college of the north atlantic

This might not be (in technical or artistic terms) the nicest pic I ever took, but it’s one I’ve been meaning to take for a while: the College here in St. Anthony near the end of a winter, drifts almost to the roof. Behind that particularly large drift near the flags is an emergency exit, hahaha (probably shouldn’t find that so entertaining as fire chief).

The other reason I post this is because I used Photoshop CS5’s “Photomerge” (file -> automate -> photomerge) to create this from three images, and it came out REALLY WELL, thanks Photoshop! My first time using this particular tool within Photoshop and it’s a keeper. I’ve been using Photoshop for 10+ years now and I’m always learning new tricks. Best software ever created for any job (take that, AutoCAD! I still like you though) .

I’m also glad someone drove their snowmobile to school, that captures St. Anthony in a very real way :)