triggering your own laughter. 

Luhan’s soft, wet kisses still lingered on your face, your neck and the skin of your shoulders as you made your way over to the place you were going to meet Wen at. She was already there when you arrived, and her deep dimple that usually made you so happy, only made you more dreadful this time around. Her chuckles that usually made yourself chuckle was only obnoxious now that your chest was burning and the money in your pocket wasn’t yours.

Wen jogged over to you, jumping the last few meters, her hand gripping the cloth of her tan midi-skirt as she danced gleefully. Your name left her lips as song and the first thing she did as she stepped in front of you were to fish the money out of your pockets. You let her, biting your lips guiltily while your best— and only friend in 12 years took the money, waved goodbye and left.

You loved Wen, and you were sure she loved you too. But this wasn’t right, and you were going to do something about it, never mind what it would cause for you. 

You watched her back disappear more and more, and smiled sadly, enjoying the very last, bittersweet memory of what was your and Wen’s friendship.

“Luhan,” You whispered out, gripping his other hand with yours and bringing your hands together so you were standing opposite to him, holding both of his hands close to your breasts. You kissed his knuckles, the frown on your face deep with the heaviness of your revelation. The words on your tongue felt like lead, tasted like lead. Luhan’s own eyebrows were raised in question.

“Well, go on.” He smiled. “You can tell me anything, baobei.”

“—I’m stealing your money. Wen’s stealing your money.”

He calmly pulled his hands out of yours, away from your stinging lips. He cocked an eyebrow, his mouth agape, and his eyes hard. “What? You’re joking, right?”

When you didn’t answer, he lost his calm. “Are you telling me that you’re the one that’s been taking money from me the whole time? My own fucking girlfriend?” His face was ablaze and not for the good reason. His eyes hardened, even more, you could feel him coating his hatred and anger all over your skin. 

You wanted to run, but this time around, you didn’t. 

He stared at you as if you were the woman in The Painted Skin; two faced and demonic. Never before had a man looked at you this way. Never before had you angered your lover this way. But you suppose there’s always a first time for everything.

“I’m sorry Luhan, Wen has been doing this for a long time, she just wanted my help. I couldn’t deny her.”

“Don’t even say my name. Ever again.” He spat ruthlessly, and drops of his saliva landed on your skin. Your cheeks were burning, your limbs were tingling. Through the numbness, you were sure there were tears running down your cheeks. You hurried to fish out a few bills out of our pocket, pushing them into his calloused hands.

“Please, this was the only money I could back from her. Take them.” You pleaded, flinching as he threw the money on the ground with a loud screech.

“Shut up!” He gripped your hand in his, sternly. Even through all that anger, he didn’t grip your hand too harshly. “You’re going to pay for this, Y/N- you and Wen. I just can’t believe you did this to me.”

Your vision blurred with your tears.

“I can’t believe you didn’t love me all this time! You used me!”

You wanted to scream that you did, that you did love him. All this time, you had fallen for him despite your age, despite your task. All this time, you had imagined a life with Luhan. All this time you had imagined opening up to him. Your heart was breaking in your very hands, his too, yet the sobs clogged up your throat enough to leave you silent as Luhan left you all alone behind the school building.

All alone.

Luhan had you and Wen kicked out of the school. Under a week, you lost him, your degree and your only friend. An infuriated Wen threw her curses at you the very same day as she was sent back to her hometown, and that was the day you promised yourself that friends weren’t worth it— and neither were lovers. 

You were all alone again.


College Conspiracy (Full Length)

“College education is the biggest scam in American history.”


I’m in the worst mood ever! Good (?) news for you guys though, cause I need an outlet for my rage so prepare yourselves for.. another profanity filled Union update! Keeping it real and fresh as always, aka what Komei has been doing to the litter 24/7 since our lot can barely contain all the cat shit we’re drowning in. We’re halfway thru completing Komei’s lifetime want, 3 cats at the top of their careers out of 6, and it’s only taken a literal lifetime.

