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Competitive Edge (Jungkook x Reader)

In which Jeon Jungkook may just as well be Jeon Jung–cocky.

based off of some earlier drabbles and more or less dedicated to @fanficsandnochill (see note at bottom yo)

fluff, 6.1k words, jungkook/reader, college + rival au

You stumble along the hallway, nearly tripping over–well, nothing, in your half-asleep stupor. You stifle a yawn. Mornings, you decide, are clearly not your thing. Morning classes even less so.

“Oh, hello there.”

And as it turns out, your morning class just became even less of your thing. Way worse. You tense and turn and look at Jungkook, who smirks at you as the two of you walk through the doors.

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One of the older college football rivalries, DePauw University vs. Wabash College. This is the 123rd meeting, first played in 1890. There are 10 schools who have met more frequently. The Monon Bell, an old Monon Railroad steam engine bell, became “the prize” in the ‘30’s. Although it’s D3, both schools are passionate about their sports, and especially this rivalry. I’ve been hosting alums from both schools for a Telecast Party at a local sports bar for the last several years. There’s friendly banter back and forth and all have a good time, although it would be nice for DePauw to win one for a change. Wabash leads the series 60-53-9, with Wabash winning the last seven! “Here’s to You, Old DePauw”!

the greatest

title: the greatest
author: little_dimples
pairing: jikook
genre: college au, rivalry, enemies to lovers
length: oneshot, 17k+
summary: Person A is a hockey player person B a figure skater. Person A is told he needs more grace on the ice so he is forced to get lessons by person B. Problem is they hate each other.

Or Person A is Jungkook and Person B is Jimin.


KAGEYAMA RARE PAIR WEEK Day one // University/College AU // Rivalry | Competition // UshiOiKage

“I wanted to say that this thing has been screwed up from the beginning. You and me [and him]. Us. Just the whole long, stupid story…But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” - Michael (Roswell)

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Plot # 62 : True Colors

Muse A is an aspiring artist who goes to a prestigious art school in the city. Upon attending a gallery show with friends, Muse A is introduced to the work of an up-and-coming artist whom they’ve never heard of before. The artwork speaks to them on a personal level, as they see definite similarities between this artist’s themes and technique and their own work. To Muse A’s dismay, the artist isn’t there to speak to, but they’re able to get the artist’s contact email from the show’s curator. Taking a chance, Muse A emails the artist (muse B) and explains how their work has inspired them and how honored they’d be if the artist might one day give them some tips on how to make it in the fine art industry. To Muse A’s surprise, they receive a response from Muse B almost immediately. Muse B wants to meet them the next morning at their studio. When the next day dawns, Muse A arrives at the address given and is surprised to discover that Muse B is close to them in age. They talk a little bit before Muse B invites them into their work space.

Upon entry, Muse A is in awe and expresses that they can’t wait for the day when they have a studio like Muse B’s. Muse B offers to let them work in the space, if Muse A will agree to be their muse. Muse B offers a contractual arrangement, which states that for two month’s time Muse A will come to the studio and provide inspiration to Muse B in exchange for use of the space when Muse B isn’t around. Muse A happily agrees and signs the contract, thinking that this is a once in a lifetime kind of deal. The insight they’ll gain from being around Muse B will be invaluable, plus they’ve never been anyone’s muse before. As the first month gets underway, Muse A quickly begins to notice that Muse B has a difficult personality. They have a long list of rules for behaving while in the studio, and require that every paint and tool be left exactly in the order it was when they left it. If Muse A is one minute late for a session, Muse B is on-edge and irritable for the whole afternoon. The working relationship between the pair of them becomes acrimonious in the first few weeks – little slights turn into huge arguments. Sometimes neither one of them feels inspired to work because of how tenuous their working relationship is, but their shared passion for artistic expression and the terms of the contract keep them bound to one another.. at least for the rest of the two month period.   

