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It’s been a month since my PI, which I thought went fairly well. There’s been about 5-6 big waves so far and I haven’t been in one of them. Today there was a medium wave and one of my friends got accepted (super excited for her!!!) I love seeing everyone get accepted, it’s great and exciting! But it’s really hard and discouraging. I’m still in progress so that’s better than NLIC. Waves have been happening pretty much every Thursday and Friday so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll hear some good news one of those days. Send me some pixie dust! I need it(:

“I met a guy on the College Program bus about a year ago and we instantly connected, but I was convinced I wouldn’t see him again because we worked in different parks. But randomly we would run into each other throughout our programs and the last time we met was in the Magic Kingdom just a few days before my birthday. It’s silly, but our encounters always made me think of Meg and George from Paperman. It made the parks feel even more magical and I hope I can see him there again someday”

Interested in a certain role for the DCP?

want to talk to someone that did that role for their college program?

Or did you already get in and want to talk to someone who did your role?

Talk to one of these crazy kids!



Custodial  Full Service Food and Bev Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Housekeeping Lifeguard Main Entrance Ops Character Attendant/ Entertainment PhotoPass Merchandise Quick Service Food and Bev Costuming
  • Caliypsoe (Entertainment at Beauty and the Beast)
  • Katie (Magic Kingdom Parades)
  • Jade (EPCOT)
Recreation Hopper
  • Did you work this role? Tell me so i can list you!
Theater Ops Transportation