So the situation in the house continues to bear an unsettling resemblance to the last days of the Roman Empire. No wonder these cats can’t get promoted when they’re too busy trying to avoid getting killed by Visigoth Victor. We have Victor vs Ronron…

Victor vs Neo..

Victor vs Alegra..

..and Victor vs Roux! I’m starting to suspect that Victor may be the problem here.

Meanwhile Victoria and Komei are having the time of their lives watching the bloodshed! Last time I saw either of them so happy was when they were cheating on each other. Bread and circuses indeed.

One small glimmer of hope appears when Roux gets this insane bonus and then immediately gets promoted!

I’m all like YAAAAS BITCH SLAY, 4/6!!! and then NOT 2 FUCKING SECONDS LATER:



……………………………..FUCK. ME.

How many times is it now that Neo has gotten fired, cause I’ve literally lost count. Imagine if he wasn’t the ~genius one. Way to disgrace your mother’s name!

I’m so upset by Neo’s fuckery that I take Melody and Gunther out clubbing in the middle of the day to feel better. Ah, so cute ❤

SO. CUTE.  ❤


Unfortunately our milf past is back to haunt us.

-Ooooh, hey there, jaibait ;) Look at your girl. Then back at me-


We run into the Count, and Melody has the honor of being introduced to one of Victoria’s lovers, an important rite of passage for anyone marrying into this family. Congrats, Melody! Let’s ignore Daniel’s first kiss, Lakshmi, who seizes the opportunity of Melody turning her back to discreetly merge herself with Gunther, and then spends the rest of her stay furiously heartfarting over him. Jfc Gunther, what do you do, roll around in honey?

-It’s Axe bodyspray ;)

Ugh fuckboi. You better not cheat on Melody, you hear???

I MEAN SHE GAVE US A FUCKING ELECTROSPHERE AS A DATE PRESENT. Thank you Melody! Finally the litterboxes get the lighting extravaganza they deserve.


When I tell you guys that Komei wants to bankrupt us I’m not kidding. Ever the practical spirit, the moment we have some extra cash he starts rolling wants to buy $2k stereos and $5k games. GROW UP

This night is a mixed bag, on one hand Vic topped her career, on the other Gunther got fucking arrested while sneaking out with Mel. Thankfully his parents could not give less of a fuck even though both were awake when Dorian diligently returned him.

-This will teach you to walk around with that glorious mane, leaving no woman for us hair-challenged adults, brat! Stay within your age group!

Looking amazing painting in your hot dog uniform!

-Melody forced me to wear it so no one would hit on me..

Melody knows what’s up.

-God, being monogamous for two entire days sure is tough. My mind is racing with all the hot dog pick up lines I could use..

You’re really too young for me to castrate you, so better just try and channel those frustrations into your art.

-I don’t need no drama, I just need some nana, just told my lil’ mama, ‘babe, I think I love you, kinda’ ♪

WRONG ART FORM. GOD. Get it together Gunther, cause if you fuck things up with Mel it won’t end well. For you.

-So Gunther, the other day I was thinking of some professions that would be more realistic than your dream of becoming a legendary artist.. Kid’s party magician popped in mind.

-Ugh, don’t listen to him, Gunther, you can’t abandon your dream! I mean look at your father, he had a dream to see 6 pets top their career.. and 40 years later.. he’s still nowhere near achieving it! HAHA. What a fucking loser you are, dear. God, I can’t believe I married you, what the fuck was I thinking. All I got was stretchmarks and two decades of sleeping next to the overwhelming aroma of cat excrement. In conclusion, Gunther, you and your brothers were giant mistakes.. What were we talking about again?

Yea, seems about right. Komei is, once again, on the verge of aspiration failure, which you know, when is he not. He finally does roll one want I can complete tho..

Cooking competition! I cannot stress enough how much I ignore anything Free Time related, like I’ve been playing this game since I was 10 and I only discovered that special hobby lots exist last year. So yea, this is a first for both me and Komei, but we’re in this together! We submit our specialty, cat hair covered chili..

The competition is fierce. Thank god Komei’s loving family has come along to support him!

-Why are we here again?

