college of small minds

Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.
—  Unknown


The party was busy and the music making the walls shake. It was your average teenage party and Carlson was bored out of her mind. The music wasn’t her favorite and although she nursed a beer, she didn’t find the party particularly enticing. The only reason she was here was because Lip said he was going but she hadn’t seen him. She nursed her drink and turned around, jumping with a squeak when another student whom she tutored appeared behind her, smirking down at her as she frowned up at him.

“You’re looking particularly sexy tonight, tryin to impress me?” he asked quirking a brow and she rolled her eyes, guys like Tyler were the reason she swore off high school boys and started sleeping around with college professors and businessmen. 

“Any girl in a skirt impresses your small mind, Tyler,” she smarted, “I’m so not interested in you that words cannot describe my level of disinterest.” She looked around and went to walk past the man when he stepped in front of her.

“Don’t be that way baby, come on, come dance with me,” he said reaching up to tuck a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. She frowned and swatted at his hand.

“I’ll say it slower since English and you don’t get along. NOT. INTERESTED.” She went to move around him but Tyler grabbed her wrist causing her to spill her beer as he pulled her back. “Have you ever sang falsetto, Tyler? Because if you don’t let me go in five seconds you’ll be singing soprano for at least a week.”


Soooo… I was browsing the library with my daughter and saw they had a few witchy books listen in the catalog so I figured I’d go check them out. When I reached the call number, they only had one, and of all the religious books, this was the only one that was wrapped, bound, and with the request that you ask for it at the desk. This was the only one out of all the religions they offered books for. I’m slightly confused why.
Mind you I live in a small college town with churches on every street corner and a non-white, christian/catholic/other sect is rare to none. I know there’s a few witchy folk but we look and act and dress and everything like every other person because people around my town know how to talk real well. And I mean well.
Kinda rubbed me the wrong way…Am I thinking to deep or has anyone else seen this?