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Hello!!! 🙂So happy that requests are open! I love your writing! May I ask for a scenario with Tendou in college, having a little bit of a hard time since he doesn't play volleyball anymore and is in a new setting so he gets distracted and spaces out a lot and bumps into a super shy and embarrassed girl on campus who runs away immediately but she piques his interest and he's happy to find out they have a class together (never noticed cause she seats in the back)?

Officially ending his volleyball career after high school was a big step for Tendou, a very hard step as well. It was difficult getting used to not having volleyball practice or anything having to do with volleyball in general, after all, that was all he was about.

It was a bright and warm day at his college campus, his mind somewhere elsewhere as he observed the large college buildings, not paying any mind to the small figure walking his way.

“Ah!” Hearing a small cry and the sound of books and papers falling onto the ground, Tendou looked down to see the person he had bumped into hurrying to pick their books and papers up. “Sorry about that,” Tendou says as he hands her one of the fallen sheets.

Taking the paper from his hand, she looks up at him before scurrying off away in the direction he came from. Tendou sighed, it was quite normal for people to run away from him like that.

Time had quickly passed and Tendou was walking himself to his second class of the day; it was like this every day, time repeating it’s self. He noticed the girl he had accidentally bumped into earlier, “Hey!” 

Startled by the sudden yell, you look up to see Tendou walking in your direction, “Sorry for bumping into you earlier! I didn’t see you in my path!” Tendou states as you give him a nod of acknowledgment. “That’s okay,” you quietly replied.

Tendou turned back around and walked off to his class, but he couldn’t help but raise a brow at your shorter figure following right beside him. He wanted to say something, but maybe you were just going in the same direction as him.

When you stepped into the same class as Tendou, he finally turned around to face you, making you jump in your spot, “Why are you following me?” Shaking your head and waving your hands defensively you look up at him, “I-I’m not! We have the same class, I just sit behind you..”

“Why didn’t you say so? How about you sit next to me, it’s an empty spot and you could keep me company!” Tendou suggested and to his surprise, you agreed. 

Ever since that day, college has been a lot more enjoyable for him. You and Tendou became great friends even if you barely spoke ti him, you always listened to all of his volleyball stories, and even smiled at some. 

“I wish I could have seen you play when you were in college Tendou, you must have been amazing,” You state as you gave him a big smile. Tendou looked over at you before focusing back on the teacher in the front of the room, “Maybe I’ll get back into it so you could come cheer me on.”

“That would be fun,” Your soft voice answered as he let out a small sigh, “I’m really glad I bumped into you that day,” Tendou states and you tilt your head at him, “Why’s that?”

“Because you’ve made me enjoy life a little more.”

A Letter To Future College Applicants

Written by Olivia Hart // Photo by Analisa

There comes a certain age for teenagers at which people - be it family, friends, or just randoms - start to ask, “So, what are you planning on doing with your life?” I’ve been on both sides of the question, and sometimes that’s the only thing you can think of to talk about with someone. However, that doesn’t make it any less annoying. I don’t even know what I’m going to eat for dinner tonight; how am I supposed to know when I’m graduating from college? If you’ve ever felt the same way, fear not - you are not alone.

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Soooo… I was browsing the library with my daughter and saw they had a few witchy books listen in the catalog so I figured I’d go check them out. When I reached the call number, they only had one, and of all the religious books, this was the only one that was wrapped, bound, and with the request that you ask for it at the desk. This was the only one out of all the religions they offered books for. I’m slightly confused why.
Mind you I live in a small college town with churches on every street corner and a non-white, christian/catholic/other sect is rare to none. I know there’s a few witchy folk but we look and act and dress and everything like every other person because people around my town know how to talk real well. And I mean well.
Kinda rubbed me the wrong way…Am I thinking to deep or has anyone else seen this?


This is a story about how one Country now Pop super star taylorswift  inspired a small town country girl aka me! We all know the stories about how caring and unselfish Taylor is when it comes everyone she comes in-contact with. She probably has one of the biggest hearts on the plant! I wanted to take the time to write a little thank you to Taylor / encouraging message to everyone and hopeful inspire some of you the way Taylor has inspired me through out my life! okay here we go!

Growing up I was always an outcast and being close to the same age as Taylor her music always seemed to hit home with me. I feel in love with her music at an early age and never looked back. After following Taylor through all the media outlets I got to see just how much she loved people and how much she does for others. I thought man if I was famous I could do so much for people just like Taylor. Then it hit me, I don’t have to be famous to be kind and do nice things for other people.

Flash forward to college. My friend Emily one day asked me to go along with her to volunteer at the local food pantry near our school. I was so inspired by the people there and their willingness to give so much of their time for others they barely even knew. I went back to my dorm that night and started reading some articles on  Taylor and how she donated money to the Nashville Symphony and helped raise money for Prince William and Kate’s Winter Whites Gala. Let’s just say I was inspired in a huge way. The next day I approached our athletic director and he challenged me to go big. Before I knew it I was sitting in my door room writing out bylaws with a group of my teammates who were also inspired by my story. That day Bears in the Community was born (our now student lead athletic group). The first year we ended up with over 1,000 community service hours. Keep in mind I went to a small private college and the whole athletic department maybe had 250 students. Also this was achieved in just one semester! The next year we had 5,314 hours and last year we had 7,300 hours! It blows my mind every time I look at those numbers, because I know how many lives have been changed for the better and the people whom we have touched with just by simply giving time out of our day. I had no clue when I started this journey that it would grow and move on such large proportions.

I have so many stories I could tell but I wanted to keep this as short as I can. One of my favorite projects I started with BEARS is stockings for the local food pantry. Emily my best friend came up with the idea (she is also coming with me to my show in Atlanta). We set up collections boxes around the school to collect items such as toy, candy, hygiene products, etc. The 1st year we had close to 25 stockings, the 2nd year 50, and the 3rd year 85. We handed the Stockings out at the food pantry and they all went to families in need. I had several people crying on my shoulder saying thank you, because they had no clue what they were going to get their children for Christmas. There is one little boy that sticks with me the most. I went into the room to hand him his stocking and there was just so much joy in his eyes. I was sitting their watching him take the items out of the stocking and he got so excited over guess what… A TOOTH BRUSH! He did not have one at home and started brushing his teeth right there in the office. I lost it!

I wanted to write this and share a little about my life and who I am.  I also wanted to say two things! THANK YOU TO TAYLOR SWIFT, BECAUSE IF IT WASN’T FOR HER BEING A CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT IN MY LIFE I DON’T KNOW IF I WOULD HAVE EVER HAD THE COURAGE TO START SOMETHING LIKE THIS. I also wanted to Challenge everyone on here that if you have an idea or dream to always follow it! You will never know what may come if it. I mean look at Taylor, she knew she wanted to become an artist and even though she was turned down by record labels she never gave up on she dreams.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Also I apologize for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. It’s past 1 a.m. but It was something that I just need to write and get out!

“No matter what happens in life, be kind to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” -Taylor Swift