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Nick Talent Outreach is going to the Savannah Film Festival! 

Get the inside scoop on TV Writing in Monday’s panel, then learn about the how Nickelodeon finds and nurtures talent on Tuesday. 

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Campus Rep Contest Winner - YANET EUDAVE

Yanet Eudave
School: University of Montana
Region:  West

Brief Bio and reason why Yanet joined the TDIN campaign: “Before I was selected to join TDIN campaign as campus representative at Montana State University, Bozeman, I was already advocating and doing work for the cause of immigrants in general. I have participated in various lobbying efforts at the Capitol in Helena, focusing on immigration issues and fighting anti-immigrant laws in the Montana legislature. During October 2012, I took leadership in organizing a rally on campus to fight the anti-immigrant referendum LR 121, “to deny certain state services to illegal aliens.” Although rallies are hardly ever seen on Montana campuses, especially here at MSU, I received support from student leaders like Ashley Piper, professors, and community members.

Since I became a campus representative at MSU all of my involvement within the advocating for comprehensive immigration reform has greatly increased. Recently, I became a board member of the Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance (MIJA), a statewide organization focused on immigrant justice issues. As a campus representative for TDIN and as a member of MIJA, I am organizing for our May Day rally that will be held in downtown Bozeman, Montana’s first immigration rally. I am currently working with organization such as the Montana Organizing Project, MIJA, Salud y Comunidad: Latinos en Montana, churches, and organizers from Helena and Billings. As a campus representative, I will be outreaching for students to support our statewide rally.  Specifically to this campaign, as soon as I became a member, I have shared with MSU students and community members about the campaign and sharing the petition. Also last Month, I got the opportunity to do lobby visits and meet with staff from both Baucus and Tester. This past Friday, I had another local opportunity to speak with Senator Baucus, his staff and Tester’s staff. Currently I am connecting with the staff of Senator Baucus to meet a group of MSU students, so that he can speak directly to us. After this past weekend, I connected with people from diverse organizations and proposed doing phone banks within the next weeks. I am currently also contacting other students who can help out with making phone calls to our senators’ offices to support comprehensive immigration reform, since they have been bombarded with anti-immigrant phone calls. Another one of my plans is to have an evening and show an immigration film and have a panel afterwards to hold a discussion with the audience.

Attending the documentary screening in Washington DC with members of Congress is very important to me as a campus representative at MSU. Senator Tester and Senator Baucus both voted against the DREAM Act in 2011, and once a bill for comprehensive immigration reform is introduced, they will be key. I truly believe that Montanans advocating for comprehensive immigration reform must take every opportunity to meet with our Congress members. The voices of my immigrant community must be at the table, and whether it is in DC, or locally, we must continue fighting. “


Campus Rep Winner - DANIEL MORALES

Daniel Morales
School: University of Michigan
Region: Midwest

Brief Bio: Daniel is a former undocumented student and is a member of student government and the student led groups, Coalition for Tuition Equality, & Migrant and Immigrant Right Association.

Why Daneil got involved in the TDIN project and why he has been chosen for the grand prize: Daniel got involved in TDIN when he reached out to Paul, the RFD for the Midwest, and wanted to take on the project. Daniel immediately took on a large event before the end of the month on very short notice in order to capture as much content as possible for the documentary and the website. He has captured videos of undocumented students, as well as, prominent professors on campus. He is Paul’s most committed Campus Rep and deserves to win this prize.