Anon Geno request, I accidentally deleted. ***Warning:LONG***

What was asked for: you playing hockey, Geno cheering, and you get a hat trick and a fight.  

Notes: I know nothing about U of Penn rivalries, college hockey, or rules for either.  This is stupid, but I hope someone likes it.

“Make it quick.  I am going to be late for Lit,” you said in lieu of hello.  You were digging through your desk, unable to find your book.

“You best,” Geno’s voice washed over you.  It was good to hear his voice.  He had just come off a week long road trip.  He pulled back the plastic of the plate containing the Pryaniki cookies his mother had taught you to make when Geno had taken you to Russia this summer.  

“They’re just cookies,” you said, “I wasn’t sure if you would have a problem with it, but you asked me to clean out Lula’s litter box, so I…well, I made me chocolate chip at the same time.”

Geno didn’t mention the fact that Jeffrey smelled freshly bathed and his toenails clipped. 

“No, you best,” he repeated, “We watch movie tonight?" 

"I have a game,” you said.

“I come, cheer?” he asked, but it was ruined by a yawn.

“You should rest.  I think I’d be nervous knowing you were in the stands.  I’m not sure I’m ready for you to critique my skills.”

“No, just cheer,” he pressed.  

“I’m going to be late for class.  We’ll talk later.”

“Home after?” he asked.  You smiled at the way he called it home.  It wasn’t your home.  You lived in the dorms.  

“Probably not.  I’m going to be sore.  We are playing Princeton, and their captain hates me because I scored the goal that eliminated them from the playoffs last year.  I have to go.  Get some rest, babe.”

“Love…” Click. “You.”  

Geno grabbed one of the cookies, while searching the University of Pennsylvania website for details on your game tonight.  

Geno pulled the ice facility that U of Penn used for their games.  He had taken a nap and was reenergized.  He was pleasantly surprised to see it was packed.  He couldn’t help but smile that his girl would be playing in front of so many.  He sat close enough, but made sure it was in a crowded section of U of Penn students.  He tried his best to be nondescript in a hoodie and ball cap.  

You were focused on the ice.  Being a center, you lined up for the first face off against Princeton’s Mackenzie, the captain.  It was apparent that she was not happy on how you easily won the face off.  After it was on your defenseman’s stick, she tripped you, causing you to go face first into the ice.  It wasn’t called, which was no surprise.  You were used to being battered during games.

11:32 into the opening period, you had wound your way through the other team’s d-men, and were headed to Princeton’s goal.  You felt the stick in your skates, seconds before you were sliding sideways toward the goal.  Using your stick, you continued to push the puck toward the net.  You heard the goal horn, as you slid softly into the end-boards.  The first goal of the game.

Geno watched the game, getting more and more agitated as the game went on.  Several times, he found himself standing when that bitch of a captain cross checked you or tripped you.  The second the goal light lit, he was standing arms raised, giving everyone within arms reach a high five.  

“My,” he said to the guy closest to him, but was cut off from that because Mackenzie stood over you and crosschecked you in the face.  

The whistle blew.  5 for unsportsmanlike conduct.  Beth went after the captain, but you just stopped her.

“Say it on the scoreboard.”  It had become your mantra since your rookie year.  You always figured it hurt worse there.

Geno emotions were up and down.  He was happy to be watching you, but ever since the girl tripped you 10 seconds in, he was ready to come down to the ice and kick her ass.  From what he could tell, you still didn’t know he was there and he didn’t want you to not focus on the game, so sometimes he paced.

Second period saw your team coming together as well Princeton.  Both Beth and Emily, who were your best friends both on and off the ice, were able to tally points.  Unfortunately, Princeton had netted three, tying the game with 1:30 left in the second.  She said something to you as she passed, and you will admit what you said was not the politest of sentences.  Mackenzie skated up to you, getting into your face.  You yanked your cage up and was calling her a little bitch that needed to go home to mommy.  Fighting was prohibited in NCAA hockey, so you weren’t worried about her taking a swing at you.  You were crosschecked, hard, in the mouth.  You spit blood on the ice, before regaining your feet.