-Some of your father’s cat beauty pageant shit or something, who cares.. STOP MOVING YOUR HANDS SO FAST

LOL look at these anxious flops. Our Komei is cool as a cucumber tho! Wtf is a professional chef doing here?? This feels very unfair, they should be in a league of their own. If we lose to her I’m gonna appeal and then burn this place to the ground.

And we’re up first! Is the judge gonna appreciate our secret ingredients of cat hair and saliva???

YAS. A very promising reaction!

LMAO professional chef flops! Bet she didn’t have a trace of pet dna in that cake!

I can’t quite decode this expression, but I think it signifies expectations not being met. FLOP

Yea mte, blondie. Who tf enters salad into a cooking competition? A non-starter if there ever was one!


I don’t know what you heard about me,
but a bitch can’t get a dollar outta me

No Cadillac, no perms, you can’t see,
that I’m a motherfuckin’ P.I.M.P.

Congrats, Komei! How lucky you are to have your family share in this moment of triumph! 

-You won’t believe this mom, but Neo got fired AGAIN

-LOLOL. Wait, why do I have a feeling we’re supposed to be doing something else right now?

-Is it playing more red hands?


We return home, where og weeaboo Tom Cruise/Last Samurai graces us with his presence! Looking good, Tom. Meanwhile Vic has an emotional moment in the rain contemplating the artistic merit of the flamingos. Idk why both she and Komei have become obsessed with them ever since they aged up but it’s pretty depressing. And then, as Komei is soundly asleep, the unthinkable happens…

SIMULTANEOUS FUCKING PROMOTIONS. I wish I had something more eloquent to say about this but the best I can muster is FUCKING. BYE. THE FUCK. I DID IT.


AND WE’RE FINALLY OFF TO COLLEGE. GOD. Melody comes over on her own and we have this dramatic moment of Gunther ~passing her by, off to join his brothers at La Fiesta Tech. And to slut it up. Or is he??? I legit don’t know yet, but find out next time in The Unions: College is a Scam.

highlights from last night’s dnd:

  • my real life girlfriend (playing my fantasy wife) had to cut me off before i could finish describing the chemistry behind the relationship of coffee roast strength to caffeine content
  • our halfling druid is a magical hippy pot dealer
    • i accidentally might have given her ptsd
  • i rolled a 1 on a dex save and got covered in falling urine
  • i almost sold my soul to a devil so i could send a letter by priority mail
  • I opted out of the insurance, fortunately
  • and my problem dad and his daughter saved me
  • i convinced a bog witch to scam some college kids by selling them a gelatinous cube that eats cats
  • “did you order a medieval dildo”
  • problem dad’s daughter has to save him from being pickpocketed, constantly
  • we had to interrogate the owner of a fantasy love motel who had smoked enough fantasy weed to kill a man 
I’m having the funniest phone convo with my baby sis right now

She in her first semester at FAMU right now and she just called me and whispered “Tanaé, I gotta get outta here. College is such a SCAM”

Lmao bitch duh, I dropped out, you forgot?

Then she on her way back to her dorm from a party and it’s hella niggas out front yelling and stomping they feet so she can’t get in. I’m like it’s probably a frat. And she whispered “Every time I’m high, I see things like this and I always have to ask people if I’m tweaking”. Lmaooo so when you high, you see niggas marching and yelling.

Then in the laziest, highest voice, she said “Okay but at the end of the day…. I still gotta get to my dorm.”

Egg’s Escapades: Session 1 (Pirates and Pantsing)

Since exactly 1 person wanted to hear about my D&D adventures and I need content for here (sadly the muses do not constantly favor me), I figured I’d give it a go. I’ll do one post per session, starting with the first session and a brief rundown of the characters therein.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I really need advice on applying to scholarships. They are essential because of my financial situation yet it's so hard to be motivated to write tons and tons of more essays, after the lengthy college application process. Especially since I know the chances of me getting a scholarship is pretty low, due to how competitive it is. Any tips???

Sorry for the late answer. This was a very hard question for me 

here are some of my tips, I hope this will help you: 

1.       Be involved in community service activities throughout high school. There are generally a number of community scholarships available.