Guest Relations

Vacation Planner

Disney Cultural Rep

International College Program

Disneyland College Program

Disney Internships
  • Nicole (Thats me! Retail Management Internship)
  • Lexi (DHS Custodial Management Internship)
  • Greg (Internal Communications Graphic Design/Creative Services)
  • Caitlin (Guest Relations Internship)
  • Natasha (Guest Relations Internship)
  • Molly (Guest Relations Internship)
  • Stephanie (Conservation Education Presenter)
  • Katie (Guest Relations Internship)
  • Shannon (Guest Relations Internship)
  • Kayla (Graphic Designer Intern in Digital Marketing for Disney Parks and Resorts)
  • Kristi (All Star Movies - Housekeeping Management Internship)
  • Sarah (Conservation Education Presenter)
Culinary Programs Want to be listed here? Let us know telling us your name and what/where you worked!  (please have participated in Disney College Programs if you asked to be listed. this is a list of program participants, not people that just work that role. )   this will also be linked to our sidebar    
Disney College Program Bucket List
  1. Be in a park from opening til closing
  2. Do every single attraction!
  3. Go to Traditions
  4. Watch Wishes
  5. Ride Space Mountain with the lights on
  6. Dole whip!
  7. Get the max score on Toy Story/Buzz
  8. Eat something from every country in Epcot
  9. Kitchen sink challenge!
  10. Take pictures of the castle on empty main street
  11. Go to Universal Studios
  12. Visit Blizzard Beach
  13. Visit Typhoon Lagoon
  14. Get cute pictures with Mickey Mouse
  15. Take a picture with balloons on Main Street
  16. Take an amazing picture of my sister and I in front of the castle
  17. Let someone in for free with my Main Gate Pass
  18. Go to a beach in Florida
  19. See each fireworks show
  20. See each parade
  21. VoluntEAR
  22. Buy Minnie Mouse ears to wear in the parks
  23. See Cirque de Soliel
  24. Watch Illuminations
  25. Watch Fantasmic
  26. Eat at the Dine-in AMC theatre
  27. Take a picture with Peter Pan <3
  28. Spend my birthday in the parks - July 20th! :)
  29. Visit Cinderella’s Castle Suite
  30. Take a selfie with each character that I want to meet
  31. Visit every Disney resort
  32. Get a small Disney tattoo (somewhere it won’t show, of course!)
  33. Visit the underground at Magic Kingdom
  34. Eat at Cinderella’s Royal table
  35. Take a funny / staged picture on Splash Mountain and buy it
  36. Chill at Mickey’s Retreat with my sister
  37. Eat at Be Our Guest (and get the Grey Stuff)
  38. Go to the top of the castle (take a pano)
  39. Buy Mickey-ears hat with “DCP 2016″ embroidered on the back!
  40. Go jetskiing, parasailing, and/or waterskiing
  41. Swim with the sharks at Typhoon Lagoon
  42. Attend graduation, get a grad pic with mickey and minnie
  43. Get my graduation ears embroidered and take cheesy graduation photos
  44. Go to Starlight Splash
  45. Get accepted to University of Central Florida for Hospitality
  46. Extend or apply for part time
  47. Successfully complete my program
  48. Attend a grocery bingo with Britt
  49. Visit each Company D on property
  50. Buy a name tag shadow box and frame my tag!
  51. Take a cheesy photo of my CM name tag for Instagram, lol
  52. Meet someone famous
  53. Get a FourKeys card
  54. Get complimented by a guest
  55. Get a DCP Spirit Jersey 
  56. See a concert
  57. Disneybound
  58. Take Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management
  59. Take Disney Heritages
  60. Pass my lifeguard tests 
  61. Create a Magical Moment for a guest 
  62. Visit Disney University
  63. Ride the ~ party bus ~
  64. Go to the Drive in restaurant
  65. Visit Kelly Springs
  66. Encounter a celebrity 
  67. Meet someone I’ve met on the DCP Facebook in person
  68. Do a disney character dining experience with friends
  69. Attend a Cru event
  70. Go to a Backstage Event (a cast member exclusive event)
  71. Collect Alex and Ani disney bracelets / pandora charms 
  72. See the Dapper Dans sing
  73. Get pixie dusted
  74. Visit the Wedding Pavilion
  75. Visit a Disney outlet in orlando 
  76. Tour University of Central Florida
  77. Tour Rosen College of Hospitality
  78. Get accepted to University of Central Florida
  79. Audition for something
  80. Watch Wishes and the Electrical Water Parade from the Poly beach
  81. See Mickey at the theater
  82. Visit Christopher Robin’s bedroom in the United Kingdom pavilion
  83. Get/personalize a magic band
  84. Do Agent P’s mission in Epcot
  85. Do a group disneybound with at least one other person
  86. Complete all of the Thomas Kincade disney puzzles with Brittany
  87. Snorkel/swim with sharks at Typhoon Lagoon
  88. Meet Baymax
  89. Find a talking trash can/water fountain in Epcot
  90. See wishes, fantasmic, and illuminations in one night!
  91. Scuba dive at the seas with Nemo & friends
  92. Take a segway tour in Epcot
  93. Do a chase member exclusive meet and greet
  94. See the Voices of Liberty sing
  95. Attend Characterpolooza at Hollywood Studios
  96. “Singin’ in the rain”

Send me suggestions! Will edit as I think of more xx 

Got some news yesterday at 3:03 PM....

While standing in Joanne’s Fabrics comparing photos of lace for a cosplay….a little email from WDW recruiting popped up and my heart dropped into my stomach.

I have accepted the role of character performer for the WDW Fall Advantage college program!

Naturally I started crying in the middle of the store and it was completely insane and I just couldn’t be happier. I am going to move to Orlando with two of my BEST friends and actually be around all my OTHER best friends all the time!

It’s unreal as I have been auditioning for Florida for nearly FOUR years with no results.

You just have to persist!!

I won’t know my exact role or roles until I arrive in Florida in June, and chances are I will not be sharing who I am “friends with” on tumblr. It’s a personal choice that I think makes things easier in terms of continuing to blog.

Thanks so much everyone for all the love and support you’ve always given me!

I might provide a link on my blog to my “dcp” tag as I will be marking everything from here on out.

“I used to live far away from the parks so the only way I saw pictures and heard updates were through popular Disney tumblrs and instagrams. I got into the College Program and actually met a couple of them and they were very rude and mean just because they were instagram famous. Looking at their feeds now with the comments people send them saying how lucky they are and how nice they seem bums me out because they aren’t nice at all”