Geno was on his feet, screaming, as you blinked through the pain.  It was hard though.  It had been getting harder not to hall off and hit that bitch.  You stood as Beth and Emily moved to kick her ass.  You caught them, shaking your head no, while using your tongue to check your teeth.  All there, none loose.

Geno’s anger flew through him instantly.  He worked on inhaling and exhaling to calm himself the way that Sid had taught him so he wouldn’t fly off the handle during games.  It wasn’t working.

Thankfully, she was supposed to be in the box for the next 4:00 minutes of play.  The next time you were on the ice, Beth, Emily and you were able to pull off a easy tic-tac-toe score that you had practiced for power plays.  It netted you your second goal.

Geno’s fists shot in the air.  

The third was gritty.  It wasn’t until Mackenzie did a knee on knew hit to your captain, Janet, that you dropped the gloves and went for her.  Thank god Beth was there, otherwise you would have swung at her and would be held out for however many games.

Geno couldn’t decide if this had been his best plan or his worst plan.  As glad as he was to see you play, seeing you hurt was horrible.  

With 1:45 left in the third, Princeton pulled the goalie.  Emily stripped Mackenzie of the puck, passed it to Beth.  The two of you took off toward the empty net.  She passed to you, and you passed back.

“Hattrick!” Beth shouted passing you back the puck, which you easily buried.  

Geno exploded about ¼th of a second before the crowd.  Suddenly, Mackenzie swung her stick, the blade connecting with Em’s head.  The crowd fell silent a nanosecond after Emily hit the ice.  Or at least, you could no longer hear them.  The edges of your focus blurred.  One minute you had been celebrating a hat-trick.  The next you were across the ice, minus gloves and a helmet.  Mackenzie swung first, but you ducked it, connecting with your first swing.  She went down.  You landed one more blow, hearing/feeling the satisfying crunch of her nose breaking.  A linesman was pulling you off her.  

You showered and dressed with the girls.  Thankfully, Em was just stunned and not really injured.  

“I am starving,” you said as the three of you exited.  Em laughed.  You were always hungry after playing.

“Wanna go to the cafeteria,” Beth asked.  

“I want steak,” you whined.

“I take all,” Geno said.

“Geno?” you gasped.

He grabbed your hand, the one with the bruised knuckles.  

“Say no fight in league, yet you fight.”

“She hit Em,” you said immediately, trying to to take it back, but he kissed them, before pulling you in.

“They hit you.  I want wrap in bubbles,” he said.  You smiled, knowing he wanted to say bubble wrap.

“Did you say you would take us for steak?” Em asked.

Geno laughed.

“Love you,” he kissed you, “Come we get steak.  Beth drive car.  Come home after.”  

“Fine,” you said, leaning into him, knowing that he’d let you have the sleep you needed.

anonymous asked:

I said something rude? you told my team to choke & fall off the face of the earth? all I did was say one of the same things back.. if you're on about a rivalry then that's all that message was... I don't hate you/your blog lol

Okay but I reblogged something about that and telling some physical human being to choke is something completely different than saying I hope this hockey team where I know no one personally on to choke (where it could be interpreted like choke like they lose the game). And trust me, I know rivalry. My college rivalry is worse than the Pens/Caps rivalry and no one tells other fans to choke. I just don’t get it. And obviously if you like me or my blog you’re not gonna tell me to choke so the unfollow button is an option to click.

Kageyama Rare Pair Week

Day 1

Universe: University/College AU

Topic: Rivalry/Competition

Pairing: OiKage

Hamasaki Souske is certain that his team has The Coolest Setter Ever, capitalisation required because that’s just how awesome the guy is.