2.       Create and maintain a success resume from freshman year through your senior year in high school. Capturing your accomplishments on an annual basis will help you prepare for scholarship applications and build your personal brand.

3.       Consult with your high school guidance counselor, especially for local and regional scholarship information. Some high schools may even assign a guidance counselor as a scholarship coordinator.

4.       When writing a scholarship essay, make sure you write it in your own voice. Also, make sure you use spell check and have someone else proofread your essay.

5.       Start applying for scholarships in the fall of your senior year of high school. You will want to take advantage of scholarships with early application deadlines.

6.       Scholarship deadlines can vary. Develop a scholarship deadline spreadsheet to keep you organized and on time.

7.       Be mindful of the details! Carefully read the instructions and make sure your application is filled in correctly and you have included requested items. Some scholarships will request financial information to determine a candidate’s need.

8.       Apply and keep applying. You can save time by tailoring an existing essay for multiple scholarship applications.

9.       If a scholarship interview is required, dress professionally. You will also want to make sure your social media accounts do not have any inappropriate content or pictures. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

10.   Continue to apply for upper-class scholarships during your freshman year in college. Even if you are turned down your freshman year, there are scholarships available for college sophomores and juniors.

11.         Use a scholarship search engine.

Using scholarship search engines will make your job easier. Here are some to check out:

·         Fastweb



·         College Board

·         COLLEGEData

12.   Avoid scams while searching for scholarships

It should come as no surprise that investigations have shown that many for-profits do in fact target low-income people who can’t pay. These people areoften minorities.

Steve noticed the same thing at his school: “Most of my students made minimum wage, and over half were black. Every one of my students had a loan, and it’s all they ever talked about. Some felt strong-armed into them, but some wanted them. They lived off of them. They wanted the loans as another source of income because they couldn’t make ends meet with their regular jobs. They took a few classes to keep up appearances, but I would always know why they were really there. Every college has these students, but at my college, I had several in every class I taught. I never knew what happened to them after the semester and they were 20 or 40 grand in debt. Many struggled to make ends meet, and the college offered an easy way to get loans. What did you think was going to happen?”

For-profit universities vastly prefer loans – and the long-term, interest-bearing income they generate – to straight cash payments. So much so that they often don’t take cash: “One student in particular told me that she had $20,000 from an inheritance in cash, but ran into roadblocks everywhere. My college wouldn’t accept cash, so she tried a check. They told her they couldn’t, since they had too many issues with bounced checks. She then tried paying online in full, but she was told she shouldn’t because ‘What if you decide to drop a class? Would you still want to pay for it?’ She then tried monthly payments, but she was informed she was too late to sign up. She could only take a loan.”

I Teach At A For-Profit College: Here’s Why It’s A Scam

I feel like every college is a scam Regardless Like I cannot fathom of having a Successful job after all my education like a job where I use my college education

I have a confession for my professors…
College is a scam, but you’re damned if you refuse to buy in.
I’ve seen kids who couldn’t fill out Fasfas fast enough, trying to pay back loans, they groan because now the debt owns them.
I’ve seen text books break backs, stacks of notes float in the faces of the kids racing to get a degree so that they have a fraction of a chance of getting a job to pay for the fees.
I have seen scholarships sail away,
And now kids are sucking dicks and selling drugs just to stay,
in a place where the hazing is still amazingly high, just like the kids that can’t handle the stress so they buy happiness in a plastic baggies, dragging their sorrow along in their back packs.
I’ve seen kids who take Adderall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it’s the only brain food they can afford, absorbing the world around them behind a desk in a lecture hall.
Fall is too pretty of a season to waste rotting in stress.
And after this, what’s next? Working behind another desk, Monday through Friday, nine to five, busting our asses just to survive.
We all want to learn but is being a broke broken being really what’s best?
You can give them a F or you can give them A it doesn’t matter, they’re still effed in the A if they can’t pay for gas once school has passed.
So pass me or fail me, because honestly you’ve already failed me if I have to bail myself out financially.
Go ahead and take note of this and stuff it up your book bag,
I’m sorry, but education shouldn’t come with a price tag.