He’s only a first-year like Souske himself but, well, he’s simply brilliant! The team’s last setter was a third-year anyway so that worked out perfectly, but even if there was yet another setter, Souske’s convinced Kageyama Tobio would still be on the starting team. He’s that amazing and Souske, quite frankly, considers himself lucky to be on the same team as him (even if Souske himself isn’t part of the starting line-up).

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June 2016 Fan Week Masterpost

KuroKen Month

  • June 1st - June 5th: School
  • June 6th - June 12th: Fun
  • June 13th - June 20th: Feelings
  • June 21st - June 27th: AU
  • June 28th - June 30th: Themeless

OT3+ Week:

  • May 29th: First Meet // Confession
  • May 30th: Long Distance // Roommates
  • May 31st: Victory // Loss
  • June 1st: Love Songs // Romcoms
  • June 2nd: High School Activities // College Parties
  • June 3rd: Tournaments // Festivals
  • June 4th: Crossover/Alternative Universe/Your Choice

UshiTen Week:

  • June 1st: First Time(s)
  • June 2nd: Scary Movie
  • June 3rd: Reading Together
  • June 4th: Lunch Date
  • June 5th: Interacting After a Tournament
  • June 6th: Free Day
  • June 7th: Future

Kageyama Rarepair Week:

  • June 6th:
    • Universe: University/College AU
    • Topic:  Rivalry | Competition
  • June 7th: 
    • Universe:  Soulmate/Red String of Fate AU
    • Topic:  Promises | Trust
  • June 8th:
    • Universe:  Aged Up & Working AU (Coffee Shop, Tattoo Parlor, Flower Shop, Bakery, …)
    • Topic:  Insecurities | Shyness
  • June 9th:
    • Universe:  Omegaverse
    • Topic:  Jealousy | Falling in Love
  • June 10th:
    • Universe:  Canon Universe or AU of Choice
    • Topic:  Confessions | Dreams

TsukiNoya Week:

  • June 11th: Firsts // Team Work
  • June 12th: Sweets // Glasses
  • June 13th: Domestic // Travel
  • June 14th: Tol vs Smol
  • June 15th: Fluff // Angst
  • June 16th: NSFW // AU
  • June 17th: Free Prompt

KurooAka Week:

  • June 12th: Travel // Soulmates
  • June 13th: Light // Rain
  • June 14th: Tattoos and Flower Shops // Coffee Shop
  • June 15th: Youth // Letters
  • June 16th: Online // Disgust
  • June 17th: Fantasy // Library
  • June 18th: Graduation // Fireworks

KyouHaba Week:

  • June 19th: Plants // Music
  • June 20th: Magic/Fantasy // Training Camp
  • June 21st: Different Team(s) // Sports Swap
  • June 22nd: Fighting // Friendship
  • June 23rd: Domestic // Date
  • June 24th: Long Distance // Travel
  • June 25th: Free Day

SemiShira Week:

  • June 20th: Firsts // Games
  • June 21st: Fashion // Mysteries
  • June 22nd: Routine // Promises
  • June 23rd: University // Childhood
  • June 24th: Magic // Texting
  • June 25th: Pride // Fears
  • June 26th: Future // Free Prompt

BokuTeru Week:

  • June 26th: Music // Superhero
  • June 27th: Food // Playboy
  • June 28th: Piercings // Yakuza
  • June 29th: Aged Up/Down // Crossover
  • June 30th: Holiday // Genderbend
  • July 1st: Domestic // Animals
  • July 2nd: Free Prompt

So I’m kind of in love with everyone’s immediate acceptance of the notion that Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark are going to eventually meet up and kill zombies together and I thought I’d have some fun and come up with some other reincarnation “Clexa are soulmates forever” AU’s.  Here are some of my favorites:

Wrong Side of the Law AU: Detective Clark gets assigned to a case of an environmental group believed to be ecoTerrorists, the TreeKru.  Her job is to infiltrate the organization, find their leader, and gather enough evidence to arrest them all.  But once she meets the really hot leader, Lex, Clark starts to realize that the group’s ideals might not be as crazy as she thought.  She warns Lex and the others of an impending police raid on the TreeKru base and they all escape while Clark stays behind to make sure none of the evidence gets collected.  A few days later, Clark (who has been aggressively demoted) enters her apartment to find Lex waiting inside for her.  When Lex tries to thank Clark for what she did, Clark cuts her off with a kiss and Lex asks Clark to join TreeKru permanently and they spend the rest of their (long and happy) lives working together to save the planet. 

Space Girlfriends AU: Cal Griffin is a mercenary who is hired to protect Lea Woods, leader of the coalition of the twelve planets.  When a coup overthrows Lea, Cal has to smuggle her off the planet and keep her safe, and the two end up traveling the universe, avoiding the new authorities hunting for Lea.  To provide for them, Cal starts picking up bounty hunter jobs, and Lea demands she be able to help.  Once, Cal gets shot and Lea has to nurse her back to health and that’s when they realize they’ve fallen for each other.  Eventually there’s a rebellion and a responsible government is reinstated and Lea oversees the first election but after a leader she trusts is installed, she rejoins Cal and they continue their adventures exploring space and being bounty hunters and loving each other and keeping each other safe.  

Modern Day AU (You can never have too many of these): Clarke Griffin and Lexa woods getting off at the wrong foot at a college party and spend the next four years trying to one up each other in everything from intramural sports to who can get a higher score on the GRE.  Years after graduation, Senator Woods finds out that the doctor she needs to support her latest healthcare bill is none other than a Dr. Griffin.  And so the two are forced to work together and both try to hide the fact that at some point during their college days their rivalry had developed into a crush, because they’re sure the other one still hates them.  Once the project is complete though, Lexa starts searching for excuses to see Clarke, making up medical illnesses and requesting appointments with Dr. Griffin because she’s the only doctor Lexa will trust.  Eventually, an exasperated Clarke suggests they just go to dinner instead, so Lexa will stop taking up the time she should be dedicating to her actual sick patients.  They end up getting married a little over a year later.  

Prohibition AU: Clarke’s a con artist in the roaring twenties and Lexa,owns a general store that houses a secret speakeasy in a hidden room.  One day, Clarke tries to pull a con on Lexa to get a few free drinks, but Lexa sees right through her and picks Clarke’s pocket to pay for those drinks.  Irritated, Clarke tries to accuse Lexa of stealing and threatens to call the cops on the bar.  Lexa points out that there are three cops in the establishment right now and reporting them would only end up in Clarke herself being arrested.  Then she offers Clarke a deal.  Clarke can come to the bar as often as she wants, and Lexa will point her towards marks that deserve to be swindled.  Just so long as Clarke agrees to pay for her own drinks.  One time, Clarke gets caught while lifting a corrupt politician’s wallet and instead of calling the police or alerting the barkeep, he grabs her arm and twists.  While everyone else in the bar jumps at Clarke’s shout of pain, Lexa races out from behind the bar, smashes a bottle over his head, and quietly tells him and his friends that they are no longer welcome in her establishment.  She then makes sure Clarke gets the medical attention she needs for her broken arm and offers to let Clarke stay with her while she recovers.  As she heals, Clarke helps out with work in the bar and the general store and after she’s fully recovered Lexa offers her a permanent position working with her.  Together they make a safe space for their customers while still enjoying a good con from time to time on any asshole that makes the mistake of crossing them.  

Time Travelers AU: Clarke and Lexa are part of a futuristic organization whose purpose is to maintain the integrity of time.  Their job is to travel through space and time, protecting queer women and making sure all wlw get the chance to be safe and happy together like we deserve.  


Both born and raised in New England, Eichel and Hanifin first played against each other when they were about 10 or 11. They were teammates at USA Hockey’s National Development Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and on 2015’s world junior team. But with Eichel at Boston University and Hanifin at Boston College, they faced off against each other again as part of a cracking college hockey rivalry. “Noah brings out the best in me,” Eichel said at the draft combine. “He’s a good friend of mine and it’s great competition playing against him.”

What Team? Yours. (Joshifer One shot)

Oh it’s been a while hasn’t it? Much more than just a while! Thank you so much @keep-encouraged​ for sending me this prompt: 

how did Jen get that Kentucky Against The World shirt? and/or Josh’s commentary on how UK has basically taken that over as their mantra

I’m not entirely sure how well I’ve answered either question, but hey I’ve written something! I hope you like it!


What Team? Yours…

I flop down on the couch completely ungracefully, matching my equally slob-like outfit of sweatpants and a sweater that is much to big for me, in their clumsiness. I tuck my feet up too, slipping my arm through Josh’s and resting my chin on his shoulder, looking at him with a smile I know is goofy and only partly purposely to make him laugh. He turns his head, and I smile wider, my lips stretching until my teeth show too.



He feels warm, and although I’m not particularly cold here in his mom’s house, I bury and cling myself closer to him with a contented and almost silent sigh. We came here for Christmas and I’m still feeling full from all the food we ate yesterday (hence the sweats). It’s weird not being at my parents though, not seeing my brothers. A pang of guilt and something close to worry shoots through me when I think of my nephews; it’s been so long since I’ve seen them. But we promised we’d be there for New Years.

And I’d enjoyed it here with Josh and his family. I love his mom, and her cooking is wonderful. She’s still cooking now. She has another day with another full house to feed. Body’s fill every space in the room, everyone turning more and more towards the TV as the time creeps closer.

Because it’s game day. December 26th, Kentucky against Louisville. And here I am, the cat among the pigeons - or the Card among the Cats. Though, really, basketball rivalry is my brothers and my dad’s thing. I was just… there. And I’ve always supported Louisville as I’ve grown up; it was my team. But teams can change, right?

“Ready to watch your team lose, Jen?” Josh smirks and I scowl, before laughing.

“I bet you that the Cards are gonna hand their asses to your stinky Cats.”

Now he laughs. He gets closer to me and replies in a whisper. “Be careful, Jen. You’re in a room full of “stinky Cats”.”

His breath is hot on my cheek, it’s a miracle I even registered his words. Before he leans back, I move towards him and delicately press my lips to his cheek, just by his mouth, in a delicate, gentle kiss.

We’ve stayed here the last two nights and it’s just not the same as your own place. And although we’re here and we’re together, our ability to be jumping each other whenever and wherever we want in our limited time together anyway, doesn’t exist in your boyfriends’ mom’s house.

His hand moves up my waist and holds me tightly. Soon, he tells me with a look and I sling my arm across his torso as he sits back up.

“So what you willing to bet?”


“Your Cards winning. You want to put your humility where your mouth is?” He grins.

I completely forgot about the game, I’m really not too concerned with who wins. But I like giving Josh shit, I like our stupid bickering and “rivalries” over college basketball - even though neither of us went to college, never mind Kentucky or Louisville.

“I’ll let you pick,” I mumble with a lazy smile, snuggling in closer to him, letting my eyes close over as his hand rubs my arm.


We lost. The Cards lost to the SmellyCats. And in a euphoric, winning-team induced mentality, Josh decided, with the support of the rest of his family and Cat’s fans, that I was to become one. For a whole month, this season. I had to support Kentucky.

My family are going to disown me. 

“No. No … That’s the ultimate betrayal, I can’t do that to the Cards!” I protest, but my tone is exaggerated and mocking, and I’m laughing too.

Josh shrugs with a smirk, and laughs too. “No my decision is final. You have to become a Cat.”

“For a month,” I add, setting the parameters.

“For a whole, long month,” he grins, before pointing out that the sweater of his that I’d thrown on for the day was already emblazoned with “UK”.

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